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Bottled-Up MAD and more

7 Aug

I know there are around a billion deserted-island-in-the-middle-of-the-ocean cartoons out there.  We’ve allbod150801 seen them.  And actually, I try to avoid creating anything based off that premise.  However, when an idea hits for one, I’ll do it.

And an idea hit me.  So I did it.

It’s funny how that theme is such a hot-topic for cartoons.

There really are a billion ideas for such a concept.  I mean, an island – in the middle of the ocean (with a palm tree, of course).  Comedy gold!  Right?  Eh, maybe….

Actually, I’m not sure why there aren’t MORE reoccurring themes like this in the cartoon universe.  The only other one I can think of are ones featuring Mr. Potato Head (and I’m proud to say, I believe I only created one cartoon in my lifetime featuring him) or Humpty Dumpty.  Seriously.  Just Google either of those topics and you’ll find tons.

bod150802AS for the next cartoon, the main character has been displayed probably more times than deserted island cartoons.

Many of you know that I occasionally get a cartoon or article in MAD Magazine.  So, when I created this one featuring Alfred, it was something right up my alley – something dumb!

With MAD I hope someday I can be one of the more regular “usual gang of idiots”.  It’s NOT easy writing for them.  I still do send my ideas in though on a regular basis in hopes of getting picked-up.  It’s not about the money, but the thrill of getting into MAD is still a major high.  It’s just fun to see my work amongst the rest of the stupidity in the issue.bod150803

It’s been hot as hell (if Hell is hot) around here (Dayton, Ohio).  That’s probably why I created this next cartoon.

If I had to guess, it’s not that original.  I actually created a similar concept a long time ago featuring snowmen in a car and one of them turned on the defrost.  However, since I couldn’t think of this being done before, I went ahead and created it.  And if anything, it will just make viewers hungry for ice cream.  Like me.  I’m hungry now.  For ice cream.

bod150804My cat actually DOES have insurance.

In fact, I believe she has better coverage than me.

When it comes to life insurance though, I don’t believe they offer that for our feline friends.  Curiosity is quite deadly.

Luckily, Tiger (my cat) lives indoors and can’t get in too much trouble.  I live on the 4th floor of an apartment building.  I just know that if she had the chance, she would totally jump out the window at the birds that hang outside (we have a screened in window – so there’s not a chance of this actually happening).

When I drew this next cartoon, it took me a few attempts.bod150805

Believe it or not, drawing checks WAS NOT easy.

I had an actual physical check as a reference.  There are a lot of little details in checks that I never realized until I featured a couple of them.

Plus, I was trying to make the details somewhat unique.  Like, you’ll notice the account number is the same on both.  And one is numbered just one about the other.  Does that make them family?  If so, it’s kinda a sick relationship….I guess.

Now onto Oz.

bod150806I changed the caption on this cartoon.

The first one said ‘Teenage Tin Man’.  When I thought about it though, isn’t there a transition between a teenager and a man?  So, I made it simply Tin Teenager.  I think it is better this way.

As for what those stains are, I have no clue.

Now onto the final cartoon of the week.

This was another awkward drawing for me.  I’ve always had a bod150807minor issue drawing silverware.  I’m not sure why.  I’m guessing it’s because in real life, silverware is so precise, straight and perfect.  My drawings are never straight-looking and always a bit wobbly.  So, that throws them off.  And I’m left never feeling happy about the way I drew it.

But, it is what it is.

I can say I’m very thrilled with how I drew than non-circular dinner plate.  Very professional.

That is all for this week!

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A Cage-Free Week-In-Review

3 Jul

Except for this cage.  This is the only cage you will see in this new Week-In-Review.  Don’t worry…don’t bod150627worry.  These aren’t REAL birds.  It’s only a cartoon.

Really though, I don’t like the idea of caging a bird.  I mean, they’re birds, so they are birdbrained.  Maybe they don’t care.  I’d have to assume though they’d rather be flying out in the open air.  But, what do I know….

I used to have parakeets and I’d let them fly around the house.  They probably had it pretty good (except they did have to stay in their cage at night).

bod150628Another animal I used to have are dogs.  (And I still consider my mom’s dog, Ursa, mine as well in some sense.)

Enough about dogs though (even though one is featured in this next cartoon).

