Cheap Pasta and Accounting

10 Apr

Writing and drawing comics can be a tough profession.  Especially when your computer isn’t working great.  Fortunately, I found it wasn’t working well due to a dead battery (whew!).  But the impact of that situation is I’m a bit late in writing a recap of the latest cartoons.  However, it’s not late for you – the reader – but just for me.  This sucker will be posted at the usual 1 AM on Friday morning (EST, to be precise).

Okay, well, let’s get to it!

bod150404Some advice I got while interning at MAD Magazine was this – become an accountant.


Well, like I mentioned at the top of this post, creating comics can be a tough profession.  And plus, with accounting, there is gobs of money to be made (so I hear).

But, as not being one for taking the easy road, I’ll stick to using my drawing abilities to their highest possibilities.  It takes a while to make a slow dime than a fast nickel, but hey – I’m bad at math and accounting would probably bore me to smithereens.

Plus, I wouldn’t be able to get as many ink stains on my fingers.  That’s no fun (and my soap would be quite disappointed).

bod150405So, moving on…

How was your Easter?

I have been indulging in candy all week.  There is a lot of it around this studio of mine.  No, honestly – there is a ton of the stuff.

I have this mindset of, if I finish it off, there won’t be any left.  So, I keep eating it all day – trying to get rid of it.  Unfortunately, the backlash is a bigger belly and my time in the gym hasn’t been quite as thrilling considering the energy that eating sugar takes out of a person.  BUT, the good news is – only about four more Cream Eggs – and I’m almost halfway to completion!

As for my abs – eh – who needs turtles?  I have a turtle now.

bod150406Butterflies are always a topic that I enjoy covering in my work.  No clue why.  I guess I just keep finding things to make fun of them about.

If I had to guess, if butterflies could type, they probably would have sent me several batches of hate mail by now.  Luckily, as far as I know, they can’t (type).  Anyhow, this recent comic isn’t really making fun of them.  I’d say it’s pretty mild for my butterfly humor.

bod150407Wolves though, well, they might be able to punch out a good letter with their paws.  Maybe.  I know they can definitely bite me if they have any disagreements with me or my cartoons.

I sketched this image out without a caption in my notebook.  It took me several weeks, but I came up with this.

Anything featuring howling usually does well with the audience.  (Okay, not really.  I’m just saying that to look good.)

bod150408I believe I mentioned a nickel earlier (remember the whole ‘slow dime/fast nickel’ remark a few paragraphs ago).  Well, how about an entire cartoon devoted to one!  Actually, it’s devoted to “loose” change in general.  At any rate, it was a good excuse to use the work ‘nickel’ again – since I rarely do.

bod150409I’ve said it time and time again, but I suck at math.  Really – I’m horrible.  I have to pause and think for a moment what one plus one is.

The weird thing is I enjoy creating math related cartoons. I dunno.

There’s another math comic coming out later this month.  No, it won’t feature a psychologist, but a different scene with numbers involved.  You’ll see.bod150410

Finally this week, we have a new feature:  Pasta.

I, for one, actually enjoy Ramen noodles.  It’s scary how cheap they are though.  How does a Ramen noodle factory make money?  After all the expenses packaging, making, shipping, etc. the stuff, what’s left when you sell it for thirty-cents?

That’s a mystery that I’ll probably never solve (nor do I really care to).

That’s all for this week of cartoons! 

I’m going to leave it at that.  Since I’m behind due to a uncooperative battery, it’s dinner time for me and I’m craving Ramen noodles.


4 Responses to “Cheap Pasta and Accounting”

  1. Problems With Infinity April 10, 2015 at 2:51 am #

    Love your comics!!

  2. Martina Christie April 10, 2015 at 8:34 am #

    The other day or week, Nate, it was like you had a cartoon block or something and the actual cartoon did not download immediately so I thought ‘huh, he really did not or could not think of anything’ (as to your daily post intimated), then boom, your cartoon. I was being impatient, I suppose but do send them on to others when it strikes a cord. Thanks!!!

    • w101njf April 10, 2015 at 10:40 pm #

      Trust me, Martina, those writer blocks occur quite often. Typically though, I wouldn’t leave anyone hanging with an invisible cartoon (although, that does sound like fun). Glad it reappeared and all is well!

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