Aaand…we’re back

24 Jul

Back to what?  Oh, like you had to ask (I’m just assuming you did).

Why, it’s another Week-in-Review!

Yes, I had several weeks off from doing these after my “last” vacation – but I’m back.  And I’ve got a look at the past week’s cartoons.  So, off we go…

This first one has a reoccurring theme of inanimate objects in a prison cell discussing their charges, whatbod150718 they did or what’s going to happen to them.  I’ve done it before and I’m sure I’ll do it again.  That being said, this is the first time I’ve featured a champagne bottle.

If this were any bit realistic, the spastic looking prisoner in the orange jumpsuit probably would’ve popped him by now instead.

The next cartoon is actually an old one.

bod150719I created it about two years ago for a real estate company I was working for.  Since I retained the rights to everything I did with them, I decided to go ahead and publish it elsewhere.  Like, well, here.

So, I dusted it off and here it is.

I found over a dozen other cartoons related to real estate that will resurface soon.  Hey, why keep them locked up in the computer?  These cartoons want a chance in the lime light as well.

bod150720I love creating music humor.

It seems like in the past year I’ve been making more and more comics about music, music notes, staffs and just about everything else you can think of.

Naturally (or A Natural), a cartoon like this was going to emerge out of my head.  So here it is.

I’ll end the description of it on that note.

bod150721Along with music cartoons I’ve been coming up with plenty of business premises for material.


Business cartoons sell.  That’s why.  And so I put them out there to bring in big numbers on Nate Fakes Cartoons.  Hence this particular comic.bod150722

Along with business cartoons, insurance comics are also a big hit that customers download.

You see, this IS a business for me.  Believe it or not, I don’t just draw for fun.  If I did that, you would be seeing an overload of material featuring potty humor, filthy computers and more garbage.  I don’t think there’s a market for any of it (well, except possibly bod150723MAD, who does buy them occasionally).

I’m a working man and have to come up with things in demand.  (Hey, that rhymes!)

Next, I enjoyed this hot little one.

Anything featuring a couple of candles on a date is a hit in my book.  And – for one of the first times – I‘ve actually featured facial expressions on inanimate objects.  I think I’ll start doing that more.  I like it.

bod150724And for the final cartoon of the week, I decided to draw deer.  One with a yellow antler.

I’m not sure what made me come up with this.  It’s a little far-fetched.  (But then again, what material of mine ISN’T?)

So, that’s it!

I’m happy to be able to have a few moments to type out these Week-in-Reviews and hope to keep them coming.

Unfortunately for you, the reader, the vacation I just took was MY LAST for quite awhile.  With a baby girl on the way soon, I’ll be changing diapers and teaching her to take over my business one day.  A newborn can learn cartooning, right?  Anyway, I’m as excited as ever.  And I’ll be available to posts these – and more.

Until next week….


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