I used to NOT enjoy public speaking.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts though, I actually enjoy talking in front of a crowd now.  Well, not really “talking”, but having fun.  I’ve been teaching painting in the evenings.  Usually, there are over 50 people in attendance and I have no problem teaching them a thing or two about art.  As LONG as I can goof around at the same time.

If I had to give a political speech or something – well – serious, I doubt I’d do as good.  THAT would get on my nerves.

Lucky for slugs, I’ve never tried this.  I’ve never tried to brutally murder a slug with salt.bod150629

That being said, I have (in my past) demolished numerous ant hills with my sneakers, smashed a large quantity of flying insects that land on trees with dirt balls and have wiped-out entire hives of wasps that try to build a nest close to me.

Again though, every slug has been pretty safe around me.  I hope slugs appreciate that.

In this next cartoon, I had a heck of a time trying to draw the stupid soccer ball in it.  (Sorry to soccer fans for calling your ball ‘stupid’.)

bod150630I’m not sure why, but it was not easy for me to draw.  A soccer ball has all kinds of awkward lines that – if wrong – will make it look like a mentally disturbed ball.

So, I hacked at this cartoon several times with the eraser to get it right.

Now THAT’S dedication!

As for witches, well, I can draw those at any time.bod150701

I was surprised this cartoon was rather popular considering it’s the middle of summer and not close to Halloween.  However, people seemed to enjoy it (online, at least).  Witch is really weird to me.

bod150702Bug zappers always fascinated me as a kid. (Notice how I throw-in the ‘as a kid’ reference a lot on here?  Not sure why….)

I just couldn’t understand why they would keep going up to the light when all their buddies were getting zapped and dying.

Then again, instead of birdbrains – they have bugbrains.  Must be even worse.

Last but not least, this was my favorite cartoon of the week.bod150703

It’s my favorite for several reasons.  One is, my daughter is due to arrive this November (yay!), so any cartoon depicting a newborn, I can relate to.

Also, it hits close to home because I have a feeling this is how my cat, Tiger, is going to react when we bring home Ella.  She seems discouraged already when I pay attention to my new fish instead of her.  I guess we’ll find out soon.

Okay, well, that wraps up this edition of a Week-In-Review!

Tell your friends, fwd this off and remember:  We keep most of our cartoons cage-free around here.

Take Note: Another Week-in-Review

12 Jun

Music note that is…bod150606

Wait a minute, it’s not a music note – but it IS a musical symbol (if that’s the proper term) that will kick-off this week’s Week-in-Review.

In this day and age with people not happy with their looks and getting implants, plastic surgery and other body modifications, it only makes sense that – if musical symbols had thoughts – they may want a few changes as well.

bod150607They’re just looking for that finely-tuned image.

As for a dogs life, well, life on a leash is no way to reach your full potential.

Dogs that go far in life usually live indoors or have a fenced in yard.  Those are the type that can speak, sit and lay.  Ask Lassie.  That boy, er – girl – made it pretty big.

Talk about big – what’s bigger than a bear?  (Okay, lots of things.)bod150608

There are a million and one puns that I could use here, but I’ll stop myself and use NONE.  Bear in mind that….oops.

Anyway, I’ve featured koalas in previous cartoons and have mentioned them as bears.  I typically get a handful of emails or comments about how THEY’RE NOT bears – they’re marsupials.  It appears to offend some people when mentioning them by what they’re not.

bod150609However, aren’t they technically called Koala Bears?  I dunno…. I’m confused.

My next cartoon was my favorite of the week, but I don’t think it was for everyone else.  It didn’t seem to “take-off” on social media or elsewhere online as much as I thought it would.  Again though (I’ve mentioned this many times in the past) that doesn’t mean anything.  A good cartoon isn’t measured by “likes” and shares.  It just isn’t.

In my personal opinion though, I like this one.  If you look at it closely, it has several layers of humor I tried to add to it.  At least I think.

bod150610If you thought my vacuum cartoon sucked (Ha!  Another pun!  Eh…sorry.) you might enjoy one with some colorful birds involved in it.

Has this bird joke been done before?

It was one of those obvious gags when I wrote it.  And as far as I know, it hasn’t ever been done by another cartoonist.  I try to stay original, so I hope I was the first one to this.  But c’mon…’grounded’.  Get it?  Get it?

bod150611And on this next cartoon, I’d label this a hardcore pun.

