A Whirlwind Week-In-Review

29 May

What a past week.  There has been a lot going on around here.  Everything from a tornado touching down, my computer out of commission for about four days, a trip to my old hometown and more.  You can read all about this stuff from previous blogs (I won’t link them – just scroll back).

But, the point of today isn’t to recap events.  Nope.  It’s to go through the past week’s worth of cartoons.  So, instead of dragging this out any further, let me get to the point.

Let’s start with something sweet.bod150523

You know, I never really watched the entire movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Honestly, I haven’t.  I know there have been several versions and not one have I sat through.  However, I did go see the play – which was pretty good.  Plus, I get the gist of the story.  Thus the inspiration for this Willy cartoon.

And since we’re on the topic of food, I’ll continue on with my next cartoon about FAST food – and insurance.

bod150524I’ve been getting much better about avoiding fast food.  I rarely eat it.  In fact, I’ve avoided it quite a bit over the past 5 years or so.  I mean, it really is pretty bad for you.  Not all of it, but the majority of grub they serve is just greasy garbage.

I’m surprised insurance companies don’t ask customers how often they eat at a fast food place (or maybe they do now?).  Clogged arteries can lead to a lot of mishaps that I’m sure insurance companies aren’t thrilled to pay out.  So, maybe these unhealthy restaurants should offer their own policies to drum up a nice business segue that fits their savory meals.  No?

I was one of those suckers that watch that Floyd Mayweather/Pacquiao boxing match several weeks ago.

No, I didn’t purchase it – a friend did.  I think the thing cost over a hundred bucks or so for the pay-per-view.

At any rate, I think I’m done watching boxing.bod150525

It was hyped-up for weeks upon weeks and then when the event happened, it was – well – boring.  Not that I enjoy people pounding each other into submission, but it’s like they didn’t really care.

And I can’t stand the fact that they got paid so much to do what they do.  I mean, do they REALLY need that much cash for hitting each other?

Anyway, that’s my personal thoughts.  I guess I finally decided I’m not a huge boxing fan and will probably pass on the “next big event” – if there is one (I know a lot of people have the same thoughts as me on this).

bod150526I would much prefer to watch soap box.  So, I made a cartoon about that very thing.

Another sport I’m not too fond of is golfing.

It’s probably because I haven’t golfed that much.  People that play it swear it’s the greatest thing ever.  And I’m sure there’s something to it considering how many people that play and all of the courses around here.

My specialty is miniature golf.  THAT is something I can be decent at.  (Plus, you win cool tokens if you do well.)

Now something for my lawyer friends….bod150527

Lawyers are not people I personally hate.  I hear these stories though about some of them that go around looking for deceitful ways of drumming up business.  Well, a good example – have you watched the show Better Call Saul?  Okay then…

For lawyers that do do a lot of suing, hey, maybe a ‘Thank You’ card would help?

bod150528The next cartoon is definitely inspired by summer and this time of year.

When I lived in Florida, especially, there were constantly bugs that were plastered on the front of my car or windshield.  It would sound like rain as I drove through swarms of Love Bugs, mosquitoes and god-knows what else.  It would leave a nice array of wings, tiny-legs and antennas scattered throughout like some modern Jackson Pollack.

If bugs had an emergency response team, I’m sure their cleanup crew would need some windshield wiper cleaner from time to time to help clean up the accident scene.

bod150529Again, I don’t hate lawyers, but I did hate homework.

I mentioned previously this week about how much I despised high school.  Part of the hatred was homework.

I believe – thinking back – that I had the same mindset of this kid featured in the cartoon.  Hey, if I’m not home, I don’t need to do homework, right?  The only problem was I was home a lot, so….I was stuck doing homework (badly, I might add).

That’s it for a look at this past week of ‘toons.

Hopefully, next week, I will have a working computer, no tornado and can catch-up on some work and other projects I’m attending to.

Also, this next week, there is a launch of something….new.  Just wait.




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