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The Slip

25 Sep

“I have a terrific idea for a comic!” I say to myself as I’m hopping out of the shower, slipping on the wet tile because I forgot to put a towel down.

I stagger a bit to the bathroom sink trying to keep my balance.  Desperately, I try to locate a pen and a piece of paper – ANY paper – so I can jot my idea down before I forget it or in case it’s lost from amnesia because I did eventually slip and bash my head into the countertop.

In a frenzy I manage to make it to the nearest cupboard, that wasn’t in the bathroom, but close.  I find a pencil, a piece of scrap paper and I write down the idea.



This One Slipped By Me

25 Oct

Well, several weeks ago, I went out to get the paper. I opened it up, read the headlines and worked my way toward the comic section. And, when I finally reached my little spot in the daily, there it was. A big, ugly, menacing typo – staring right at me. Oops.

Okay, I’m not perfect. Editors aren’t perfect. So, mistakes happen. But, it is an embarrassment when it happens.

This was actually the first (that I know of) time that it has occurred. I might have made a few grammatical errors in my day (well, I’m pretty certain on that) – but this one was different. An entire word is left out. A word that makes or breaks the comic. Without it, it is obviously confusing and doesn’t make sense.

To give the public the benefit of the doubt, I’m sure most people caught on to what the caption was supposed to say. I mean, it’s pretty obvious. But to many, I’m sure, it left them baffled. Some probably thinking, “They publish this nonsense?!”

Luckily, I caught the mistake before it went out in syndication on GoComics, and the error was corrected. For print though, it wasn’t.

So, this is my ‘upside down airplane on the stamp’ moment. Maybe it will be worth money someday? Maybe? Okay…doubtful.

Below is what happened.

Below: This is what the comic is supposed to say. The correct version.

Below: This is what appeared in the paper.

Here’s a clearer look.

Can YOU find the word? (Der!)

Out of this, I didn’t get an angry mob of letters from fans or anyone asking what happened. I guess that’s a bad thing? But, I learned that maybe I should proof-read things before letting them venture out in public like that (something I should probably do with this blog as well). It’s like letting your kids head out to the bus stop without their coats on when it’s 5 below out. I have to make sure they’re ready to go.

Hopefully this will be my final blog about a typo. (We’ll probably have another one up in several weeks.)