Can a pun get any worse than this?  I’m not too sure it can.

bod150612An interesting note on this next cartoon.  When I first drew it, I had the bigger TNT saying the caption.

I thought about it though, and it would make more sense to have the littler one saying it.  Why?  Well, because it’s smaller and would have a smaller “boom”.

See, even if I don’t know what I’m doing at first, it often times comes together with the help of the eraser in Photoshop.  (Yes, the original cartoon of this has two lines forming out of the speech bubble.  Looks awkward, at best.)

That’s it for this week!

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Nate Fakes Cartoons and BizComics

11 Jun

The day has come where I can introduce you to the newest go-to source for all your cartoon needs, Nate Fakes Cartoons (www.natefakescartoons.com).

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.55.17 AM

I’m thrilled to announce I actually have a full, functional website that features all of services which includes custom cartoons, stock cartoons, illustration and the latest feature, BizComics.

In the past, I’ve tried (terribly) to create my own site where customers could purchase my stock cartoons for use.  Let’s just say it was a failed effort.  Luckily though, roughly a year ago, I got together with my friend Mark, who is owner of O’Brien Communications Group and asked for help.

Throughout this time, I’ve been corresponding with Mark and the rest of the team (Jonathan and JoAnna) and they helped develop Nate Fakes Cartoons.  Despite being great people, they know what they’re doing.

This new site still has a few upgraded features being added – but is basically complete.  Soon, there will be a search bar where you type in a keyword for what type of cartoon you’re looking for and it will pull-up everything associated.  Right now, what’s holding that up is my tagging of all of the cartoons.  There are over 1,500 of them in the library (and growing everyday), so it’s a lengthy process.  In the meantime though, everything is categorized, so you can still browse through and look for a specific cartoon.

For the stock cartoons, once purchased, it’s an instant download, so you get the cartoon(s) instantly.  Prices vary on use – but there are three simple options to choose from.

As for custom work, there are several exciting options for that.

I do custom illustrations for basic needs – such as a birthday card or something simple – for a fair price.  However, most of the custom work I do is for businesses and corporate clients.  Therefore, as of this past Tuesday, another collaboration with O’Brien’s that we just launched is BizComics.


BizComics is – in my humble opinion – the absolute best marketing tool that can be used for any company to help support their brand.  And the best part is – it’s fun!

It’s not just a website but it’s a club.

The idea sparked from one of the features that I’ve created with O’Brien’s, Thought Leadership.  It’s been a success.  And so, why not take that to the next level and introduce cartoons to other companies?  What business WOULDN’T want their own feature in their newsletters, website, emails, etc.?  Many probably haven’t even considered them (cartoons) an option, however, BizComics let’s them know about it – and why it works.

I always ask people when DIDN’T you pay attention to a cartoon on your Facebook feed, in a magazine or email?  Think about it – if you see one, you typically read it.  BizComics once again enforces my belief that cartoons are the most effective marketing tool for any brand.  They WILL draw (no pun intended) attention.  And customers take notice.

There is a link to BizComics on the Nate Fakes Cartoons site and also you can read the official press release of it by clicking here.  Or, jump right to it and visit BizComics at www.bizcomics.club.

So, for stock cartoons, custom work, BizComics, illustrations or to just send me a note that says “hello” – Nate Fakes Cartoons is open for business.

Hope you stop by, hangout for awhile and I’ll see about offering coffee and donuts while you’re there.

This Week-in-Review Gets an ‘F’

5 Jun

Well, at least at the beginning of this it gets an ‘F’.bod150530

Yes, the first cartoon of the week featured a letter that I used to be VERY familiar with back in high school.

It’s true about that letter disappointing parents (I know firsthand).  But, little did we know how sensitive ‘F’ is.  To the point of where they’d need counseling.

‘A’s’ probably don’t have as many issues.

Everybody looooves the ‘A’s’.  They get all the praise in the world.

Poor F’s.

How are sales doing?

