Rocks in a Slug Place

6 Mar

This week’s cartoons feature a nice little mix of absolutely everything.  Okay, maybe not everything, but enough stuff to wrap your head around (at least while reading this blog post).  And as the title suggest, you’ll be seeing some rocks and slugs.

So, let’s get to it!

I recently just cleaned out my glove compartment.  I couldn’t believe the array of garbage that was sitting around in there.bod150228  There was probably more found in there than discoveries from when they unearthed King Tut.

I spotted everything from old insurance information from 2008 to coupons for Burger King that expired half a decade ago (and a disfigured corpse of an old Whopper wrapper).

Luckily, I took the time to clean it out.  Now, there is nothing in there.  Lame, I know.

Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever actually used the thing to store a glove.  Has anyone actually stored gloves in there?  Seems like the center console is the best place for them.  Or the passenger side floor.

Now, on to pigs.

bod150301One thing in my life I’m trying to weed out is meat.

Listen, I think the stuff is pretty bad for you.  And as a guy that grew up around farms in Ohio and Kansas, all I can tell you is those farm animals DO NOT have it good.  Supporting that industry isn’t exactly appealing to me.  For my health and conscience.

No, I will never get on here and preach to you about how you shouldn’t eat meat, but again, personally I’d like to get rid of the stuff.

Believe it or not, I’m kind of close (to giving it all up).  I’m mostly down to just fish and chicken.  Yeah, chicken is meat and fish is too (although, it’s not considered that, for some reason).  But, I’ve been avoiding the cows and pigs and much as possible.  I’ll still eat the occasional steak and chew on bacon, but it’s limited.

One step at a time.  bod150302

Now if I could just give up donuts….

Moving on.

I have a cat, but I’m also a dog person.

My mom’s dog, Ursa, will do anything to get a piece of food from my plate.IMG_0175

Above:  Ursa eating a chicken nugget on the couch.

She’s tried begging, pleading, sitting, speaking and just about everything.  It’s funny that she keeps doing all that because – in the end – I always tend to give her something regardless.  She could just chill out and relax.  Oh well.  I guess she doesn’t realize that.

Do slugs have any romance?bod150303

Well, according to this particular cartoon – yes.  Yes they do.

I guess if I were a slug and was trying to be flirtatious, I’d have a hard time keeping my eyes from wandering.  Then again, they don’t really have a choice when you’re a slug.

Now from slugs to fire drills.

When I used to work in office buildings during many of my numerous day jobs (yeachh!) I used to have, there would be that occasional fire drill.  We’d have to calmly exit the building and go stand in the parking lot.bod150304

I never understood fire drills.  If there was a REAL fire, trust me – I would not be calmly walking out, and I don’t think I’m alone.

Depending where the fire were to occur kind of makes the fire drill impractical.  I mean, if the fire started at the exit that was used in the drill, it wouldn’t be possible to exit that way.  So, why have a drill?

Okay, I’m going on too much about fire drills.  At any rate, I found them kind of lame.

Tornado drills though – now we’re talking!  Whoo-hoo!bod150305

I was doing some client work many weeks ago, and this idea about a flower pot and raising a family came up.  The client didn’t want to use the idea for their own purposes, so when that happens, I switch it up a bit and usually make a cartoon out of it anyway.  After all, is there such thing as a bad idea?  (The answer is yes.  A resounding yes.  Just look at this blog.)

And the last cartoon of the week is about stocks.bod150306

This idea about the rock market (horrible pun, I know) was one of those I almost scrapped.  Definitely my least favorite comic of the week, but hey, maybe you enjoy it.  Well, do you?

So, that wraps up this past week of cartoons!

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See ya!





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