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Bizness As Usual

6 Apr

One of the areas in my career I’ve been working on quite a bit is BizComics.

As you may know, BizComics was actually launched in June of 2015.  However, just recently, we’ve relaunched it.  Why?  It needed it.  The original site didn’t have really any content to go visit (well, just not a super-ton of content).  It explained what we do (which, if you don’t know, you should just go visit the site instead of me explaining it all here).  It had some cartoons, but not anything to keep anyone THAT interested.  If we had a way of serving free coffee there, that would’ve been interesting.  Unfortunately at the time, we did not (and sorry – still don’t).

Basically, we needed a better way of getting the message out of what we do.  And have a bit more fun on our end while we’re at it.

What we do though has remained the same since the start.  Just the site and content to go with it has changed.

With the relaunch, a few exciting new things have been happening in the neighborhood.

One is, there is a new weekly cartoon and blog featured every week.  They’re always business, office, marketing – you know, biz stuff related.

Bells and Whistles

Above:  Here’s an example.  The latest BizComic cartoon.

Also, there is a new quarterly graphic novel series, Max Impact:  Marketing Detective.  It’s an ongoing series about Max trying to solve marketing problems.  Definitely more exciting than the latest Batman v Superman movie.  No, really.  It’s a fresh and engaging feature I think you’ll enjoy.

We’ve also added all the social media outlets that you can follow us on.  That includes Facebook, Linkedin, Pintrest, Twitter and InstaGram.  If I’m missing any, please let me know.

As a cartoonist, I love just about every thing about the craft.  I’ve always compared cartooning to acting:  I take on many roles.  I work on daily gags, graphic novels, stupidity for MAD and – along with it all – I really have a passion for using cartoons for marketing.  They ARE the best marketing material out there.  (That’s why it kills me when cartoons get axed from publications.  Don’t they realize the cartoons are often the most read part of it?  It’s a proven stat.  Ask the NewYorker.)

And I always mention to companies I work with and potential clients, when was the last time you DIDN’T pay attention to a cartoon on your news feed?  (The answer, when answered honestly, is typically that you always do.)

Cartoons work.

So, anyway, I’m not trying to make a pitch here about BizComics, but it has been a big area of focus recently and I hope you check out the new features (why, just click here).  I’ve been working hard with the coolest marketing team out there and we’ve really come a long ways since our initial launch over a year ago.

I’m thrilled to keep growing this bizmonster.


A Certain Type of Change

6 Mar

Last December I made a pretty major change to my daily cartoons.  Well, at least I think it’s major.  To you, and possibly everyone else, it might not be a big deal.  However, I mulled over it for weeks before pulling the trigger and making the change.  Any guesses on what it was?

The text, silly.

Yes, the fun little captions I use below my comics.  I’m sure you guessed that, right?  Or you’ve already noticed if you’re an avid reader.  But, if you’re just now catching on to that change I made awhile back, that is it.  I know, I know – nothing huge.  Changing a text is like changing a light bulb.  Nobody probably notices it until it goes out.  (And since I put text into my cartoons constantly, it’s usually always there when needed.  And doesn’t require as much electricity.)

For years (roughly six years, to be exact) I used the font, Times New Roman – in italic.

I thought about it one day though and said to myself, “Why the hell do I keep using this font?  There’s no meaning behind it?  And…and I like change.  Yeah, change is good.  I might just do something about it.  And tacos.  I’m craving tacos.”  It was around dinner time when I thought of this.

bod130517Above:  An example of the Times New Roman text that I dramatically decided to cut out of my comics.

I remember back-in-the-day why I started using italicized Times New Roman.  I had a few reasons.  One was, I was trying to get close to the font used on NewYorker cartoons.  For some reason or another I thought my work was NewYorker-ish material, so I wanted to relate to them.  And I also thought that the general public might appreciate a familiar font as well.  Like wearing underwear, it just seemed right.

Well, as time went on, I thought it was probably cooler to use my own font.

I found a neat-o program that can translate your handwriting into a font that can be typed.  It has its flaws (trust me) but it works at about a 92% accuracy.  (And as an example of accuracy, one flaw it has is if I type a ‘z‘, it will have about two spaces of space for the next letter.  Therefore, typing words with ‘z’s’ looks horrible and I have to physically tackle the issue in Photoshop to make it look pretty.)  But, it’s good.  I like it.  And I decided my own text would be more original to use underneath my cartoons.

And I started doing just that.

bod160212Above:  And an example of my new-and-improved (at least I hope) original font.

Now, just to let you know, I’ve ALWAYS handwritten my own text inside speech bubbles in my comics.  Yes, that’s all handwritten (without using the mentioned font program).  That has always been the same.  Below the comic is a different story.

bod160201Above:  That thought bubble?  Yeah, it’s all handwritten.  Always has been – always will be.

