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The New Landscaper

11 Apr

You’ll have to excuse me for a moment.  I’m just a little amped-up about something….

You see, I’ve always been very outspoken when talking about cartoons and marketing.  Yes, my opinion is – and always will be – cartoons are THE BEST form of marketing out there.

I can’t stress this enough.  I always use the example of the last time you ignored a cartoon on your Facebook feed.  Ever?  Probably not.

Or, when browsing through a magazine.  Cartoon there?  If there is one, chances are you’ve read it.

Okay, so they grab your attention (just like the bold letters I sometimes use throughout my posts to keep you from falling asleep).

But there’s more to them.  And that’s the marketing part I’ll chat a bit about.

Cartoons work.  How?

Well, just like with the eye-catching cartoons you see in day-to-day life on social media and elsewhere, like I mentioned, they’ll grab your attention.  Especially when associated with a company or brand.  Often times the result will be customers that keep coming back for more, employees that stick around and an overall memorable experience in general.  People can’t get enough!  It’s like crack (but doesn’t kill).

I came up with another way of looking at it.

Let’s say there is a brick and mortar store setup.  You have several stores surrounding it.  Got the visual?  Great.

Now, let’s say that the first mentioned store hires a landscaper to really make their landscape “pop”.  And the other businesses do not.

Of course it depends on the business and what – as a consumer – you’d be stopping in for, but can you imagine that the store with the nice landscape will attract more attention than the ones without?  Okay, well, that’s why businesses hire a landscaper.

BarketingIn this digital world, it’s all kind of the same.  Hiring a cartoonist is no different.

Websites with great designs do better than those with lackluster ones.  Offers that brands have can be more attractive than others.  And with cartoons, you’re adding a Purple Cow (yes, I got that from a book).

So, I tell every client of mine considering custom work or cartoons to please realize that – not only are cartoons a good time – but they’re actually an investment.  Long-term investment, as well, because they keep people/clients coming back for more.   And I have a fun time watching them work.

My job is to crank out the material in many different formats and platforms.  The marketing/custom cartoon platform has been a growing investment for me – and the client(s).

This is all why I’m amped-up.  So much potential out there in this digital age.  It’s not just syndication and publications anymore – the demand for good cartoons is growing – and that’s my industry.  Nice.

At the end of the day though, I guess it’s all just funny business.