Just Roll With It

13 Mar

I wrote Wednesday about my agonizing time trying to get caught-up with things after an unfortunate visit from Mr. Sick.  I’m still not quite all there yet.  I did manage to update the Custom Cartoon page on this particular site though, so hey, it’s a bit snazzier.  I still have a few more things I’d like to clean up around here on this blog, but baby steps.  There’s a new site in the works for not only custom cartoons, but licensing comics and much more.  So, in the meantime, a lot of what’s around here is my go-to band-aid for now.  A quick fix.  THIS is it’s temporary home.  (But will always be home for the blog.)

But enough about that.

Another week has come and gone, so that means more cartoons have as well.  I’ve got them for you (as always).  Let me show you a few.  Come with me.

bod150307Witches are a great premise to base a lot of material off.

Most cartoonist wait until around Halloween to feature them.  Me?  Nah.  I just post about them whenever the idea strikes.  And this time around, it had to do with spell check.

I’m assuming witches use it about as much as we do with our typing.  Do I know for sure?  No, I don’t.  I guess I’d have to ask an actual witch if they do or not.  Assumptions though are usually a good start.

bod150308Worms have it rough.  (Well, easy for us to say in the warm comfort of our above ground homes.)

They live in the dirt, get stomped on and are mostly recognized as fish bait.

Oh, and did I mention they get ripped in two sometimes?  And still manage to function?  That would make an interesting date (if they dated).

bod150309The Rolling Stone cartoon was a pretty popular one.

When I created it, I wasn’t too sure on what kind of reception it would get.

It’s a pretty basic gag, but c’mon – rocks never get featured and it has ‘stones’ in its title!  Who would even think this mag is about, well, music.  It would be like if there was a magazine called ‘Rolling Nate’s’ and not once did I see myself in there.  Okay, that’s a horrible example.


I guess they just have to roll with it.

bod150310Another hot-topic this week was grammar!

I noticed a few grammar sites enjoyed this particular ‘toon on the unruly alphabet changing the rules.

A little alphabetical disorder would prove quite interesting.

bod150311I enjoy gambling from time to time.  NOT often.  I don’t play the lottery or anything silly like that (as if all gambling wasn’t silly).  I do however like to throw-down a few bucks here and there on sports.  And when I say a few bucks, it’s typically no more than $25 or less.


Well, with sports, I feel like I actually have the advantage if I know what I’m betting on.  For example, you can bet the over/under on a football game.  If the weather stinks, key players are out, etc., a lot of times I can bank on an under.  Or, if the spread is decent, an over is often times the way to go.  Basically, I do my homework a bit and feel like there’s more of a chance of winning than say, oh, a slot machine where everything is out of your hands.

The second though I bet more than $25, I’m pretty sure it would all go downhill.  At least, that’s my gambling philosophy.  I could be wrong, but I’m not taking any chances.

bod150312And your cute cartoon of the week goes to:  KANGAROOS!

This one is a bit sappy, but hey, I have to mix it up on occasion.

bod150313And as for this poor insect in the spiderweb cartoon…well, this was an idea I had for a LOOONG time.

It was one of those cartoons that I found buried in my notebook full of ideas and realized I never used it.

So, with a little tweaking, I turned it into the concept of what you see.

And that’s it!

I’m going to run for now.  I’m still not totally caught up with anything and I’ll be out of town tomorrow, so I’m rushing today (I’ll admit it).

More cartoons will be arriving shortly.

Everyone asking me recently about custom cartoon orders, I’ve posted more detailed information on that at the CUSTOM CARTOON PAGE, so you can read (if you’d like to keep on reading, of course).  And please help keep me busy and consider one for upcoming weddings, baby showers, birthdays or maybe for yourself (hey, you gotta treat yourself once in awhile).  It’s custom cartoon season and my pencils are sharpened.


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