It’s funny that I create a lot of cartoons featuring the corporate office and sales charts.  A lot of other cartoonists feature the same thing.  And I really try to differentiate myself from other cartoonists.  I really do.

bod150531I was thinking about it though and I doubt this day and age many companies still use actual sales charts.  I mean, do they?  I honestly don’t know.  I’ve been out of the corporate world for awhile now.

I might have to check into that.  If they’re using something else to project sales, I want to draw it.bod150601

If I had to guess, most companies just use computers instead of the old paper charts or whiteboards.  Or, maybe to my surprise, they use pocket calculators.  I dunno.

Speaking of computers, my cat enjoys my computer probably more than me.

No, really, she does.

If I leave my MacBook open and on the couch, for some odd reason, it because a very comfortable cat bed for her.

Luckily, I don’t have a problem with her scratching posts online.  However, if she saw a cat tower on the internet, she likely to try and climb it.

bod150602The fact that I had some fish featured this past week was interesting considering I wrote about the recent editions here at home.

To save you from time from reading my latest post about my fish (although, it is quite fun), I’ll just mention that yes – I have two new goldfish.

I’ve been studying up on raising goldfish all week.  It amazes me all the care that is needed for them.  I had no idea!  I posted about my new fish on a fish forum and the responses were interesting to read.  They can live over twenty years and grow up bigger than I imagined.  Who knew?

It’s looking like a bigger tank is in my near future.

bod150603If a dog does catch his tail, that’s pretty big (for the dog).

What else is there to accomplish? 

I guess there’s the old routine of chasing tires, running after a mailman and peeing on bushes (which doesn’t require much of an effort).  But, the biggest challenge seems to be tail catching.

After one is caught, well…..

bod150604And if you work at a furniture store, this cartoon is probably quite true.

I just hope employees might get a bit of a better raise than just pocket change.

I’m sure some interesting items do pop-up at these stores though if it’s anything like my couch.

Sometimes, I’ll discover wrapped gum, receipts and pennies.  You know, valuable items.

bod150605And finally, the last cartoon of the week was another one of my classic Reader’s Digest cartoons that was rejected.

If good does outweigh the bad, it’s best to keep it that way.  And what’s better than some burgers and a shake (or maybe that’s a soda)?

I had to redraw this one a few times.  Why?

First, I drew a digital scale.  But, that didn’t look to good from this perspective.  So, I grabbed my eraser and went to town.

I then drew the angel (good guy) facing straight ahead with the devil in the background.  That looked screwed up as well.  Another eraser was frantically put to use.

So, finally I was able to sketch-out this version, which I’m happy with (although I’m not too sure about the way I drew that scale).  And luckily, my eraser was able to catch a break.

Aaaaaand, that’s it, folks.

You DO realize you can subscribe to these cartoons and get them first DAILY by CLICKING HERE

Otherwise, til next time.

Hopefully the next Week-in-Review will get something better than an ‘F’.


A Whirlwind Week-In-Review

29 May

What a past week.  There has been a lot going on around here.  Everything from a tornado touching down, my computer out of commission for about four days, a trip to my old hometown and more.  You can read all about this stuff from previous blogs (I won’t link them – just scroll back).

But, the point of today isn’t to recap events.  Nope.  It’s to go through the past week’s worth of cartoons.  So, instead of dragging this out any further, let me get to the point.

Let’s start with something sweet.bod150523

You know, I never really watched the entire movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Honestly, I haven’t.  I know there have been several versions and not one have I sat through.  However, I did go see the play – which was pretty good.  Plus, I get the gist of the story.  Thus the inspiration for this Willy cartoon.

And since we’re on the topic of food, I’ll continue on with my next cartoon about FAST food – and insurance.

bod150524I’ve been getting much better about avoiding fast food.  I rarely eat it.  In fact, I’ve avoided it quite a bit over the past 5 years or so.  I mean, it really is pretty bad for you.  Not all of it, but the majority of grub they serve is just greasy garbage.

I’m surprised insurance companies don’t ask customers how often they eat at a fast food place (or maybe they do now?).  Clogged arteries can lead to a lot of mishaps that I’m sure insurance companies aren’t thrilled to pay out.  So, maybe these unhealthy restaurants should offer their own policies to drum up a nice business segue that fits their savory meals.  No?

I was one of those suckers that watch that Floyd Mayweather/Pacquiao boxing match several weeks ago.

