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Bizness As Usual

6 Apr

One of the areas in my career I’ve been working on quite a bit is BizComics.

As you may know, BizComics was actually launched in June of 2015.  However, just recently, we’ve relaunched it.  Why?  It needed it.  The original site didn’t have really any content to go visit (well, just not a super-ton of content).  It explained what we do (which, if you don’t know, you should just go visit the site instead of me explaining it all here).  It had some cartoons, but not anything to keep anyone THAT interested.  If we had a way of serving free coffee there, that would’ve been interesting.  Unfortunately at the time, we did not (and sorry – still don’t).

Basically, we needed a better way of getting the message out of what we do.  And have a bit more fun on our end while we’re at it.

What we do though has remained the same since the start.  Just the site and content to go with it has changed.

With the relaunch, a few exciting new things have been happening in the neighborhood.

One is, there is a new weekly cartoon and blog featured every week.  They’re always business, office, marketing – you know, biz stuff related.

Bells and Whistles

Above:  Here’s an example.  The latest BizComic cartoon.

Also, there is a new quarterly graphic novel series, Max Impact:  Marketing Detective.  It’s an ongoing series about Max trying to solve marketing problems.  Definitely more exciting than the latest Batman v Superman movie.  No, really.  It’s a fresh and engaging feature I think you’ll enjoy.

We’ve also added all the social media outlets that you can follow us on.  That includes Facebook, Linkedin, Pintrest, Twitter and InstaGram.  If I’m missing any, please let me know.

As a cartoonist, I love just about every thing about the craft.  I’ve always compared cartooning to acting:  I take on many roles.  I work on daily gags, graphic novels, stupidity for MAD and – along with it all – I really have a passion for using cartoons for marketing.  They ARE the best marketing material out there.  (That’s why it kills me when cartoons get axed from publications.  Don’t they realize the cartoons are often the most read part of it?  It’s a proven stat.  Ask the NewYorker.)

And I always mention to companies I work with and potential clients, when was the last time you DIDN’T pay attention to a cartoon on your news feed?  (The answer, when answered honestly, is typically that you always do.)

Cartoons work.

So, anyway, I’m not trying to make a pitch here about BizComics, but it has been a big area of focus recently and I hope you check out the new features (why, just click here).  I’ve been working hard with the coolest marketing team out there and we’ve really come a long ways since our initial launch over a year ago.

I’m thrilled to keep growing this bizmonster.


Drawing All Around

25 Oct

There’s been some drawing happening here.  Quite a bit of it.

Okay, that’s a pretty obvious statement considering I’m a cartoonist.  However, there’s been a lot on the drawing board recently.  Everything from a new car wrap for a client to wine labels.  Oh, and my normal syndicated material and stuff.  On top of that, I have new ventures I’m working on such as a graphic novel and short graphic stories (I think that’s the right term for them).  I’m anxious to get all of this out there in the big, bad world.  Honestly, I could draw 24/7 and STILL not have all the work that I want to accomplish done.  Yes, as much as I love getting out and doing things, I always feel guilty for not getting projects done at the same time.  That’s why I limit myself to the week for work and then weekends play.  However, I sneak a few sketches or coloring in each weekend from time to time.  Plus, things like these occasional blog post.  Oh, and one more thing….

A fun and exciting project that DOES take place on the weekend and is technically work is the new site, Drawing Around Dayton.

Drawing Around Dayton Hi-res

I have a new partner with this project, Brandon Snell, who has been writing a lot of the articles.  Also, he’s an interviewer and much more.  Basically, he finds a lot of the places that I draw.

What am I talking about?

Well, when I launched Drawing Around Dayton in September, I made it mostly about – well – me.

I was going to feature all the art I do in the area and comics.  And I did.

That premise is fine and dandy, but not as exciting for myself as I thought it could be.

Brandon came along and helped change that.  We thought of a cool concept of visiting local establishments, interviewing people (on camera) and then writing about it.  My job at the end of the day then was to draw the place we visited.

So far, we’ve gone out to two different places – a bar and a brewery.

That is rapidly expanding though.  We have people and other places we want to feature in the area.  At the time though, so far it’s been rather fun going to these establishments and meeting people (and having a couple of drinks while we’re at it).

