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Cartoon Museum? Yes!

10 Dec

This past Thursday on a cold, windy day, my family and I decided to get out of town and take a trip east to Columbus, Ohio. It’s only about an hour away from our home in Dayton, so it’s a nice little getaway.

Though it’s always nice to take random road trips, on this one we had a mission: Go to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum at Ohio State University.


I get irritated at myself on the little things I miss out on. Here is a museum for cartoonists – and I NEVER went to it until this visit. I mean, a museum dedicated to my industry in my own backyard and – for some reason or another – it’s my first time going there. SMH




Aaand…we’re back

24 Jul

Back to what?  Oh, like you had to ask (I’m just assuming you did).

Why, it’s another Week-in-Review!

Yes, I had several weeks off from doing these after my “last” vacation – but I’m back.  And I’ve got a look at the past week’s cartoons.  So, off we go…

This first one has a reoccurring theme of inanimate objects in a prison cell discussing their charges, whatbod150718 they did or what’s going to happen to them.  I’ve done it before and I’m sure I’ll do it again.  That being said, this is the first time I’ve featured a champagne bottle.

If this were any bit realistic, the spastic looking prisoner in the orange jumpsuit probably would’ve popped him by now instead.

The next cartoon is actually an old one.

bod150719I created it about two years ago for a real estate company I was working for.  Since I retained the rights to everything I did with them, I decided to go ahead and publish it elsewhere.  Like, well, here.

So, I dusted it off and here it is.

I found over a dozen other cartoons related to real estate that will resurface soon.  Hey, why keep them locked up in the computer?  These cartoons want a chance in the lime light as well.

bod150720I love creating music humor.

It seems like in the past year I’ve been making more and more comics about music, music notes, staffs and just about everything else you can think of.

Naturally (or A Natural), a cartoon like this was going to emerge out of my head.  So here it is.

I’ll end the description of it on that note.

bod150721Along with music cartoons I’ve been coming up with plenty of business premises for material.


Business cartoons sell.  That’s why.  And so I put them out there to bring in big numbers on Nate Fakes Cartoons.  Hence this particular comic.bod150722

Along with business cartoons, insurance comics are also a big hit that customers download.

You see, this IS a business for me.  Believe it or not, I don’t just draw for fun.  If I did that, you would be seeing an overload of material featuring potty humor, filthy computers and more garbage.  I don’t think there’s a market for any of it (well, except possibly bod150723MAD, who does buy them occasionally).

I’m a working man and have to come up with things in demand.  (Hey, that rhymes!)

Next, I enjoyed this hot little one.

Anything featuring a couple of candles on a date is a hit in my book.  And – for one of the first times – I‘ve actually featured facial expressions on inanimate objects.  I think I’ll start doing that more.  I like it.

bod150724And for the final cartoon of the week, I decided to draw deer.  One with a yellow antler.

I’m not sure what made me come up with this.  It’s a little far-fetched.  (But then again, what material of mine ISN’T?)

So, that’s it!

I’m happy to be able to have a few moments to type out these Week-in-Reviews and hope to keep them coming.

Unfortunately for you, the reader, the vacation I just took was MY LAST for quite awhile.  With a baby girl on the way soon, I’ll be changing diapers and teaching her to take over my business one day.  A newborn can learn cartooning, right?  Anyway, I’m as excited as ever.  And I’ll be available to posts these – and more.

Until next week….

Greetings From FL

17 Jul

I’m still on my last hurrah of a vacation.  This blog post is currently being written in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Yes, the same city I used to live in several years ago.11540906_10203618625461153_7401881379477456746_n 10302646_10203618625781161_4529893989898022246_n

I’ve intended on writing much more about this vacation, but as vacations go – time slips by.  And I have been busy doing plenty of non-productive stuff like getting some sun, swimming around and drinking craft beer (which I’ll get into later).  Writing just wasn’t part of it all.

However, I find myself rained-in today and thought it might be a perfect time to fill you in on a few things.

Mostly, this vacation has been about seeing old friends and places.  We’re not really down here to explore too many new things.  That being said, we have seen some new things and also a nice mix of the old.

In my last post, we were in Georgia.  Basically, that state was just a pit stop for our trip down to Hollywood, Florida.  And it being a pit stop – we did grab some delicious peach cider.  I mean, you have to while there, right?

