From A Sea World to Butter Fame

8 May

I’m a bit torn on the whole Sea World debate.  Well, not really torn (I have my opinions, as you will see) but I think the whole situation is a bit sad.  They’re losing a lot of money ever since the documentary Blackfish came out.

I’m not a fan of wild animals being in captivity.  And no, I’m not talking about the ones that might enjoy being kept out of nature (like my cat, Tiger, for example, is pretty damn happy living here).  The BIG ones;  elephants, lions and as this cartoon depicts – killer whales.*

I think Sea World should probably release them into a nice retirement community.bod150502

That being said, I DO think they can restructure their parks to something that doesn’t depend on a Shamu show.

I think amusement parks are great for families, vacation and anything that’s a good experience is good in my books.  I’d hate to see them go bankrupt and people lose their jobs over keeping whales in captivity (plus, I think Sea World actually does a lot of good rescuing animals).  Which, brings me back to the point of animals that don’t mind captivity so much.  Think, oh – maybe the sea otters.  I’d say they have it made (free fish all day and plenty of entertainment) but even with them I suppose I could be wrong.  Anyway, maybe they should turn their attention on the smaller animals and rides.

But, what do I know…

I do know that back in the 60’s, the answer to this question below is hippies.


The next cartoon stems from my love of art and artists.

I’ve always been a big Claude Monet fan.  Something about his paintings is, well, cool.bod150504

So, when I thought of a way to feature him in a cartoon, I couldn’t help myself and I created one of him at an open mic night.

Now, one thing about the artist was this:  I wasn’t too sure if a mic was even around while he was alive.

I did my research via Google and – lo and behold – yes, he was around when there was a mic.  Therefore, in my head, it justifies the comic.

Still a bit of a stretch?  Sure.  Stretched canvas?  Not so much. (Okay, that was a bad joke.)

bod150505I’m always amazed at some of the comics that are more popular than others.

This one featuring perching/sitting seemed to do quite well.

When I drew it, I was feeling so-so about the whole gag.  I thought it was probably my worst one of the week, but again, what do I know?

bod150506I do know I’m bad at predicting popularity amongst cartoons.

Why?  Well, here I have a numbers cartoon that I found quite amusing myself.  The audience response online though was rather lackluster.  Nothing negative, just not much of anything.

bod150507So, I dig into my bag-o-tricks.  What is that?

Feature a cat cartoon!

Cat cartoons prove to be pretty popular no matter who the viewer is.  I could probably just draw a cat sitting and have no caption, no gag or anything – and people would probably love it.  I think all cartoonists out there can attest to this.

bod150508And now, ladies and gentlemen, a cartoon featuring something I don’t think I’ve featured ever (well, except maybe once or twice).

What is that?  BUTTER!

I went back-and-forth with this cartoon trying to figure out a good setting for it.  At first I was going to have it set in an actual photographers studio.  Then I thought of just showing an open magazine with a full-page spread.  But, in the end, I went the route of a famous spreadable butter in Hollywood that is looking over the shoulders (er, wrap) of a stick of butter.

Hey, whatever works.

Well, there it is. 

That’s the past week’s worth of cartoons!

Hope to see you here next week for more of this hoopla.  Maybe in the meantime, I can knock-out a blog or two on this site as well.  (I always say that and my intentions are good – but they don’t always happen.)

See ya next time!

*Note:  No killer whales were actually held in captivity in the making of the first cartoon.



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