So that was my major change.  What do you think?  Good?  Bad?  Ugly?  Tacos?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I plan on sticking with it.  At least until next December, when maybe I’ll discover the most awesome font in the world and go that route.  But, until then, I’ll deal with what I’ve got.  I don’t want to change too much or people might start catching on.

What goes around, paints around

16 Sep

I talked a bit about it in my previous post about how cartooning has been lackluster this past summer.  How do I mean?  Let me put it this way –  I have good things going, but they’re not really going anywhere.  At least not quickly.  Things have been a bit stagnant recently.

I keep up my daily cartoon series.  That’s not going anywhere.  But not much has grown.

The newspaper business is dismal as ever.  As a child, that was my initial intention for my work            (syndication in the daily rags).  But, times have changed.  That’s an area a bit out of my control.  The newspapers aren’t budging when it comes to adding new comics (which, I truly believe would help skyrocket their declining sales).

However, there are other media outlets.  Which I push for constantly.  Sometimes they hit – sometimes they miss.  Regardless, it’s very inconsistent.

I have high hopes though for the future with a lot of my work.  One is the licensing part.  The work I produce IS getting licensed out regularly – which is great.  But, it’s kind of like car sales in the sense that I have good months and bad.  I’m not sure how to make that much bigger, but I’m hoping it grows naturally (which, I feel like it is).

Then there’s greeting cards, my online syndication and the newspapers I’m actually in (thanks, Tampa Bay Times).


But, it’s not GROWING at a comfortable pace.

I almost feel like I need to reinvent the wheel on how to make the gag cartoons a more substantial part of my work.  So, I’m tinkering around with some ideas for it.  I have no idea what this new reinvention is yet – but I am trying to think.  You know how Uber changed the taxi service?  Okay, well that’s my mindset.  It’s a stretch – I know.  But at least I’m bouncing around ideas.

As a lot of my regular work is really so-so, I have other ambitions in cartooning and other mediums I’m wanting to pursue.  I have my graphic novels, books and on a side note, I really want to start producing more MAD Magazine material.

That all needs time.

Along with time, I need to keep the lights on.  Sources of income are important.

Therefore, this past month I started a new company that fits with my field.  It’s designed to keep me busy with cartooning ambitions during the day and art at night.  It’s called Painting Around Dayton.

Painting Around Dayton Logo Final 400

The idea came to me actually about four months ago as I tried my hand at teaching paint and sip venues around the area.  I thought to myself, “Hey, I should just do this on my own.  My own business.  Yeah, let’s try that.”

It’s painting, drinking and having fun.

So, I brought on a good business partner and we launched last Saturday.

We basically go to different restaurants, bars, establishment and paint and drink (like I mentioned).  I standup in front of everyone, give a step-by-step instructions on a featured painting and we offer two free alcoholic beverages.  And then if a attendee wants more to sip on (or food) they can order more.  It’s about two hours long and everyone has fun.  I coin it as more of a good time than an art lesson.  At the end of the night (or day) though, it’s a bit of both.  And everyone gets to take home their masterpiece.  It’s a win-win for attendees, the businesses it’s hosted in and us.  Oh, and again – it’s a blast.

It’s not a brand new concept.  Nope.  Paint and sip venues have been around for about a decade or so.  But, it is a growing trend.  And we (Painting Around Dayton) separate ourselves from others by being local, featuring local Ohio/Dayton scenes (most of the time) and providing imported wine (free) to many events.  I feel it’s much better than any other venue(s) around here.  Plus you get to hear my attempts at lame jokes – which can sometimes be worth the ticket price alone.

As I try to figure out cartooning and what can be done with my gag cartoons, this is a great filler.  It’s nice to get out of the studio and still create art.  Having an audience in person (instead of imagining them reading my comics online) is a satisfying experience as well.  I’ve made new friends along the way and am anxious to meet more people as I continue to do this.

The business IS growing.  And I plan on keeping it around for a long time.  I’m envisioning hiring on some new artists soon.  I’m not sure how big it’s going to get (considering we’re staying in Dayton), but it’s fun.  And it works.  So for now, that’s what matters.

My lackluster summer for cartooning I’m putting behind me.  I’ll work on making cartooning better and while I do so, I’ll be painting around Dayton.

Below are some pics from our recent event.

11987150_1240323912660140_5754281482822315273_n 12006075_1239395642752967_7914502799820262230_n 12006178_1239394579419740_7592329960205858517_n 11988395_1239393489419849_975886431282201261_n 12002183_1239393319419866_6774318935555931625_n 12002975_1239393792753152_3376323209049064355_n 12003338_1239747566051108_6015147917357004510_n 12006075_1239395642752967_7914502799820262230_n

This Week-in-Review Gets an ‘F’

5 Jun

Well, at least at the beginning of this it gets an ‘F’.bod150530

Yes, the first cartoon of the week featured a letter that I used to be VERY familiar with back in high school.

