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24 Apr

bod150418The first cartoon of the week consist of some rye humor.  And if it’s not funny, I’ll ryeRye do you think it wouldn’t be funny though?  Rye bother….

Okay, there are WAY too many awful puns I can make off of the word RYE.  But, I went this route.  Besides, I think nice rye probably does finish last….I suppose.

Moving on…

The next cartoon was a tricky one.

I had a few angles that I could’ve went with it.  However, what you see here was the best one.

bod150419I almost scrapped it though for being ‘too silly’, but hey, it seemed to do alright.  Who doesn’t love some good sink humor from time to time?  Better wet than dry (or rye) humor, right?

My next cartoon BLEW-UP on Reddit.

Okay, not actually.  Nothing was harmed and nothing actually exploded.  However, it did prove popular.  In fact, it was up-voted as the most popular cartoon of the day there in the Webcomics section.bod150420

Does that mean anything?  No.

I’ve mentioned before that judging popularity of a strip is tricky.  Every venue is different.  Sometimes, a comic is more popular in the paper than it is online.  Or sometimes it becomes viral on Facebook but does nothing on my syndicates site.  It’s weird.

I guess I could compare it to when bands play in venues.  If The Doors played at a kids party, it probably would’ve been a bit awkward and I’m sure they would go play in the bounce tent instead of listening to The Endbod150421

Pretty bad analogy, but you catch my drift.  Every venue is different with bands – and cartoons.

The next feature is out of this world.

I’ve created numerous cartoons with aliens, spacecrafts and – well – a farmer.

I know it’s cliche, but I always picture all of these alien encounters/abductions happening on a farm.  I think that’s where they mostly take place, right?

This encounter though is rather tasty (except for the purple puzzle piece looking one).

bod150422As for this next cartoon with the storks, there are several reasons why I created this particular one.

First off, I almost changed the caption to, “I heard Amazon was going to replace us with drones.”

However, I scrapped that just for fear of some schmuck not knowing what Amazon was or that Amazon wouldn’t be relevant in a decade.  Thus, keeping the caption the way it is, might make it a hit now AND in the future.

Also, in case you didn’t get the memo, my wife and I are expecting our first child this fall!

That news has filled my brain up with baby ideas, bottles and – as you can see – storks.  What else is there to do with those ideas but make a cartoon?

bod150423I remember the days of going to the arcade and feeding quarters into games.  In fact, I believe ALL my quarters were wasted by doing this.

Kids now probably don’t play too many arcade games, do they?  I really don’t know…

I’m just assuming since most games are free apps on iPads and phones, that using a quarter to play one would be a waste of money for any young one.  But, maybe I’m wrong.

All I can say is I used to be the Pac-Man champion.  I can’t play it the same on a touch-screen without those red paddles and lousy graphics.  Ah, back in the day…..

bod150424My last cartoon of the week is another play-on-words.

I mentioned today in my daily email (which you can sign up for HERE) about how there are so many gags out there already featuring dating websites.  Really, there are a ton of cartoons that have this same sorta premise.

However, I believe this is the first time anyone has taken it to this angle with a rooster and a Hatch.com.

Deep down, this makes me feel clever.  Though, often times I’m wrong.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this fascinating view of the past week of cartoons.

More will be arriving next week and maybe – just maybe – I’ll have a blog post or two in the meantime.  After all, rye wouldn’t I (there I go again….).




Cheap Pasta and Accounting

10 Apr

Writing and drawing comics can be a tough profession.  Especially when your computer isn’t working great.  Fortunately, I found it wasn’t working well due to a dead battery (whew!).  But the impact of that situation is I’m a bit late in writing a recap of the latest cartoons.  However, it’s not late for you – the reader – but just for me.  This sucker will be posted at the usual 1 AM on Friday morning (EST, to be precise).

Okay, well, let’s get to it!

bod150404Some advice I got while interning at MAD Magazine was this – become an accountant.


Well, like I mentioned at the top of this post, creating comics can be a tough profession.  And plus, with accounting, there is gobs of money to be made (so I hear).

But, as not being one for taking the easy road, I’ll stick to using my drawing abilities to their highest possibilities.  It takes a while to make a slow dime than a fast nickel, but hey – I’m bad at math and accounting would probably bore me to smithereens.

Plus, I wouldn’t be able to get as many ink stains on my fingers.  That’s no fun (and my soap would be quite disappointed).

bod150405So, moving on…

How was your Easter?

I have been indulging in candy all week.  There is a lot of it around this studio of mine.  No, honestly – there is a ton of the stuff.

I have this mindset of, if I finish it off, there won’t be any left.  So, I keep eating it all day – trying to get rid of it.  Unfortunately, the backlash is a bigger belly and my time in the gym hasn’t been quite as thrilling considering the energy that eating sugar takes out of a person.  BUT, the good news is – only about four more Cream Eggs – and I’m almost halfway to completion!

