Recent happenings

30 Oct

My oh my.  I haven’t really posted much of anything of use on here recently.  Looking back at the last several weeks, it’s been a bit lame around Nate’s Ramblings.  Probably tuning most of you viewers to head over for more exciting things like to TMZ.

So, what’s the excuse now, Nate?

Oh, c’mon – we all know my excuse.  Same as always – I’ve been busy.  Doesn’t every blogger say the same thing though?  “I’ve been too busy to post blogs.”  I guess I have the same excuse as everyone else then.  I could’ve blamed it on gnomes or martians, but that might come across as weird.

Yes, I’ve been busy.

I’m trying to get all my eggs in one basket before the holidays (whatever that means….I don’t have any baskets really).  In other words, making up for lost time while I might not be in the studio around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So, I’m compiling all my work into a whopping several weeks.  At least trying to.

What work?

You’re right!  What kind of work would I be doing?

Well, I’ve had several events over the past few weeks.  I put on an art show at the SPCA Tampa Bay last Friday.  It’s a permanent display (at least until they tell me to take it down) so I’m hoping to bring in some good biz for my pet illustrations (

Above:  A poster for the big event.  Resembles something you would see at theaters, although, I’m guessing it would be a rather boring movie.

I also went to a Halloween event for pets last Sunday.  There, I had a “mini-booth” and was showing off my services as well trying to draw in some new customers and meet some new people.

Above:  My mini-booth.  Actually, it was real mini.  I used my drawing table for it.  Tacky – yet effective.

From these events I’ve learned something:  I suck at mingling.

I’m horrible at it.  I’m not the kind of guy that walks around shaking hands like a politician.  It’s not really shyness – it’s just awkward for me.  I’m not sure why?  It’s another damaging effect of my marketing skills.  I’m not a go out there and get em’ type.  Yes, I’m very motivated, but just not the used car salesman kinda person (which remarkably, I actually did for a day job at one point in my life).

Therefore, the event Sunday was more fun because I could sit back and people basically came to me.  That’s easier for me.  Takes the pressure off as well.  Plus, I got to sit there and eat candy.

Unfortunately, through these events and constantly marketing my work, pet illustration sales have still remained lackluster.  Everyone seems to love them, but sales have been dismal.  Not too sure why, but I can’t seem to take the live events to getting the people I meet to the website and to actually purchase an illustration.  I might be judging this way too early.  I mean, it’s only been several days.  But silly me…I’m so impatient.  In the meantime, before bed, I just gently pound my head against my wall yelling, “Why!!!  Why!?!!!

Other work of mine.  Hmm….well…

Obviously, my constant cranking out of Break of Day cartoons has been rockin’ and rolling.  Nothing new there to report.  OH – there is one Break of Day thing I could mention.  My book?  Yeah.  Well, I sent it out to a publisher and it’s not happening through them (the one publisher I thought would pick it up).  So, I may look for a literary agent or something.  I’m really trying to avoid self-publication, although, it may be my only option for that.  For this, every morning when I wake up I aggressively pound my head against the wall and beat my fist yelling, “Why!!!!   Why?!!!!

Other book news though is good!

I’ve been busy as ever getting new art ready for our KOHD book (Knocking on Heavens Door) – which is definitely still a “go” by real publishers (whew!).  I’m hoping a major book tour is to follow.  (Okay, that sounded like a joke, but no – really – I would like a major book tour.  Please dismiss that statement from sarcasm.)

So, that it!

I’m glad I got a chance to fill you all in with my writing excuses (or, lack-of).  I’ll try to come up with a catchier excuse for next time.  I like that gnome/martian idea, but again, this blog is probably weird enough as it is.  I haven’t used Smurfs in awhile, so I might go with that.

Above:  Probably the premise of the next excuse I’ll use for posting inconsistently.


2 Responses to “Recent happenings”

  1. Bearman October 30, 2012 at 5:05 pm #

    You spelled “Illustrate” wrong in your URL on the poster in the vet.

    • w101njf October 30, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

      Huh? No I didn’t. Bearman, do you need glasses?

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