It’s true about that letter disappointing parents (I know firsthand).  But, little did we know how sensitive ‘F’ is.  To the point of where they’d need counseling.

‘A’s’ probably don’t have as many issues.

Everybody looooves the ‘A’s’.  They get all the praise in the world.

Poor F’s.

How are sales doing?

It’s funny that I create a lot of cartoons featuring the corporate office and sales charts.  A lot of other cartoonists feature the same thing.  And I really try to differentiate myself from other cartoonists.  I really do.

bod150531I was thinking about it though and I doubt this day and age many companies still use actual sales charts.  I mean, do they?  I honestly don’t know.  I’ve been out of the corporate world for awhile now.

I might have to check into that.  If they’re using something else to project sales, I want to draw it.bod150601

If I had to guess, most companies just use computers instead of the old paper charts or whiteboards.  Or, maybe to my surprise, they use pocket calculators.  I dunno.

Speaking of computers, my cat enjoys my computer probably more than me.

No, really, she does.

If I leave my MacBook open and on the couch, for some odd reason, it because a very comfortable cat bed for her.

Luckily, I don’t have a problem with her scratching posts online.  However, if she saw a cat tower on the internet, she likely to try and climb it.

bod150602The fact that I had some fish featured this past week was interesting considering I wrote about the recent editions here at home.

To save you from time from reading my latest post about my fish (although, it is quite fun), I’ll just mention that yes – I have two new goldfish.

I’ve been studying up on raising goldfish all week.  It amazes me all the care that is needed for them.  I had no idea!  I posted about my new fish on a fish forum and the responses were interesting to read.  They can live over twenty years and grow up bigger than I imagined.  Who knew?

It’s looking like a bigger tank is in my near future.

bod150603If a dog does catch his tail, that’s pretty big (for the dog).

What else is there to accomplish? 

I guess there’s the old routine of chasing tires, running after a mailman and peeing on bushes (which doesn’t require much of an effort).  But, the biggest challenge seems to be tail catching.

After one is caught, well…..

bod150604And if you work at a furniture store, this cartoon is probably quite true.

I just hope employees might get a bit of a better raise than just pocket change.

I’m sure some interesting items do pop-up at these stores though if it’s anything like my couch.

Sometimes, I’ll discover wrapped gum, receipts and pennies.  You know, valuable items.

bod150605And finally, the last cartoon of the week was another one of my classic Reader’s Digest cartoons that was rejected.

If good does outweigh the bad, it’s best to keep it that way.  And what’s better than some burgers and a shake (or maybe that’s a soda)?

I had to redraw this one a few times.  Why?

First, I drew a digital scale.  But, that didn’t look to good from this perspective.  So, I grabbed my eraser and went to town.

I then drew the angel (good guy) facing straight ahead with the devil in the background.  That looked screwed up as well.  Another eraser was frantically put to use.

So, finally I was able to sketch-out this version, which I’m happy with (although I’m not too sure about the way I drew that scale).  And luckily, my eraser was able to catch a break.

Aaaaaand, that’s it, folks.

You DO realize you can subscribe to these cartoons and get them first DAILY by CLICKING HERE

Otherwise, til next time.

Hopefully the next Week-in-Review will get something better than an ‘F’.


We’re On A Roll

17 Apr

I’d say we’re definitely on a roll.


This week, I have TWO cartoons featuring toilet paper.

If you’re not one much for potty humor – don’t worry – these are relatively tame.

So, that being said, I’ll get right into a week-in-review of the latest cartoons.bod150411

Kicking thing off is, well – wouldn’t you know – TOILET PAPER!

This cartoon was inspired by that one app, Tinder.

Tinder is a “hook-up” or dating app that you swipe to the right if you like someone and to the left if you don’t.  I’ve never tried it (hello…I’m married), but I guess it’s catching on.  So, in the bathroom world, a Wiper app might be the talk of the stool.

bod150412The next cartoon is something I’m quite familiar with – since I’m a pastor’s son.

No, I’ve never taken the offering plate.  And I’ve never taken the money out of one either (even though it’s quite tempting at age five thru eight).

But, I’ve had hundreds of these passed to me throughout the years of attending church services.

They would make a decent collection, right?

bod150413Speaking of decent, how is your grammar?  (Mine isn’t so decent – which you know if you read these blogs.)

Back in the day, I’m guessing there were ‘Grammar Police’.  Probably nitpicking the hieroglyphics of the times.

But really though, who WOULDN’T know that the stick figure goes behind the deer?  Duh.

bod150414If you’ll notice, in the next cartoon – hanging on the wall – is TOILET PAPER!

See, I told you it would be featured twice.