Drawing Around Dayton is growing pretty quick.  The last place we visited proved to have peeked an interest.  We had quite a few hits to the site.

We’re working on developing other features for it as well.  Heck, I might even throw in a cartoon or two here and there.  Anyway, it’s fun to grow it and learn along the way.

And there you go.  Yes, I take the weekends off, but technically, now I have a good excuse to work on them as well.  It’s fun.  If I had a few more limbs, I could probably post about it all day (those limbs would have to be a few pairs of hands and fingers so I could type).

Here’s my own plug for it, but go visit Drawing Around Dayton.

And are you from around here?  Are you an artist, writer, restaurant or bar?  Let me know!  I might come over.

Back to the drawing board.


7 Mar

AS I’ve been rambling about for awhile now, I have a new FREE weekly video series that debuts today.  Basically, it’s bringing this blog TO LIFE.

I’m excited as ever about it.

Along with that, I’m moving my blogs over to the new site where the video series is featured.  PLUS at the new site, you’ll find daily comics and gobs of more stuff.

So, I’ll stop with that.  If you want to watch EPISODE ONE just CLICK HERE.

Hope you enjoy!  There’s a comment area there so I wanna here all your thoughts.  And remember, every week is a new episode.

And while you’re at the new site, stay awhile and have a look around.

– Nate

Announcement Time

7 Feb

As all my email subscribers, know I’ve been hinting that there’s some new – and cool – stuff on the way that I’ve been working on.  Well, the time is coming soon for launch!

No, it’s not another Kickstarter (whew!), so calm down.  That didn’t go so well last time.

I’m taking Nate’s Ramblings into a new medium.  Let me explain…

AS much as I love to write (and I’ll continue to do so) I still feel at a distance a lot of times when doing so.  Writing is a great way to tell stories, share ideas and kind of get to know me.  But, me as a person, I don’t know many of my fans and readers what-so-ever personally and I don’t think you really have a chance to know me.  So, I thought a  good way to introduce myself and become more of a ‘friend’ is to not only have comics, blogs – but also a sweet new thing:


I’m about to launch a weekly video series called Nate Ramblings (same as this blog except without the ‘s’).

My whole idea and premise of the series is to give you all an insider look at what I do – offering tips and tricks – basically showing you what I do on a regular basis in cartooning.  I’m going to make it fun and entertaining (hopefully).  I figured since they can make cooking shows a good time to watch, I can do this with cartooning.  And no, I’m not just going to have a camera setup with me drawing.  Nope.  It is a lot more involved than that.

This weekly series will debut on a new website and – like my comics – you can get a FREE weekly subscription to it.  I’ll have comment areas and more for Q&A which I’ll be actively involved in.

I have taught many cartooning classes before and so this is right up my alley.  Part of my career I wanted to tap into more was teaching.  And what better audience than the one I already have?  Plus, I think this will be a great opportunity to meet new friends (online and off) out there that enjoy the art like me.

I’ll be featuring topics such as drawing, Photoshop, characters, putting together ideas, etc.  TONS of topics!  And I know you can YouTube just about anything these days, so I’m hoping to touch on things that aren’t so obvious.  Really, it will be exactly what I do.  So, you can use it or not.  Either way, no biggie.

And these series will also show a lot of my flaws.  Trust me guys, I have a TON of them I can’t wait to share with you on video and point out.  Because I think a lot of us are in the same boat.

So, anyway, we’re looking at the debut to be in several weeks.

If you’re like me, sometimes it’s fun to sit back and relax and just watch something instead of read.  Well, soon you can.  (Unless, of course, you’re busy watching old Seinfeld episodes.)

I’ll post again WHEN it’s launched and make sure you all have the access to check it out and have access.  Like anything, I’m sure the series will be tweaked as it goes along and I’ll have to get comfortable doing them as well.  It’s all very new to me!  I’ve had video interviews and stuff, but this is a bit different.  But, hey, I’ll get it down.  We’ll see.

Any way, that’s my announcement.  I can’t wait to launch this series.  I’ve invested a lot of time into it already and getting all the behind the curtain things figured out.

I’ll fill you all in again soon!

See you on camera in a few weeks.

P.S. – in the meantime, subscribe to my daily email HERE for constant updates, new stuff and more.