A Week-in-Review is Here

19 Jun

Along with everything else, I have ANOTHER Week-in-Review.  I know, right?

Let’s start with some hilarity.  What else is more funny than close talkers (okay, a lot of things)?bod150613

I’ve known a few close talkers in my lifetime.  Sometimes, it’s because they’re hard of hearing or just aren’t aware of what they’re doing.  To test what it is, I’ll either raise my voice or move in even closer to see if they back-up.  If I’m very close to them talking loudly, chances are, it’s a hearing issue.  If I move pretty close and they move closer still, well, that’s just creepy.  Or maybe they want a kiss.  Either way, I’m married.  So, unless it’s my wife, I’m bailing.

In a dog world though that is full of dog breath, this is probably a worse experience than us humans have considering all the butts they lick.  Yuck.

bod150614With all the rain we’ve been getting around here in gorgeous Dayton, Ohio, it (along with several bolts of lightning) sparked this idea for the next cartoon.

I was probably a weather man in a past life.  No, really.  I talk about the weather a lot.  It was my downfall on first dates back in the day.  I didn’t do it (talk about the weather) though because I couldn’t think of anything else to think of.  Nope.  I genuinely interested in clouds, storms, floods – you know – weather stuff.

Plus, if you’ve been reading for awhile, you know I’ve recently experienced quite the weather condition with a tornado going past my front window (it’s a few blogs back, if you’re interested).bod150615

So, as cliche as it is to talk about the weather, I do.  Anyway…

Do mobsters even meet in remote locations anymore? Probably not.  But, let’s pretend they do.

If anything, I’m pretty sure they don’t dress like this currently.  Maybe back in the 30’s they would.  But, when putting together a cartoon, I have to be some-what able to relate with people.  And I believe most people associate the hat, suit and all with a wise guy.  Hence my mob cartoon and toy car.

You see how I put these suckers together?  It’s just a bunch of assumptions on what I think YOU want to see.  Easy, huh?

My next cartoon was one that – I hope – I was the first to create.

bod150616Yes, in this industry, often times ideas are used by others unbeknownst to the creator.  Trust me – I know a lot of cartoonists – and we don’t rip-off each other.  Sure, we take elements and bits of ideas off of others work, but rarely copy directly off one another (a.k.a. plagiarize).

I think every cartoonist out there has been accused of ‘stealing’ or copying someones work off from a reader.  However, the reality is, great minds think alike and it happens (not saying my mind is great, but you know….).

Anyway, I hope I was the first to think of this one.  It’s a pretty obvious selfie gag, but I enjoyed making it.bod150617  I don’t want to get an email saying, “Hey!  That selfie cartoon was in last week’s Garfield!”

As for salad dressing, well – I’m pretty certain only I could come up with such an awful pun.

There were a few angles I could’ve went with this.  My intention was I wanted the caption to sound like, “I don’t want to look like a slob.”  Not sure how many people caught-on to that.

bod150618I used to sleep walk (and still might…not too sure).

I know I lose a lot of sleep thinking about things that need done.  Naturally, I thought that anyone that enjoys caulking is probably bound to lose some sleep as well.  And if that caulker is a sleep walker (hey, that rhymes!) then this cartoon might actually have a touch of reality to it.  (But seriously, who DOES enjoy caulking?)

bod150619And my last ‘toon of the week consists of my least-favorite subject:  math.

You know those equations with a ton of ‘X’s’ in them?  Yeah, I hate those.

They’re the reason I flunked out of a lot of math/algebra classes growing up.

I can, however, handle a good game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Okay, well, that’s all, folks!  Nothing more to see here.  BUT, there is a lot more to see at the new Nate Fakes Cartoons.com.  Head on over.

In the meantime, watch out for those close talkers and if you sleep walk, try to keep the caulking to a minimum.





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