Sharks and Candy: Week-In-Review

22 May


No, you’re not experiencing a scene from Jaws.  However, it is another shark cartoon that is featured in today’s Week-In-Review.

I’ve had quite a few shark cartoons recently.  I believe it has something to do with the summertime and beach/swimming…stuff like that.

Also, I often times have fond memories of living in Florida and swimming out on the coast trying to find a shark.  Never did.  And that’s probably a good thing.  (I could’ve easily lost my drawing arm.)

bod150517The next cartoon is a sign that maybe the hiring manager found a good fit for a certain position.

I created this one out of my own experiences of working day jobs.  I’ve had some good bosses in the past, but many of them were controlling, enjoyed telling people what to do and also held their noses up high.  Basically $#%^holes.

Were they bright?  Eh, not really.

I was actually a manager (well, shift manager) at Pizza Hut for many years when I was out of high school and in college.  Not once did I ever have to yell at any employee and I DIDN’T enjoy telling people what to do.  But, honestly, I think I did a pretty decent job.  I learned from all the bad managers I had that to be a good one you just have to be a good person.  That means no yelling about too much extra pepperoni.  People generally just do their work then.

bod150518I love pizza, but soup…..bleachh!

Okay, that’s a bit harsh.  SOME soup I enjoy.  I used to like most soups (including Alphabet Soup that is featured in this cartoon).  But one time, I became VERY ill.  Had a fever, cold shakes – the whole nine-yards.  And during that time, I lived off of soup.

Ever since that (and this was fairly recently) I just haven’t had a craving for it and cringe at the thought of eating it.

What soup is still good?

I like most Chinese soups that I can grab at China Wok.  Those are still alright in my book.  Probably because I didn’t have China Wok while I was sick.  I probably should’ve though so I could’ve read fortune cookies that come with their soup and determine how much longer I was going to be stuck on the couch feeling crappy.

bod150519I had a lot of fun creating this next one.

I was trying to imagine what a “creative field” would look like.

Mostly, I envisioned some type of Van Gogh style of a landscape.  So, I turned to my friend Google and explored a lot of paintings of his (I’m very familiar with Van Gogh, but it does help to go look again at things before diving right in).

And I must admit, this was based off a lot of his stuff.  However, I added my own little twists to it.  What are they?  Well, for one, don’t ask me what he’s growing.  I have no idea.  It’s a bit tall for wheat.  Yeah, that was all me making those crops that tall.

As for the clouds – I’m not sure what you would call those?  A-Wall clouds, maybe?

Several people assumed Jimmy (our farmer friend featured in the cartoon) was on an acid trip.  Hey, interpret these cartoons as you will.  I can’t control Jimmy’s drug issues if he is on one.bod150520

When it comes to tires, I don’t have many cartoons based off of them.

I decided it was time to get one drawn out, so this was it.  (Actually, the coffee probably decided for me as I came up with this one in a caffeine-fueled session of writing – like I typically do.)

Not my most shining moment of the week personally, but oh well.  That’s just my opinion.  The Michelin Man would probably get more of a kick out of this than I did.

bod150521Ugh. The crime in this country.

Here we have another example of something that probably takes place in an office near you.

Taking calls has become a major business amongst career secretary criminals.  I know I’ve experienced it several times when I call a company and some secretary takes my call before I get a chance to talk to the person I want to.

I’m not sure what the punishment for taking calls is.  However, for the victims, it’s usually being placed on hold.

bod150522And speaking of crimes, the next cartoon I’m definitely guilty of.

Yes, I’ll admit it – I sneak candy into theaters.

I have my whole life.  In fact, when I was in middle school, my friends and I would make it our mission to stash as much candy as we could.  To the point that our jackets/shirts were bulging out and candy was spilling on the floor.

We looked SO much into getting away with this crime and thought we were cool for it.

The reality is though, do those guys that take the tickets REALLY care?  They might, but more often than not, I’m guessing they just want to take your ticket and get on with their day.

I don’t believe I was ever caught doing this (or again, they “caught” us but didn’t say anything).  So, I continue to sneak things in from time to time.

As for several of my other friends that committed this crime, a few of them haven’t been heard from or seen since trying to sneak some M&M’s and Goobers into a theater one night.

That’s it for my Week-In-Review.

If you haven’t noticed, there are a LOT of new blogs being posted up regularly.  Yes, I’m starting my posts about random activities happening in my life.  So, if you want MORE reading, you can check those out.

Until next time, watch-out for those sharks and careful sneaking snacks into those movie theaters.




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