As for my abs – eh – who needs turtles?  I have a turtle now.

bod150406Butterflies are always a topic that I enjoy covering in my work.  No clue why.  I guess I just keep finding things to make fun of them about.

If I had to guess, if butterflies could type, they probably would have sent me several batches of hate mail by now.  Luckily, as far as I know, they can’t (type).  Anyhow, this recent comic isn’t really making fun of them.  I’d say it’s pretty mild for my butterfly humor.

bod150407Wolves though, well, they might be able to punch out a good letter with their paws.  Maybe.  I know they can definitely bite me if they have any disagreements with me or my cartoons.

I sketched this image out without a caption in my notebook.  It took me several weeks, but I came up with this.

Anything featuring howling usually does well with the audience.  (Okay, not really.  I’m just saying that to look good.)

bod150408I believe I mentioned a nickel earlier (remember the whole ‘slow dime/fast nickel’ remark a few paragraphs ago).  Well, how about an entire cartoon devoted to one!  Actually, it’s devoted to “loose” change in general.  At any rate, it was a good excuse to use the work ‘nickel’ again – since I rarely do.

bod150409I’ve said it time and time again, but I suck at math.  Really – I’m horrible.  I have to pause and think for a moment what one plus one is.

The weird thing is I enjoy creating math related cartoons. I dunno.

There’s another math comic coming out later this month.  No, it won’t feature a psychologist, but a different scene with numbers involved.  You’ll see.bod150410

Finally this week, we have a new feature:  Pasta.

I, for one, actually enjoy Ramen noodles.  It’s scary how cheap they are though.  How does a Ramen noodle factory make money?  After all the expenses packaging, making, shipping, etc. the stuff, what’s left when you sell it for thirty-cents?

That’s a mystery that I’ll probably never solve (nor do I really care to).

That’s all for this week of cartoons! 

I’m going to leave it at that.  Since I’m behind due to a uncooperative battery, it’s dinner time for me and I’m craving Ramen noodles.

There’s Some Luck

3 Apr

This week, there is quite the array of cartoons for your enjoyment (or displeasure – whatever you choose).  Everything from Apple products to an airplane.  I’ll get right into it.  Lengthy introductions are SO a decade ago.

Let’s start off with something dirty.bod150328

Not quite sure why, but I’ve had an ample amount of worm material to work with recently.  Typically, anytime I have premises for ANYTHING, I’ll create a comic out of it – good or bad.

So, this was one of those awful puns I came up with.

I wasn’t sure how well it would be received, but hey – people seemed to like it.

I guess I’ll keep doing earthworm jokes.  (Please keep reading my work regardless.)

bod150329Now the next comic was one of my favorites of the week.  I think I was the only one that thought so.  It didn’t seem to take-off too much.

What do I mean by ‘take-off’?  Well….

You might wonder how I judge the popularity of cartoons. I really don’t have a rating system, but I do check out the comments on my syndicates site and on my Facebook page.  Stuff gets shared?  Great!  I assume it’s good.  No shares?  Well, you get the drift.

I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Some of my BEST material is stuff that doesn’t do well on social media, but in publications.

Basically, my scale is off.

I’ve said that about my weight as well.

bod150330Enough about weight.  On to straws.

Forget my previous comment about the dogs being my favorite comic of the week.  I think it’s these straws, now that I look at it again.

I almost drew a crazy straw in a nuthouse talking to a regular straw with the same caption.  (Actually, that’s not a bad idea.  I think I might do that.)

bod150331Are you all jazzed-up about the new iWatch coming out?

I’m not.

I’d like to think it’ll be cool, but I can’t imagine it being that great for me.

For one thing, I have big fingers.  So, even on my iPhone, texting and checking things proves quite difficult for me sometimes (oh, and frustrating).

So, I’m imagining myself trying to tap buttons on an even SMALLER screen.

You would probably watch my iWatch being an iFly as I throw it out of frustration.

bod150401So, the next feature of the week:  Cows.

There was really no gag in this one, but for some reason, it made me laugh (before even drawing it) so I sketched the thing out.

Usually, any cartoon featuring cows does pretty well.

My theory was proven when this one was shared quite a bit online.

Damn….there I go with my popularity scale again.  I really need to knock that off.

bod150402Not too sure how many kids can relate to this next one unless they know their airplane history.  Anyway…I found this one fun.

I almost created this one without a caption and adding braces and glasses to it.  Better idea that what I went with?  Yes?  No?  Ah, too late now.

bod150403The next cartoon would’ve been great on St. Patrick’s Day.  Too bad I didn’t think of it until a few days after.


I still like it though.

