24 Apr

bod150418The first cartoon of the week consist of some rye humor.  And if it’s not funny, I’ll ryeRye do you think it wouldn’t be funny though?  Rye bother….

Okay, there are WAY too many awful puns I can make off of the word RYE.  But, I went this route.  Besides, I think nice rye probably does finish last….I suppose.

Moving on…

The next cartoon was a tricky one.

I had a few angles that I could’ve went with it.  However, what you see here was the best one.

bod150419I almost scrapped it though for being ‘too silly’, but hey, it seemed to do alright.  Who doesn’t love some good sink humor from time to time?  Better wet than dry (or rye) humor, right?

My next cartoon BLEW-UP on Reddit.

Okay, not actually.  Nothing was harmed and nothing actually exploded.  However, it did prove popular.  In fact, it was up-voted as the most popular cartoon of the day there in the Webcomics section.bod150420

Does that mean anything?  No.

I’ve mentioned before that judging popularity of a strip is tricky.  Every venue is different.  Sometimes, a comic is more popular in the paper than it is online.  Or sometimes it becomes viral on Facebook but does nothing on my syndicates site.  It’s weird.

I guess I could compare it to when bands play in venues.  If The Doors played at a kids party, it probably would’ve been a bit awkward and I’m sure they would go play in the bounce tent instead of listening to The Endbod150421

Pretty bad analogy, but you catch my drift.  Every venue is different with bands – and cartoons.

The next feature is out of this world.

I’ve created numerous cartoons with aliens, spacecrafts and – well – a farmer.

I know it’s cliche, but I always picture all of these alien encounters/abductions happening on a farm.  I think that’s where they mostly take place, right?

This encounter though is rather tasty (except for the purple puzzle piece looking one).

bod150422As for this next cartoon with the storks, there are several reasons why I created this particular one.

First off, I almost changed the caption to, “I heard Amazon was going to replace us with drones.”

However, I scrapped that just for fear of some schmuck not knowing what Amazon was or that Amazon wouldn’t be relevant in a decade.  Thus, keeping the caption the way it is, might make it a hit now AND in the future.

Also, in case you didn’t get the memo, my wife and I are expecting our first child this fall!

That news has filled my brain up with baby ideas, bottles and – as you can see – storks.  What else is there to do with those ideas but make a cartoon?

bod150423I remember the days of going to the arcade and feeding quarters into games.  In fact, I believe ALL my quarters were wasted by doing this.

Kids now probably don’t play too many arcade games, do they?  I really don’t know…

I’m just assuming since most games are free apps on iPads and phones, that using a quarter to play one would be a waste of money for any young one.  But, maybe I’m wrong.

All I can say is I used to be the Pac-Man champion.  I can’t play it the same on a touch-screen without those red paddles and lousy graphics.  Ah, back in the day…..

bod150424My last cartoon of the week is another play-on-words.

I mentioned today in my daily email (which you can sign up for HERE) about how there are so many gags out there already featuring dating websites.  Really, there are a ton of cartoons that have this same sorta premise.

However, I believe this is the first time anyone has taken it to this angle with a rooster and a Hatch.com.

Deep down, this makes me feel clever.  Though, often times I’m wrong.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this fascinating view of the past week of cartoons.

More will be arriving next week and maybe – just maybe – I’ll have a blog post or two in the meantime.  After all, rye wouldn’t I (there I go again….).




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