18 May

Last weekend there was quite a bit going on.  Oh, and some bets being placed and beer being drank.

Yes, it was a weekend of basically slacking off from work and getting out and enjoying adult activities.

The biggest activity was a bachelor party on Saturday.  It consisted of a beer bong, casino and some good old fashioned hanging out.

First off, the beer bong thing.  Put it to you this way, I’m getting MUCH older.  I haven’t had a beer bong in about a decade (or more).  I was a bit hesitant on even doing one, but then again, it IS a bachelor party.  Eh, why not.

Like a champ, I was able to successfully bong a beer – much to my surprise.  It was easier than imagined.  That being said, I don’t drink (CAN’T drink) like a college freshman.  I enjoy the occasional craft beers and take advantage of them here in Dayton, Ohio, where many are produced.  But, the days of Beer Pong, chugging and – those beer bongs – are pretty much over.  I had my fun back in the day – but yeah, I enjoy sipping a beer now.  Call me old.

At any rate, I didn’t puke, so that was good.

After the boozy pregame, we headed out to the local casino.

Saturday was the Preakness horse race.  Like bonging beer, I usually don’t gamble.  Let alone on a horse (I actually don’t think highly of horse racing because I’m pretty sure the horses don’t enjoy it).  However, I decided to.  What the heck.  Again, it’s a bachelor party.  Anything goes, right?

Horse Whisperer (1)So, I threw some money down on a horse named Tale of Verve and another one (I totally forget the name).  Verve actually came in 2nd.  But, I put the money on him winning – so I got nothing.  The other horse didn’t place.  Oh well.  There goes $20 of my hard-earned money.

The local casino has only slot machines to play.  I can’t figure out gambling laws in Ohio, but I guess that’s all they’re allowed to have – besides horse betting as well.  Since I lost twenty bucks, I didn’t really play those (slot machines).  I did get a free $15 voucher though for getting a casino card (which was free) and I lost all of that on some random slot machine.  I know I sound like a cheapskate, but….well, maybe I am.

Expired Slot Machine copy (1)After the casino, we went to play some pool, drink more beer and other random stuff.

And that was my weekend.

It was a good time and, as a cartoonist, it’s great to get out of the studio and not work ALL the time (although, I’m constantly thinking of ideas 24/7 I feel).

As for a headache, well, it’s a safe BET that one would ensue after a night like that.



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