This Week-in-Review Gets an ‘F’

5 Jun

Well, at least at the beginning of this it gets an ‘F’.bod150530

Yes, the first cartoon of the week featured a letter that I used to be VERY familiar with back in high school.

It’s true about that letter disappointing parents (I know firsthand).  But, little did we know how sensitive ‘F’ is.  To the point of where they’d need counseling.

‘A’s’ probably don’t have as many issues.

Everybody looooves the ‘A’s’.  They get all the praise in the world.

Poor F’s.

How are sales doing?

It’s funny that I create a lot of cartoons featuring the corporate office and sales charts.  A lot of other cartoonists feature the same thing.  And I really try to differentiate myself from other cartoonists.  I really do.

bod150531I was thinking about it though and I doubt this day and age many companies still use actual sales charts.  I mean, do they?  I honestly don’t know.  I’ve been out of the corporate world for awhile now.

I might have to check into that.  If they’re using something else to project sales, I want to draw it.bod150601

If I had to guess, most companies just use computers instead of the old paper charts or whiteboards.  Or, maybe to my surprise, they use pocket calculators.  I dunno.

Speaking of computers, my cat enjoys my computer probably more than me.

No, really, she does.

If I leave my MacBook open and on the couch, for some odd reason, it because a very comfortable cat bed for her.

Luckily, I don’t have a problem with her scratching posts online.  However, if she saw a cat tower on the internet, she likely to try and climb it.

bod150602The fact that I had some fish featured this past week was interesting considering I wrote about the recent editions here at home.

To save you from time from reading my latest post about my fish (although, it is quite fun), I’ll just mention that yes – I have two new goldfish.

I’ve been studying up on raising goldfish all week.  It amazes me all the care that is needed for them.  I had no idea!  I posted about my new fish on a fish forum and the responses were interesting to read.  They can live over twenty years and grow up bigger than I imagined.  Who knew?

It’s looking like a bigger tank is in my near future.

bod150603If a dog does catch his tail, that’s pretty big (for the dog).

What else is there to accomplish? 

I guess there’s the old routine of chasing tires, running after a mailman and peeing on bushes (which doesn’t require much of an effort).  But, the biggest challenge seems to be tail catching.

After one is caught, well…..

bod150604And if you work at a furniture store, this cartoon is probably quite true.

I just hope employees might get a bit of a better raise than just pocket change.

I’m sure some interesting items do pop-up at these stores though if it’s anything like my couch.

Sometimes, I’ll discover wrapped gum, receipts and pennies.  You know, valuable items.

bod150605And finally, the last cartoon of the week was another one of my classic Reader’s Digest cartoons that was rejected.

If good does outweigh the bad, it’s best to keep it that way.  And what’s better than some burgers and a shake (or maybe that’s a soda)?

I had to redraw this one a few times.  Why?

First, I drew a digital scale.  But, that didn’t look to good from this perspective.  So, I grabbed my eraser and went to town.

I then drew the angel (good guy) facing straight ahead with the devil in the background.  That looked screwed up as well.  Another eraser was frantically put to use.

So, finally I was able to sketch-out this version, which I’m happy with (although I’m not too sure about the way I drew that scale).  And luckily, my eraser was able to catch a break.

Aaaaaand, that’s it, folks.

You DO realize you can subscribe to these cartoons and get them first DAILY by CLICKING HERE

Otherwise, til next time.

Hopefully the next Week-in-Review will get something better than an ‘F’.



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