No, I didn’t purchase it – a friend did.  I think the thing cost over a hundred bucks or so for the pay-per-view.

At any rate, I think I’m done watching boxing.bod150525

It was hyped-up for weeks upon weeks and then when the event happened, it was – well – boring.  Not that I enjoy people pounding each other into submission, but it’s like they didn’t really care.

And I can’t stand the fact that they got paid so much to do what they do.  I mean, do they REALLY need that much cash for hitting each other?

Anyway, that’s my personal thoughts.  I guess I finally decided I’m not a huge boxing fan and will probably pass on the “next big event” – if there is one (I know a lot of people have the same thoughts as me on this).

bod150526I would much prefer to watch soap box.  So, I made a cartoon about that very thing.

Another sport I’m not too fond of is golfing.

It’s probably because I haven’t golfed that much.  People that play it swear it’s the greatest thing ever.  And I’m sure there’s something to it considering how many people that play and all of the courses around here.

My specialty is miniature golf.  THAT is something I can be decent at.  (Plus, you win cool tokens if you do well.)

Now something for my lawyer friends….bod150527

Lawyers are not people I personally hate.  I hear these stories though about some of them that go around looking for deceitful ways of drumming up business.  Well, a good example – have you watched the show Better Call Saul?  Okay then…

For lawyers that do do a lot of suing, hey, maybe a ‘Thank You’ card would help?

bod150528The next cartoon is definitely inspired by summer and this time of year.

When I lived in Florida, especially, there were constantly bugs that were plastered on the front of my car or windshield.  It would sound like rain as I drove through swarms of Love Bugs, mosquitoes and god-knows what else.  It would leave a nice array of wings, tiny-legs and antennas scattered throughout like some modern Jackson Pollack.

If bugs had an emergency response team, I’m sure their cleanup crew would need some windshield wiper cleaner from time to time to help clean up the accident scene.

bod150529Again, I don’t hate lawyers, but I did hate homework.

I mentioned previously this week about how much I despised high school.  Part of the hatred was homework.

I believe – thinking back – that I had the same mindset of this kid featured in the cartoon.  Hey, if I’m not home, I don’t need to do homework, right?  The only problem was I was home a lot, so….I was stuck doing homework (badly, I might add).

That’s it for a look at this past week of ‘toons.

Hopefully, next week, I will have a working computer, no tornado and can catch-up on some work and other projects I’m attending to.

Also, this next week, there is a launch of something….new.  Just wait.



Another Week-In-Review

15 May

Do worms swim?bod150509

My first comic in this week-in-review will pose that question.  My instinct is that they probably do not enjoy swimming.  In fact, water in general is probably quite terrifying considering the fate of many of their comrades due to fishing.  However, hey, if Jimmy did open up a business like this, I’m guessing this would be the outcome.  I do know that they’re all about things underground – not above.

My next cartoon of the week took awhile for me to piece together.

bod150510I wanted to make sure I had the best caption on it (I call it Quality Control).  And I think I achieved that goal.  But, there were a few different angles I could’ve went with it.  When mentioning the word pact, I often think of nations or countries forming one.  So, I almost created a president or military-type person in the cartoon.  At the end though, I went with an average Joe.

I think it turned out well.

Is it my favorite of the week?  Eh, I can’t say that about it.  BUT, my next cartoon might be.

This was another Reader’s Digest rejection.  bod150511

I’ve forgotten my keys on many occasions.  One time, right when I was packing up for vacation, I had my car loaded up and was ready to go.  Once I shut my trunk though, I discovered my keys weren’t in my pocket.  And my car doors were locked.  Therefore, it put a damper on the start of a great vacation.

If one forgets the keys to heaven (if keys are required), that might be a bit more devastating.bod150512

And now to another Dr. cartoon.

I’ve been producing quite a few medical comics recently.  Why?  Honestly, they sell.  The medical profession is a good market that purchases my cartoons for use via licensing them.  So, I create as many as I can.  That being said, I try not to saturate my dailies with them because we all like a little variety, right?

Anyhow, the original caption on this cartoon read, “It’s way too good, son.  It needs to be much more illegible if you ever want to become a doctor.”

I thought that was a bit too long, so I shortened it to what you see now.  Better?  Well, I’d like to think so.  (But then again, I say that about all my work.)

bod150513I always have a weird time drawing animals in awkward situations – such as in the next cartoon.

