Whales, sharks and medication. Oh my!

27 Feb

Don’t let the title fool you.  This is really a week-in-review of cartoons.  However, I thought I’d change the format a bit for this from here on out. Instead of just posting them down the middle and dating the cartoons (like I’ve been doing), I thought I’d actually just write around each one – kind of ranting and explaining things as I go along.  Cool?  Probably not, but oh well.  Let’s try it. When I was a kid, my family and I all went whale watching out in Cape Cod (I believe that’s where it was).  I recall these huge whales swimming around and for the life of me I couldn’t understand how they didn’t bod150221end up hitting the boats.  I envisioned us getting trampled by a whale (yes, I know – trampled is probably not the right word). So, I’m guessing subconsciously, it made me create the cartoon about a whale mentioning a dropped anchor.  After all, I’m sure a few anchors have been dropped on whales heads sometime throughout history.  Too bad they don’t have Aspirin down there in the depths of the ocean. And speaking of ocean dwellers, another cartoon this past week featured one of my go-to favorite premises – sharks!bod150222 I doubt sharks have any dinner habits besides a feeding frenzy, but hey, they might enjoy a nice sit-down meal (if that were physically possible for them). I love creating shark cartoons for quite a few reasons. One is, there seems to be an endless supply of gags for them (at least for me).  You want to see proof?  Well, I’ve got quite a few to check out.  You can see that HERE. The other reason is simple:  I like sharks. When I lived in Florida, I would swim waaaaay out off the coast trying to find one.  Stupid?  Yes.  Extremely stupid.  Even with all the stupidity of swimming way out trying to spot a shark, I never did.  Not in the wild.  Probably a good thing or I might be typing this without an arm right now. I never got a fortune cookie that mentioned seeing a shark was in my future.bod150223 I’ve never been a medication type of person.  I could probably use some from time to time for anxiety, headaches and to just relax, but I don’t take anything.  I probably never will.  I just think that might mess up my cartooning career.  bod150224Seriously. Not to brag (because it’s not easy) but my mind wanders in places probably most peoples minds don’t.  I believe that’s how I come up with ideas for cartoons and really off-the-wall stuff.  If I took any type of medication, I’ve always been paranoid that would ruin things. And honestly, I think I’m in good shape.  I have different moods like any normal human; whether that be anxiety, upset, happy or sarcastic (wait…is sarcastic a mood?).  And I’ve known some people that use meds as a crutch.  Basically, I’m pretty sure I really don’t need any type of medication anyway.  (Don’t tell my psychiatrist that.) That being said, if you’re on medication and it starts kicking in doors, you may want to consider weening yourself off the stuff. Here’s a known fact:  I am not musically inclined.  bod150225 I can sort of play the piano – but that’s it. I wish I could play guitar and other music.   After all, I LOVE music.  I’ve written before about my love for bands like The Doors and composers like Mozart.  But, my musical capabilities are worse than a five-year-old. Since I don’t play guitar, I’m not too familiar with guitar picks.  But that doesn’t stop me from featuring them in a cartoon. Do psychics use apps now? If I had to guess, the psychic industry has taken a hit since most fortune telling can be done online.  I haven’t looked, but I’m also guessing there are a few apps out there for telling the future.  So, this particular cartoon featuring the fortune teller might not be a huge stretch.  And as for the sucker paying to go see her?  Yeah, that’s not a stretch either.bod150226 The last comic of the week is about the insane. My mother worked in a mental ward for quite awhile as a nurse. When I was growing up, I was always curious if they actually bod150227had straight jackets and padded rooms in her ward.  Come to think of it, I never asked.  At any rate, there could be some romance blossoming in some hospital somewhere.  Especially when two psyche patients are committed. Now, these two?  Yeah, they could probably use some medication. ——————————————————————————————————————————- Be sure to swing back around here next week for another week-in-review.  And read the daily comics HERE, Technically Speaking HERE and license over 1,000 of my cartoons HERE. Okay, that’s all, folks!


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