We’re On A Roll

17 Apr

I’d say we’re definitely on a roll.


This week, I have TWO cartoons featuring toilet paper.

If you’re not one much for potty humor – don’t worry – these are relatively tame.

So, that being said, I’ll get right into a week-in-review of the latest cartoons.bod150411

Kicking thing off is, well – wouldn’t you know – TOILET PAPER!

This cartoon was inspired by that one app, Tinder.

Tinder is a “hook-up” or dating app that you swipe to the right if you like someone and to the left if you don’t.  I’ve never tried it (hello…I’m married), but I guess it’s catching on.  So, in the bathroom world, a Wiper app might be the talk of the stool.

bod150412The next cartoon is something I’m quite familiar with – since I’m a pastor’s son.

No, I’ve never taken the offering plate.  And I’ve never taken the money out of one either (even though it’s quite tempting at age five thru eight).

But, I’ve had hundreds of these passed to me throughout the years of attending church services.

They would make a decent collection, right?

bod150413Speaking of decent, how is your grammar?  (Mine isn’t so decent – which you know if you read these blogs.)

Back in the day, I’m guessing there were ‘Grammar Police’.  Probably nitpicking the hieroglyphics of the times.

But really though, who WOULDN’T know that the stick figure goes behind the deer?  Duh.

bod150414If you’ll notice, in the next cartoon – hanging on the wall – is TOILET PAPER!

See, I told you it would be featured twice.

Not that a dog needs the stuff, but I thought it was a nice added bonus to this particular ‘toon.

bod150415I should of mentioned….I mean, should HAVE mentioned (see, I can correct my grammatical errors on my own sometimes) that religion was a topic of this past week as well.

The one with the offering plates and now – the one with the mantises.

I was told by a reader that the male praying mantis is smaller than the female.  In my version, they look relatively equal.

Oh well….

Sometimes Google doesn’t have the answers to everything, because I looked up pictures before drawing this, and quite frankly, they both looked about the same.

Bad drawings – like grammar – can often be another form of nitpicking.

bod150416Kids sometimes don’t realize some things.  Like, back in the day, we ALL had baby teeth.  Luckily, the child featured in this cartoon is smart enough to know what dentures are at his age.

bod150417And for the last cartoon of the week, it was one of my Reader’s Digest magazine rejects.

Yes, I submitted this one (along with others) for my regular submission to the publication.

They generally use a lot of military humor, but this one didn’t make the hut – er – cut.

Well, that’s it! 

I hope it didn’t stink up the place considering the material used.  Next week, it’ll be a bit more sanitary.


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