Obviously, cows can’t stand or hold their bellies.  So, when drawing this, I realize anatomically – it’s not realistic.  That makes it weird to draw.

Luckily in my profession, I’m not drawing accurate anatomically correct images for science books, so I can get away with it.

bod150514And now onto skating.

I’m not sure if this guy would make a great father figure or not.  But, his figure eights are okay – I guess.

This cartoon originally had a black ink outline for the eight.  But, with my outstanding digital skills, I traced over that with a lighter color to give it that ice-look.

Actually, I could use some work on my digital capabilities.  If you look closely, that’s a pretty wobbly figure eight.  Therefore, that’s why I mentioned this guys figure eight is just…okay.  It could be better.  Maybe he could be a better father figure, too?  (Okay, I can’t be that harsh on the guy.)

bod150515The last cartoon of this week required some help with a ruler sitting at my drawing table.

Drawing golf clubs isn’t as easy as you think.

I had to make those lines as straight as possible.  Normally, I like the more organic look and DON’T use a ruler in many images that require straight lines.  On this occasion I did.  If I drew a wobbly golf club, I’m sure I’d get some viewer mail pointing out my flaws.

It requires a steady hand and after a few cups of coffee, that’s not always easy.  So, this was a challenging cartoon, but I think I made it decent.  And a Golf Club sounds like a fun time to par-take in.

Well, that is it for my week-in-review!

Enjoy those above ground pools as the weather warms up.  Don’t have one?  Maybe consider buying one from Jimmy.




From A Sea World to Butter Fame

8 May

I’m a bit torn on the whole Sea World debate.  Well, not really torn (I have my opinions, as you will see) but I think the whole situation is a bit sad.  They’re losing a lot of money ever since the documentary Blackfish came out.

I’m not a fan of wild animals being in captivity.  And no, I’m not talking about the ones that might enjoy being kept out of nature (like my cat, Tiger, for example, is pretty damn happy living here).  The BIG ones;  elephants, lions and as this cartoon depicts – killer whales.*

I think Sea World should probably release them into a nice retirement community.bod150502

That being said, I DO think they can restructure their parks to something that doesn’t depend on a Shamu show.

I think amusement parks are great for families, vacation and anything that’s a good experience is good in my books.  I’d hate to see them go bankrupt and people lose their jobs over keeping whales in captivity (plus, I think Sea World actually does a lot of good rescuing animals).  Which, brings me back to the point of animals that don’t mind captivity so much.  Think, oh – maybe the sea otters.  I’d say they have it made (free fish all day and plenty of entertainment) but even with them I suppose I could be wrong.  Anyway, maybe they should turn their attention on the smaller animals and rides.

But, what do I know…

I do know that back in the 60’s, the answer to this question below is hippies.


The next cartoon stems from my love of art and artists.

I’ve always been a big Claude Monet fan.  Something about his paintings is, well, cool.bod150504

So, when I thought of a way to feature him in a cartoon, I couldn’t help myself and I created one of him at an open mic night.

Now, one thing about the artist was this:  I wasn’t too sure if a mic was even around while he was alive.

I did my research via Google and – lo and behold – yes, he was around when there was a mic.  Therefore, in my head, it justifies the comic.

Still a bit of a stretch?  Sure.  Stretched canvas?  Not so much. (Okay, that was a bad joke.)

bod150505I’m always amazed at some of the comics that are more popular than others.

This one featuring perching/sitting seemed to do quite well.

When I drew it, I was feeling so-so about the whole gag.  I thought it was probably my worst one of the week, but again, what do I know?

bod150506I do know I’m bad at predicting popularity amongst cartoons.

Why?  Well, here I have a numbers cartoon that I found quite amusing myself.  The audience response online though was rather lackluster.  Nothing negative, just not much of anything.

bod150507So, I dig into my bag-o-tricks.  What is that?

Feature a cat cartoon!

Cat cartoons prove to be pretty popular no matter who the viewer is.  I could probably just draw a cat sitting and have no caption, no gag or anything – and people would probably love it.  I think all cartoonists out there can attest to this.

bod150508And now, ladies and gentlemen, a cartoon featuring something I don’t think I’ve featured ever (well, except maybe once or twice).

