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The Slip

25 Sep

“I have a terrific idea for a comic!” I say to myself as I’m hopping out of the shower, slipping on the wet tile because I forgot to put a towel down.

I stagger a bit to the bathroom sink trying to keep my balance.  Desperately, I try to locate a pen and a piece of paper – ANY paper – so I can jot my idea down before I forget it or in case it’s lost from amnesia because I did eventually slip and bash my head into the countertop.

In a frenzy I manage to make it to the nearest cupboard, that wasn’t in the bathroom, but close.  I find a pencil, a piece of scrap paper and I write down the idea.



Is Good Grammar Dead?

20 Oct

I like to think that my grammar is pretty decent.  Sure, it’s not perfect.  I’d love to have a proofreader sitting on my shoulder when I write.  If I think of my writing and give it a score, I’d say I’m around 75% correct with using good grammar most of the time.  Yes, I slip up.  It’s often times on my cartoons.  And if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll notice there are some common grammatical errors.  There will probably be a few in this post.

The more and more everyone is into the quick gratification of texting, Facebook statuses and typing without thinking twice, I wonder:  Is Good Grammar Dead?

I’m not a Grammar Nazi.  Trust me – I’m not (again, since I’m so imperfect when it comes to my own writing).  However, I do have a fine-line where bad grammar does get to me.  Like, when it’s really bad.

It’s funny to me because on social media, you often read these political posts or argumentative stuff, and the person trying to make a statement can’t even grammatically use ‘there’ and ‘their’ correctly.  But they think their right when making a statement.  I find that ironic.

Does anyone even care though?

At this rate and the way things are going, is grammar something that eventually will disappear and we’ll just type or write whatever we want without any grammatical correctness?

The evidence out there is showing that perhaps there will be a point where there is no such thing as “correct” grammar.  Again, just look at your Facebook feed.  You could probably spend hours combing trying to correct the incorrect grammar with the statuses from just the last 5 minutes.  Much of it is cringe-worthy.

Again, does anyone care?

I do.  To a point, I actually do.

I think having decent grammar at least gives a persons writing a solid foundation.  At least it’s a good starting point.  When giving up on that, it can make an individual look – well – stupid.  Let’s be honest.

And depending how well your grammar is, an English Major may consider even a person like me ‘stupid’ considering some of the mistakes I make.  However, I’m proud to say that at least I try.  Even on Facebook, if I leave a status, I double-check to make sure it’s as accurate to the point where I think it’s right (even if it’s not).

So, I believe I’m about 75% correct with good grammar the majority of the time.  I hate to say it, but it seems like the general public might be below that.  I guess that makes me pretty happy with my writing in general.  Yes, having a proofreader will be miraculous, but since it’s me, I’ll do what I can.  I’ll have the occasional oopsy daisy – but that’s life.

If anything, let’s just hope the obituary for when Grammar does pass away is correctly written.