Grandpa’s Day

25 May

Today is Memorial Day (unless you’re reading this on a different day, that is).  Of course, this is a day to reflect on our military and those people that have and had served our country.

This day also always brings me back memories of my Grandpa Fakes.  He served in the Navy during World War 2.

I posted today on Facebook a picture of his Naval cap that he wore from those days.  In the post, I mentioned that I wish I knew more about his experience.Grandpa's Hat

You see, Grandpa never really elaborated too much about what happened during the war.  Well, I take that back…As a kid, he told me quite a bit.  But, when I grew older, I never heard the stories that he used to tell me.

He didn’t talk about it much to me, or anyone.

Something about when I was a kid, he felt more comfortable telling me things.  And I remember the stories.  They were, well, quite something.

He passed away in the year 2000.  Since then, I’ve asked several family members if they have any details about his active duty – such as what boat he was on (I know it was destroyed and he was stranded at sea for awhile), any awards he may have won and where all he was stationed.  None of that seems available.  I had one relative tell me he contacted the Navy and tried to get ahold of his records but they (the Navy) couldn’t release any information.

Since I was a kid when I heard everything straight from him personally, I’d like more detailed information now that I’m older.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to dig around for myself and find information on Grandpa Fakes.

After posting today on Facebook, I received several emails with information about getting in touch with the V.A. and so-forth.  I mean, the information about him has GOT to be there.  It’s just a matter of really digging.  It might require more than a spade.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I can find on my end.  After all, with a new Fakes on the way, I’d like to share some stories about his/her Great Grandpa Fakes someday.  And he was great.  A great war hero and person.

Anyway, I wish all the military and families of military a GOOD Memorial Day.  I know it’s not supposed to be a “happy” occasion, but I think that any members of the military – current or past – want us to think of them today.  And that includes fond, happy memories and thoughts – like I have of my Grandpa.

So, that’s a good thing (making it a good day).

I thank you all for your service!


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