What is that?  BUTTER!

I went back-and-forth with this cartoon trying to figure out a good setting for it.  At first I was going to have it set in an actual photographers studio.  Then I thought of just showing an open magazine with a full-page spread.  But, in the end, I went the route of a famous spreadable butter in Hollywood that is looking over the shoulders (er, wrap) of a stick of butter.

Hey, whatever works.

Well, there it is. 

That’s the past week’s worth of cartoons!

Hope to see you here next week for more of this hoopla.  Maybe in the meantime, I can knock-out a blog or two on this site as well.  (I always say that and my intentions are good – but they don’t always happen.)

See ya next time!

*Note:  No killer whales were actually held in captivity in the making of the first cartoon.


24 Apr

bod150418The first cartoon of the week consist of some rye humor.  And if it’s not funny, I’ll ryeRye do you think it wouldn’t be funny though?  Rye bother….

Okay, there are WAY too many awful puns I can make off of the word RYE.  But, I went this route.  Besides, I think nice rye probably does finish last….I suppose.

Moving on…

The next cartoon was a tricky one.

I had a few angles that I could’ve went with it.  However, what you see here was the best one.

bod150419I almost scrapped it though for being ‘too silly’, but hey, it seemed to do alright.  Who doesn’t love some good sink humor from time to time?  Better wet than dry (or rye) humor, right?

My next cartoon BLEW-UP on Reddit.

Okay, not actually.  Nothing was harmed and nothing actually exploded.  However, it did prove popular.  In fact, it was up-voted as the most popular cartoon of the day there in the Webcomics section.bod150420

Does that mean anything?  No.

I’ve mentioned before that judging popularity of a strip is tricky.  Every venue is different.  Sometimes, a comic is more popular in the paper than it is online.  Or sometimes it becomes viral on Facebook but does nothing on my syndicates site.  It’s weird.

I guess I could compare it to when bands play in venues.  If The Doors played at a kids party, it probably would’ve been a bit awkward and I’m sure they would go play in the bounce tent instead of listening to The Endbod150421

Pretty bad analogy, but you catch my drift.  Every venue is different with bands – and cartoons.

The next feature is out of this world.

I’ve created numerous cartoons with aliens, spacecrafts and – well – a farmer.

I know it’s cliche, but I always picture all of these alien encounters/abductions happening on a farm.  I think that’s where they mostly take place, right?

This encounter though is rather tasty (except for the purple puzzle piece looking one).

bod150422As for this next cartoon with the storks, there are several reasons why I created this particular one.

First off, I almost changed the caption to, “I heard Amazon was going to replace us with drones.”

However, I scrapped that just for fear of some schmuck not knowing what Amazon was or that Amazon wouldn’t be relevant in a decade.  Thus, keeping the caption the way it is, might make it a hit now AND in the future.

Also, in case you didn’t get the memo, my wife and I are expecting our first child this fall!

That news has filled my brain up with baby ideas, bottles and – as you can see – storks.  What else is there to do with those ideas but make a cartoon?

bod150423I remember the days of going to the arcade and feeding quarters into games.  In fact, I believe ALL my quarters were wasted by doing this.

Kids now probably don’t play too many arcade games, do they?  I really don’t know…

I’m just assuming since most games are free apps on iPads and phones, that using a quarter to play one would be a waste of money for any young one.  But, maybe I’m wrong.

All I can say is I used to be the Pac-Man champion.  I can’t play it the same on a touch-screen without those red paddles and lousy graphics.  Ah, back in the day…..

bod150424My last cartoon of the week is another play-on-words.

I mentioned today in my daily email (which you can sign up for HERE) about how there are so many gags out there already featuring dating websites.  Really, there are a ton of cartoons that have this same sorta premise.

However, I believe this is the first time anyone has taken it to this angle with a rooster and a Hatch.com.

Deep down, this makes me feel clever.  Though, often times I’m wrong.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this fascinating view of the past week of cartoons.

More will be arriving next week and maybe – just maybe – I’ll have a blog post or two in the meantime.  After all, rye wouldn’t I (there I go again….).



The Big Picture

18 Apr

I’m constantly coming up with new ideas for my cartooning work.  I know it’s cliche to say it, but I think it’s part of the creative field that I’m in.  I kind of have to.  Actually, I know I have to.