Not that a dog needs the stuff, but I thought it was a nice added bonus to this particular ‘toon.

bod150415I should of mentioned….I mean, should HAVE mentioned (see, I can correct my grammatical errors on my own sometimes) that religion was a topic of this past week as well.

The one with the offering plates and now – the one with the mantises.

I was told by a reader that the male praying mantis is smaller than the female.  In my version, they look relatively equal.

Oh well….

Sometimes Google doesn’t have the answers to everything, because I looked up pictures before drawing this, and quite frankly, they both looked about the same.

Bad drawings – like grammar – can often be another form of nitpicking.

bod150416Kids sometimes don’t realize some things.  Like, back in the day, we ALL had baby teeth.  Luckily, the child featured in this cartoon is smart enough to know what dentures are at his age.

bod150417And for the last cartoon of the week, it was one of my Reader’s Digest magazine rejects.

Yes, I submitted this one (along with others) for my regular submission to the publication.

They generally use a lot of military humor, but this one didn’t make the hut – er – cut.

Well, that’s it! 

I hope it didn’t stink up the place considering the material used.  Next week, it’ll be a bit more sanitary.

Just Roll With It

13 Mar

I wrote Wednesday about my agonizing time trying to get caught-up with things after an unfortunate visit from Mr. Sick.  I’m still not quite all there yet.  I did manage to update the Custom Cartoon page on this particular site though, so hey, it’s a bit snazzier.  I still have a few more things I’d like to clean up around here on this blog, but baby steps.  There’s a new site in the works for not only custom cartoons, but licensing comics and much more.  So, in the meantime, a lot of what’s around here is my go-to band-aid for now.  A quick fix.  THIS is it’s temporary home.  (But will always be home for the blog.)

But enough about that.

Another week has come and gone, so that means more cartoons have as well.  I’ve got them for you (as always).  Let me show you a few.  Come with me.

bod150307Witches are a great premise to base a lot of material off.

Most cartoonist wait until around Halloween to feature them.  Me?  Nah.  I just post about them whenever the idea strikes.  And this time around, it had to do with spell check.

I’m assuming witches use it about as much as we do with our typing.  Do I know for sure?  No, I don’t.  I guess I’d have to ask an actual witch if they do or not.  Assumptions though are usually a good start.

bod150308Worms have it rough.  (Well, easy for us to say in the warm comfort of our above ground homes.)

They live in the dirt, get stomped on and are mostly recognized as fish bait.

Oh, and did I mention they get ripped in two sometimes?  And still manage to function?  That would make an interesting date (if they dated).

bod150309The Rolling Stone cartoon was a pretty popular one.

When I created it, I wasn’t too sure on what kind of reception it would get.

It’s a pretty basic gag, but c’mon – rocks never get featured and it has ‘stones’ in its title!  Who would even think this mag is about, well, music.  It would be like if there was a magazine called ‘Rolling Nate’s’ and not once did I see myself in there.  Okay, that’s a horrible example.


I guess they just have to roll with it.

bod150310Another hot-topic this week was grammar!

I noticed a few grammar sites enjoyed this particular ‘toon on the unruly alphabet changing the rules.

A little alphabetical disorder would prove quite interesting.

bod150311I enjoy gambling from time to time.  NOT often.  I don’t play the lottery or anything silly like that (as if all gambling wasn’t silly).  I do however like to throw-down a few bucks here and there on sports.  And when I say a few bucks, it’s typically no more than $25 or less.


Well, with sports, I feel like I actually have the advantage if I know what I’m betting on.  For example, you can bet the over/under on a football game.  If the weather stinks, key players are out, etc., a lot of times I can bank on an under.  Or, if the spread is decent, an over is often times the way to go.  Basically, I do my homework a bit and feel like there’s more of a chance of winning than say, oh, a slot machine where everything is out of your hands.

The second though I bet more than $25, I’m pretty sure it would all go downhill.  At least, that’s my gambling philosophy.  I could be wrong, but I’m not taking any chances.

bod150312And your cute cartoon of the week goes to:  KANGAROOS!

This one is a bit sappy, but hey, I have to mix it up on occasion.

bod150313And as for this poor insect in the spiderweb cartoon…well, this was an idea I had for a LOOONG time.

It was one of those cartoons that I found buried in my notebook full of ideas and realized I never used it.

So, with a little tweaking, I turned it into the concept of what you see.

And that’s it!

I’m going to run for now.  I’m still not totally caught up with anything and I’ll be out of town tomorrow, so I’m rushing today (I’ll admit it).

More cartoons will be arriving shortly.

Everyone asking me recently about custom cartoon orders, I’ve posted more detailed information on that at the CUSTOM CARTOON PAGE, so you can read (if you’d like to keep on reading, of course).  And please help keep me busy and consider one for upcoming weddings, baby showers, birthdays or maybe for yourself (hey, you gotta treat yourself once in awhile).  It’s custom cartoon season and my pencils are sharpened.