I never understood the whole black cat/bad luck thing.  I’ve crossed many black cats before, and usually make it home alright.  Well, I just jinxed it now, so we’ll see what happens.

That’s it for the week of cartoons!

I know I plug it every week, but you can get these daily by subscribing HERE.  Yes, I write a little post and deliver the newest cartoons EVERYDAY.   It’s a daunting task indeed.

Well, nobody likes a long, dragged-out ending (that was so a decade ago), so until we meet again.

My friend, Roy

21 Mar

Every so often in this world, something spectacular leaves us.  That’s what happened last week when cartoonist Roy Doty passed away at age 92.

Roy wasn’t just a good cartoonist – he was on a grander scale.  I could go on-and-on about how impressive his work was, but it all speaks for itself.  If you’ve never heard of his name, I’m pretty certain that somewhere along the line you have seen some of it.  He was everywhere.

I was lucky to know him and actually visit his home and studio where his work came alive in Dublin, Ohio.

At the time of meeting him, I was drawing the cartoons for the school newspaper at Wright State University.  So, like any normal cartoonist, I wanted to show “the pro” my work and get his thoughts when encountering him face-to-face.

I met him via knowing someone that knew him and so forth.  It just worked out well that he also lived only and hour or so away from me at the time.

Like his comics, he was a character.  Very pleasant, nice and honest.  In fact, brutally honest (I’ll get to more of that in a bit).

His studio had impressive drawings that I personally probably would never have the patience for.  Detail after delicate detail of perfected line-work that uses every space of the page in such a magical way, I couldn’t fathom it.  At the time of writing this, his website is still active.  Go explore for yourself here.

2011 Valentine

Above:  A Valentine illustration by Roy that’s in my personal collection.

My work?  He wasn’t too impressed.  But, he mentioned to keep working.  And so I did.

For years after that, we corresponded.

I moved to Florida and during that time, I really tried to get to the professional level I felt I could obtain.  After all, I was fresh out of an internship with MAD Magazine and the school paper.  I thought I was already great.

Little did I know that I wasn’t.

I grew up having everyone tell me how good I was.  So, I believed it.  I became actually cocky with my work and assumed it was fantastic. I was a pro.  After all, I kept hearing it.  But I was hearing it from people I knew – not the pros.

I sent Roy some of my material via USPS to get his thoughts.

Expecting just a note or two at some point, I was wrong.  Roy not only critiqued my work, he hand-wrote a two page letter explaining his thought process behind all of it.  I could tell he spent ample time looking it all over.  He sent me a package.

And the reviews?

Not good.

He ripped it all to shreds.  Explaining why a lot of it was horrible and how it wasn’t funny, badly drawn, etc.  No good words.  When I got it back, I was actually quite upset.  “Nobody has EVER said my work was bad!”

In this critique, he also hand-drew on several of my cartoons what he thought should go there.  How it should look.  Again, he spent some time on this.

Doty Critiques

Above:  Part of the package I received back with handwritten yellow tabs on each page, a two page letter and more.

After letting it sink in and REALLY looking at what he had said in his notes, I deeply thought about it.  And on many levels – he was right.

There’s a saying…

The two most harmful words in the English language:  Good job.

It made me think, improve and become better.  I wasn’t there yet.  I did have a ways to go if I wanted to move toward that professional level.  My work was mediocre and I didn’t even realize it until Roy came along.

Down the line, once I became syndicated online with Universal, I sent him more material.

“Gross” is how he described my line work – compared to his.  However, he liked the material and glad I developed a style.  Yes, he let me know it wasn’t up to his standards.  And it wasn’t.  But he was hoping to see my work go somewhere.

Roy really helped my career.

I think I would’ve wallowed in that cocky cesspool of not improving if it wasn’t for his brutally honest critiques and words.  Knowing that he spent all that time critiquing it, I knew he actually cared, and saw potential.

I get asked by kids, adults – aspiring cartoonist – to review their cartoons.  I critique it, but boy, I just can’t do it like Roy.  I wish I could though.  Many would take it the wrong way and probably hate me for it, but I think it helps.  Too many people say, “Good job”.

Roy kept in touch throughout the years.  I was fortunate enough to receive his homemade Christmas cards around the holidays.  They were something out-of-this world.  Always unique – and fun.

Doty Christmas Card 2007

Above:  One of his homemade cards that required twisting and turning.  A good time trying to read.

When I heard the news of his death, I found myself working at my drawing table.  I didn’t even realize it, but I was paying extra attention to my line work.  Subconsciously, Roy got in there.

So, it’s sad that he’s gone.  His art remains though, and he’ll definitely be remembered.

I’m sure he’s up at that big drawing table in the sky creating those perfect lines.


