Best week….ever?

27 Mar

What a week.

I actually have had a great past seven days.  Normally I wouldn’t mention that because I’ve been on the opposite end of the spectrum numerous times.  And it’s sometimes annoying to hear about someone having a fantastic week.  But, once in awhile, I’ll mention it if it’s true.  And yes, this past week has been stellar.

Lot’s of positive in my personal life and here in the cartooning life.

I won’t dig into details.  There’s a time and a place for everything, right?  And this is all about the past week’s worth of cartoons.

I’ll get into the other stuff sometime later.bod150321

Starting off, I have this recent ‘toon about having to stand in the corner.

I mentioned this in my subscription service, but growing up, I never really had a corner to stand in.  However, if we got in trouble during lunch in the cafeteria during elementary school, they would make us go stand against the wall in front of everyone.

At the time, I found it quite funnyand fun – to go and do that.

It was entertaining to see how many times I could stand against the wall during lunch.  Days that I was really hungry, I tried to behave (they didn’t let you take the snack-packs up there while you stood).

Bzzz.… Hey – did you hear that?  Why, I think it’s a bee cartoon!

bod150322Bee’s have a weird life.  They’re given a profession and have to deal with it.

What if you were a bee and you didn’t want to be a worker?

Sure, the bee could wind-up lucky and become a queen, but then again, that sounds rather exhausting.

As for other jobs, well, they’re aren’t any.  A bee can’t just sit around as far as I know (and I doubt they have unemployment benefits).

Okay, I’m over-thinking this way too much.


This snake/turtle cartoon I thought was going to really take off and become popular.

It really didn’t….bod150323

It got a so-so response rate.  For me personally, I thought it was the winner of the week.  Goes to show what I know.  Maybe it’s just because I like snakes and turtles.

bod150324However, when I switched up to talking about a CEO and his son wanting an allowance raise, well – this one did rather better.

I created this because I totally believe it’s a true situation.

You always hear of these little rich entitled kids that think they can do anything.  The recent news was from this $#%bag, Conrad Hilton, who went ballistic on a flight – cursing and belittling the crew and passengers.

I’m not saying all kids of CEO’s are like this, but I’ve met plenty.  Especially when I used to work a day job in Sarasota, Florida, at a Circuit City.  They would come in their new Convertibles, buying the biggest and newest televisions and they probably weren’t a day over 16.  Anyway, hence the inspiration for the cartoon.  I know I probably sound bitter, but hey, I was working at Circuit City.

bod150325Mr. Clean is a much spiffier (and clean) topic.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used the adorable mascot for cleaning products.  However, this is the first time I’ve featured him as a child.

I think it’s probably an accurate portrayal, right?

bod150326And that leaves me with a cartoon I should’ve opened with.

With this one, I was torn on leaving the caption the way it is or calling it a Mono Log (two words).

Still not 100% sure I nailed it with the way I have it completed, but oh well.  People seemed to enjoy it.  This wood be the first time I’ve featured this – um – wood.

bod150327Finally this week, we have birds.

This day and age, I feel kinda sorry for caged birds.  They have to be miserable, right?

I discussed (again, in my daily email) that I used to have a pet parakeet growing up named Joe.

Joe was a great bird and I think he actually had it pretty good.  I gave that blue-bellied bird run of the house.  Yes, he had a cage, but I let him out of it quite often.

Anyway, I think a parakeet with a house to himself has got to be somewhat happy.  Hopefully.

That wraps up this GREAT week!

And hey, while I’m at it, please help me in my endeavor to hit 4,000 “likes” on Facebook.  I’m close.  Just need a few more to push it over-the-top.  So feel free to share the page, SPAM it or whatever it takes.  Click this shiny text to participate.

I’m sure I can host a pizza party if it happens.


More cartoons next week and more blog posts (possibly) in the meantime.




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