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Rejected Cartoon: The Drunken Polygamist

30 Aug

One feature I’ll be showcasing regularly on the ol’ blog are rejected cartoons.

I have tons of them.

What are they?  Well, they’re cartoons I’ve submitted to publications in hopes of getting them published.  When they don’t make the cut, they’re rejected.

Most of the rejected cartoons are ones that I’ve pitched to MAD Magazine to no avail.  And boy, there are some whoppers in these piles of rejections.  I could start an orphanage for these unwanted scripts and cartoons.  Instead though, I’ll feature them on my newest blog here:  http://www.natefakescartoons.com/blog/rejected-cartoon-the-drunken-polygamist/


What Me? Wrong Schedule?

4 Feb

I’ve been telling everyone that the newest MAD, and the launch of my new comic would be early Feburary.  Well – I guess I was totally wrong.  The newest MAD and the launch of my new comic will be in early March.

How did this happen?

Well, MAD is quarterly, so I thought that since the last issue came out in early November, three months from then would be – hmmmm, one, two – yeah, three months – so Feburary.  But, according to the experts that know what’s going on at the office, issue 503 is coming out early March.  I don’t know why, and I haven’t asked.  No biggie.  Just another month of waiting around.  But that’s okay.

I’ve got enough going on with KOHD and other projects.  Like our new blog address – which you’re at!

So, from here on out, any updates will be HERE.  natefakes.com is extinct (well, at the moment, going extinct).  I just didn’t feel like paying for a site that was just going to be a silly blog.  Until I open up a portfolio website, I don’t need natefakes.com.  And I would be shocked if someone snags up that domain name at some point so I couldn’t get it back.  Actually, I’d find it pretty funny, but I doubt it’ll happen.

I really intend to blog more.  I should just make it a habit to do it first thing in the morning.  Writing opens up my mind a bit and gets my noggin working, so it’s probably a good idea.  Even if what I write has no interest for hardly anyone – like this.

I enjoy the simple format of this site.  Sure, I’ll post pictures, comics and such as they come along, but I want the main focus to be writing here – not art.  So, I won’t be having massive drawings crowding up the pages, or other junk that takes any attention away.  You want art?  Oh, I’ve got tons on the way.

So, add this to your site or anywhere you would like!  I’ll be doing the same here momentarily.

Until next time…