Greens and More

20 Mar

I’ve had quite the week so far.  For one thing, St. Patrick’s Day totally screwed with my regular schedule.10615995_10152715138679117_5503062607436614575_n  I was convinced to head over to our local pub at 8:30 in the morning for a dose of Irish bagpipers, green Budweiser and some chewy breakfast.  Boy, I’m getting old.  I was done by about one or so in the afternoon.  Waking up and drinking some cold ones isn’t quite appealing as it was when I was twenty (nor as easy)  But hey, I made it out.  It was actually a good time, but now I feel the need to catch-up on everything.  Oh, and the headache following it all wasn’t exactly pleasant.

This past week didn’t feature any TOTALLY green cartoons to celebrate the holiday.  But, I did feature some awesome “green” characters that enjoy and thrive in nature.bod150314

When I was a kid I used  to watch those nature shows on PBS (or whatever channel we had at the time) and used to hear the people filming that they must not interfere with nature  – as a lion is mulling an antelope.

I guess if I were taping upsetting things such as a big cat getting its next dinner, I would interfere.  What could go wrong?  The antelope goes home happy and the lion would get upset.  Might make for good film?

bod150315I’ve seen it over-and-over again where kids these days simply play with an iPad or smartphone and really don’t do much of anything else.  Do kids even go outside to play anymore?

The reality of this cartoon featuring an iPad babysitting is it’s probably bound to happen in the near future.  I can easily see parents trusting equipment to watch their children instead of hiring some human.

Hey, it could be happening now.  Who knows.  I guess the good thing would be not having to drive the babysitter home afterwards (save on some gas).

bod150316That brings me to ANOTHER cartoon about testing.

This one proved pretty popular on social media sites and sites like Reddit.

You have to wonder if they DO have test to prepare for employment at the Emergency Broadcast System.  After all, there are employees behind that annoying beep that interrupts programs at the most inopportune moments.  Whoever is behind it, sometimes I’d like to smack you for your annoyance.bod150317

And now to the birds and the bees.

I actually came up with the gag to this WITHOUT the caption of ‘Fee Range Chickens’.  Somehow, the caption came to me later.  I almost left it out originally.bod150318

And as for the bees, well, it would be hard to be an introvert if you lived in a bee nest.  Plus, if you’re expected to swarm, that would be tough.

bod150319Naming a child after a prison number would be quite unique.  I’m not sure if that’s been done yet?

I remember when I lived in Florida and was working a lousy day job, the UPS driver there mentioned to me that he named all four of his sons after beer companies.  I’m guessing those kids are probably in counseling now.

bod150320And the last comic of the week features one of my favorite topics:  cell phones!

This cartoon reminds me of my series, Technically Speaking.  Which, by the way, it’s on a short break.  The series is being pitched to syndicates as we speak.  For now though, as it’s being reviewed by editors, I’m turning my focus on my gag cartoons and upcoming new website.  So, T.S. fans, I hope to see it return soon.  It’s a time thing right now and also if syndication DOES happen, I’m sure there will be some adjusting done to the strip anyhow.  But, it’s a tough sell for syndication, so we’ll see….

That’s my week – how about yours?

I love hearing thoughts on the latest cartoons.  Keep in mind that I have new ones daily, and you can subscribe for free to my daily email and get them all delivered to you first thing in the morning (unless, of course, you’re on an opposite time zone than me).



Something you might want to see….

13 Feb

I’m celebrating today.  Why?

Okay, I’ve been hinting and hinting that I have a lot of new stuff on the way.  And I’ve mentioned before that ONE of the cool things was…..any guesses?

Well, in fear of not sure if you got it right or wrong – I’ll just tell you!

NATE RAMBLINGS (yes, this very blog) is becoming a new, weekly video series!

I’m stoked about it.

It’s not going to be just your normal ramblings (which I often times do here) but it’s going to be informative, how-to, kick butt cartooning course.  I’ll be covering MY whole cartooning business and basically hand you guys the blue print.  Everything from how I write, ink, Photoshop, etc.  And even if you DON’T want to be a cartoonist I think (I mean, I KNOW) you’ll enjoy it.  I’m trying to be like a Bob Ross of cartooning – except without the Happy Little Clouds’ (or something like that).

So, it hasn’t launched yet.  BUT, I did want to give you all a heads up about it.

You can subscribe (again, for free) to it BY CLICKING HERE.

Episode one will be out in several weeks and don’t want you to miss a beat.

SO, CLICK HERE to subscribe!  Yes, it’s different than my new comic subscription that I launched.  This is just a weekly episode, so you’ll get that once a week.

Please, spread the word!  You have a friend, a nephew…whoever – that is interested in cartooning, this will be something they’ll want to watch.

That’s it for now!

Thanks all for the support!  The enthusiasm for this has been overwhelming so far, so I’m ecstatic!  Again, get your VIP subscription HERE.