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The Slip

25 Sep

“I have a terrific idea for a comic!” I say to myself as I’m hopping out of the shower, slipping on the wet tile because I forgot to put a towel down.

I stagger a bit to the bathroom sink trying to keep my balance.  Desperately, I try to locate a pen and a piece of paper – ANY paper – so I can jot my idea down before I forget it or in case it’s lost from amnesia because I did eventually slip and bash my head into the countertop.

In a frenzy I manage to make it to the nearest cupboard, that wasn’t in the bathroom, but close.  I find a pencil, a piece of scrap paper and I write down the idea.



Is Good Grammar Dead?

20 Oct

I like to think that my grammar is pretty decent.  Sure, it’s not perfect.  I’d love to have a proofreader sitting on my shoulder when I write.  If I think of my writing and give it a score, I’d say I’m around 75% correct with using good grammar most of the time.  Yes, I slip up.  It’s often times on my cartoons.  And if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll notice there are some common grammatical errors.  There will probably be a few in this post.

The more and more everyone is into the quick gratification of texting, Facebook statuses and typing without thinking twice, I wonder:  Is Good Grammar Dead?

I’m not a Grammar Nazi.  Trust me – I’m not (again, since I’m so imperfect when it comes to my own writing).  However, I do have a fine-line where bad grammar does get to me.  Like, when it’s really bad.

It’s funny to me because on social media, you often read these political posts or argumentative stuff, and the person trying to make a statement can’t even grammatically use ‘there’ and ‘their’ correctly.  But they think their right when making a statement.  I find that ironic.

Does anyone even care though?

At this rate and the way things are going, is grammar something that eventually will disappear and we’ll just type or write whatever we want without any grammatical correctness?

The evidence out there is showing that perhaps there will be a point where there is no such thing as “correct” grammar.  Again, just look at your Facebook feed.  You could probably spend hours combing trying to correct the incorrect grammar with the statuses from just the last 5 minutes.  Much of it is cringe-worthy.

Again, does anyone care?

I do.  To a point, I actually do.

I think having decent grammar at least gives a persons writing a solid foundation.  At least it’s a good starting point.  When giving up on that, it can make an individual look – well – stupid.  Let’s be honest.

And depending how well your grammar is, an English Major may consider even a person like me ‘stupid’ considering some of the mistakes I make.  However, I’m proud to say that at least I try.  Even on Facebook, if I leave a status, I double-check to make sure it’s as accurate to the point where I think it’s right (even if it’s not).

So, I believe I’m about 75% correct with good grammar the majority of the time.  I hate to say it, but it seems like the general public might be below that.  I guess that makes me pretty happy with my writing in general.  Yes, having a proofreader will be miraculous, but since it’s me, I’ll do what I can.  I’ll have the occasional oopsy daisy – but that’s life.

If anything, let’s just hope the obituary for when Grammar does pass away is correctly written.

Hair It Is

31 Jul

The first cartoon of the week didn’t seem to get much of a good response.  I say that by the amount of bod150725“likes” and comments on social media and various other places the comic appeared.

I, however, thought it was pretty good.  That’s probably why I made it.

I’ve mentioned it before, but the material I enjoy the most typically isn’t the fans favorites.  I can never really tell what will hit or miss.

Hair if I know….

bod150726Birds on a wire though….HAS to be good, right?

So this idea was one of a few wireless premises I’ve ever made over my years of cartooning.  But, this is a different take on it.  Something I’ve never done before.

When I draw – well – not DRAW, but color birds, I’m always trying to figure out what color to make them (unless they’re specific birds that are a known color).  I sometimes mix-it-up or I’ll get lazy and make them all the same.  As you can see, I must have had a lazy day when I made this bird/wireless cartoon.

My next one with the magician was inspired off a different comic I saw once.  bod150727

It featured a bunch of tiny coffins and something about a chainsaw.

I found the idea funny and took it a step further and featured a magician.

After I drew this, I noticed I didn’t make the coffin in half – like they typically do during the magic trick (you know – saw a person in half).  So, it turned out more brutal that originally planned (if you use your head).

bod150728And now another one from the vaults…

Yes, this cartoon featuring the Monopoly Man is an old one.  It was only published for a realty company I worked with (and I own the rights) so I thought I’d send it out here in the mainstream universe.

It’s not the first time I’ve featured the old man.  I had a cartoon once (if you remember) where he went to go eat out and left the waitress – you guessed it – play money.

I’m sure there are more cartoons I can create with him.  Just wait.  You’ll get sick of them eventually.  And probably avoid playing Monopoly, too.

Steak, anyone?

This is another cartoon that nobody really “Wowed” over.  I, again, liked this one.  (Geesh…what do I know.)bod150729

bod150730And now one for you grammar people!

It’s a known fact that I often times can suck at grammar.  So, when I can pull-off creating a decent grammar cartoon, I pat myself on the back (unless I’ve eaten a ton of donuts and cannot reach it).