If I had a magic genie or mentor that I handed my ideas to on a daily basis and they just happened, I’d have a lot of stuff out there (oh, and could relax a bit more).  Everything from books, graphic novels, software, apps, websites and more.  Everyday I’m thinking, “Wow.  There might be something here!”.  The reality is though, a lot of the big ideas are just that – ideas.  Nothing really comes from them.

The older I get though, the more I’m starting to realize what ideas MIGHT work and have potential.

I’m also learning that – if I think real hard – I might already have the resources to help make that idea happen. Without even using a genie.

The Big Picture copy

What do I mean by that?

Well, I’ve always had this notion – for some odd-reason – that I must make everything happen on my own.  Which is true, in some sense.  The idea and everything must come from me, or nothing would happen.  BUT, there is help in getting ideas off the ground.  And a lot of times, it’s all right in front of my face with people I know, work with and have a relationship with already.  Resources.  All leading to getting the “idea” to come into focus much more streamlined than me thinking I can do everything by myself.

I’ve smacked myself upside the head a few times after realizing this.  “There’s my answer!  It’s been there the whole time.  Wow…..”

A lot of the details of some of these ideas of mine, I don’t know very well.  Making me the person NOT the best pick to handle something.

I’m not good at quite a few things.  (It’s not secret.  Have you ever watched me try to play basketball?)

So, it’s becoming much more easier for me to have a little system to handle these ideas.

First off, if I think of an idea and I’m very excited about it, usually it’s worked out into a good idea and I’ll run with it.  But run where?

Well, that’s when I stop, breathe – and think of the best route to go with this idea.  I ask my self several things.  Is this something I should do on my own?  Do I know others that could help make this happen?  What’s for dinner?

If it’s something I can do on my own – I’ll start!

If it’s something I think could work better with resources, I’ll try to get them!

From there, it’s a matter of making it happen then.

Now, I do hit a snag.

Sometimes, I have these BIG ideas, and no clue where to start.  I have no resources in a particular area, no direction and I believe it’s something I CAN’T do on my own.  That’s when I wish I had a magic genie to help me out.

For example, I’m working on my graphic novel (still).  I’m not 100% how to pitch it.  I’m not sure if I should pursue a literary agent first.  Or send it straight to a publisher?  Plus, I still have to write and re-write.  Who is the best person to send it to to proof read?  Then, I want to make it all professional, and how do I display it in such a way?

Lot’s to consider.

Of course there are books, YouTube videos and a ton of resources.  And trust me – I take advantage.  At the end of the day though, my mind feels a bit cluttered with different angles I could take on things.  And I’m left feeling like I’m not sure what’s best.

With this graphic novel example, I don’t know anyone to pitch it to personally, I don’t know any literary agents, publishers or proof readers.  So, even initially approaching this has been challenging for me.  That being said though, there are graphic novels out there on the shelves, and everyone that has created them has probably had the same situation I’m in.  I just have to figure out the best route they took, and maybe go from there.

With some quick thinking, maybe contact someone who HAS been published with a graphic novel and see what they did.  That might answer all my questions in one email.

See?  Just requires some thinking.

So anyway, I might have a lot of big ideas – and most people I run across (even those in the non-creative fields) will often have them as well.  No, I’m not trying to be a motivational speaker, but really – if it’s a cool idea – give it a go.  Think of resources you might have around you.  If you wanted to build a rocket ship, you might – just might – have a rocket scientist as a neighbor that could help your project take-off (no pun intended).

Again, my meter for figuring out if it’s something worthwhile is asking, “Is this exciting”?  Actually, it’s more of a feeling,  Am I excited about this?  If “yes”, then hell, I’ll give it a whirl.  I’ll figure out if I need help, resources or whatever it may be.

Some of those ideas will flourish – others will fail.  At the end of the day, everything happens for a reason and I stick with what works and move on from those ideas that don’t.  And even the ones that don’t initially work out, sometimes can resurface later after an idea hits me on how to make it work.  Or someone else brings to the table how to make it happen.

But, all this being said, if you DO know a genie that can make big ideas happen a bit quicker, please shoot me an email.  I’d like to meet one.  I think they’d be a great resource.