We’re driving, so a drive straight from Ohio to Hollywood would’ve been a bit much.  (Although, my longest trip without stopping was a dash from Florida to Kansas in 25 hours.)

We went way down to the southern part of eastern Florida to see a friend of ours.  We spent a couple of days there and then hopped on Interstate 75 through Alligator Alley out west to Sarasota.

While in Sarasota, we stayed with some friends who live there.

That city has lots of old memories.  I used to work in the now closed-up (they all are) Circuit City about a decade ago.  Yes, I sold televisions, radios and all kinds of gadgets to the locals.  The percentage of customers were great.  However, with Sarasota being a very rich area, there were the 1%’s that would come in with their noses up high and mention to me they could buy ANYTHING in the store.  Nice of them to mention that to me when I made about a dollar more than minimum wage.

Anyway, that was a fun day job I had for awhile.  The rest of the gang that worked there and myself mostly made fun of the snobby clientele.  It made our days of collecting pathetically poor paychecks somewhat worth it.

Beyond my day job experience there, I do enjoy that area for the beaches and entertainment.  Many days were spent soaking up sun and brushing off sand on Lido beach.FullSizeRender(72)  I made sure to return to some of my old haunts on this trip.

While in town, we took advantage of some resort areas and pools.  This one place had free water.  Talk about a perk!

After a few days in Sarasota, we headed up toward St. Petersburg – where I currently am.

On the way, we stopped by Bradenton so my wife and I could say “hello” to some old co-workers there.  Another day job I had awhile back was selling cars.  So, it was fun to swing by Cox Chevrolet and see who was all there.  Actually, quite a few people.  Good visit.  My wife worked there longer than me (yes, we both worked at the same place for a bit) so she knew the majority of folks still around.

After leaving Cox, we THEN headed to St. Petersburg.  (Lot’s of cities being mentioned here.  Confusing…I know.)

Here, we’re staying with some MORE friends.  Oh, and our daughter (who is due November 2nd) got her first souvenir


It’s been a great stay (and it’s not over yet).  We’ve hit the beach (although it was rather rainy and windy when we went), ventured downtown where we used to live and have lounged around a lot.  Work?  Trying to keep it off my mind.  But, as you know, I’m constantly thinking of new things and actually have a few ideas that came of this vacation.FullSizeRender(73)

Another thing, as a cartoonist, I really appreciate the Tampa Bay area for their support with my cartoons.  My comics are STILL featured daily – in print – in local newspapers around here.  It’s nice to grab a paper and see my work.  And it keeps me connected in some little way.  It’s nice knowing that people heading to the beach, downtown or wherever can get a paper and read my feature.  In Dayton, I can’t get any of the local rags to print my work.  But here they do.  Nice.FullSizeRender(71)

Above:  If you’re ever around St. Pete, grab a TBT.  You can still see my daily ‘toons.

I’ve also taken advantage of the new local breweries in the area.  They weren’t here when I lived in Florida and now they’ve sprouted up EVERYWHERE.  Always fun to try local beer and the vibe of these places.  Each one is unique and different.  11760138_10203618630781286_2783697937170029199_n

And that’s been the extent of it so far!

We’re here until Sunday morning when we make the trek from here back up to the Buckeye state.

It’s been a nice getaway.  And probably our last one for awhile.  With a newborn on the way, work and the approaching winter (it will be here before you know it), this is it.

I’ll try to write more soon.  In the meantime, back to lounging….and maybe some more local craft beers.

Greetings From GA

10 Jul


Not the best picture, but while stuck in traffic in the middle of a, Atlanta, Georgia, we snapped this pic.

Anyhow, yes – I’m on a long, interesting, fun road trip for the next nine days.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to crank out a new Week-In-Review like I usually publish each Friday.  Instead, you get a selfie.

BUT, if you want to read cartoons, hey, I can help.

Go to Nate Fakes Cartoons and read over a thousand of em’.

Or, for the daily ones, go to GoComics and read them there.

Anyway, I’m going to try to post some pictures and a bit of updates about my trip.  Our first stop here in Macon, Georgia, doesn’t have anything thrilling to report.  It was a pit stop on our way to Hollywood, Florida.  (Although, we did eat at Arby’s last night and it was pretty exciting ordering an extra side of fries.)

I’ll try to keep you posted.