This one turned out well for several reasons.

One is, this is probably the EASIEST cartoon I’ve ever drawn.  It literally took me a minute or two (same with coloring).

Two is – I learned what an Oxford comma was.  Yeah, I didn’t know until I googled it and found out.

bod150731So, I learned something and got a cartoon out of it.  Not a bad day.

And for the last cartoon of the week – well – it’s a sweet one.

I like drawing objects that typically are inanimate.  Candy in particular.

And what’s NOT funny about a sucker knocking out gum?  Comedy gold, right?  (Again, I can never tell what is funny or not.)

Anyhow, it’s your off-the-wall feature for now.  I’m sure many more are coming (just like Monopoly Man cartoons).

That’s all!

Hope you enjoyed and…did you know that you can receive these cartoons EVERYDAY via my email subscription?  You DIDN’T know that?  Okay….that’s alright.  CLICK HERE and find out more.

Hope you’re having a great hair day.



Grammar police

2 Jun

I’ll be the first to admit that my grammar is far from perfect.  FAR.  But, as someone who – in some sense – writes constantly (of course you add in the drawing, but the writing is a big part), I have to really TRY and pay attention to correct grammar.  You’ll notice that though I pay attention to it, it’s obviously far off sometimes.  Especially in this blog.  However, as much as it’s important to some people, the reality is that I could care less about the minute details.  So there’s ONE word where it shouldn’t be.  So what, English major.  (Or as some would call you, Grammar Nazi.)

I’ve gotten yelled at via emails and comments before about an occasional grammatical error.  My bad.  Whoo-woo-whoo-woo….hear the sirens?  That’s the Grammar Police, on the way!

Let me state that I for one HATE awful grammar.  There’s a difference between an occasional slip of a grammatical error and pure awfulness.  Awful grammar is the stuff you see on Facebook, Twitter or in the comment sections of most websites.  Like all the short-hand stuff like ‘U’ instead of ‘you’ and ‘OMG’ instead of ‘Oh my god’ and so on.  Yeah, (or is it ‘yea’) – those are annoying.

However, if it’s something simple – who cares.

When I write things in my blogs, comics, etc., I generally write how I talk.  And my talking is pretty clear, but I just say what’s on my mind.  So, I write and go with the flow of what my brain is telling me to put down on paper.  I don’t give it too much thought and in the long run I think everything turns out better.

Now, in the comic strips, when there’s discussion, that’s where I feel bad grammar can be appropriate if characters are talking.  This would be a pretty boring, crappy world if everyone talked with perfect grammar constantly.  So, in the comic pages, I enjoy seeing bad grammar on occasion.  It’s more realistic.

As many of you know, I illustrate the cartoon series Knocking On Heaven’s Door (written by comedian Tommy Blaze).  Several weeks ago, we had a comic posted.  Here it is below:


Click to enlarge

This comic set off a firestorm of hate mail.  Tommy sent me some of it.

“What are you teaching our young kids about grammar!?!”

“NOT grammatically correct and NOT funny!”

“You need an editor!”

“You should be shot and killed and fed to lions!”

(Okay, the last one wasn’t actually a real comment.)

Anyhow, I think you’ll notice the so-called “error”.  The mom says, “ME and dad” instead of “Your dad and I” or something of that nature.

Really.  Who cares.

I don’t know how many conversations I’ve had where I say, “Hey, me and myself are going to the park.”

Though I didn’t write this comic, it still made me think of the overreaction people have about spoken dialog.  Again, what a boring, dull life a person with perfect grammar  ALL THE TIME must have.  And if you get that bent out of shape about someone occasionally using something that’s not your cup o’ tea – well – move on.  We’re not all as dull and boring as you.

And if you have great grammar, I’m not faulting you.  Good for you!  I’m just talking about the people that call out everyone else with bad grammar constantly or that MUST talk with it regularly.  I don’t think there’s any argument that  that would be pretty boring if everyone on earth followed in their footsteps.  It would be like if everyone just drank Diet Coke and nothing else.

Here’s a Break of Day comic strip I wrote and drew with so-called bad grammar.  You decide.

Wormy Birthday copyDo you spot the bad grammar?  Or could you care less?

My whole argument is worms can’t talk anyhow (well, except in my world), so you can’t fault them for having imperfect grammar.  Give them a break.

Anyway, I don’t let grammatical errors in comics get to me much.  As I mentioned, in the comic pages, I think it livens this world up a bit.  It takes things away from the norm.  Isn’t that what a cartoon is supposed to do?  Or am I just being silly?

So, if you have to have perfection in your grammar constantly, you probably shouldn’t read any of my work or blogs.  And in person, I don’t know.  I have a feeling me and you wouldn’t get along too well.


What are YOUR thoughts on grammar?  Please, discuss below!