Cartoons 2-7 to 2-13

13 Feb

I’ve been posting these weekly ‘Week-In-Reviews’ now for several months without missing a beat. And I plan on continuing this tradition. However, I would like to hear your feedback as well. Anything else you would like to see here? What are your thoughts so far? How’s my hair? You know, general feedback stuff. So, after reading this, if you have a moment to leave a comment or shoot me an email, I’d love to hear. I’m always interested in what other people think of things I do. I know what I think, but I won’t bore you with my opinions.

Anyway, on with a look at this past week’s cartoons!



I hesitated featuring Zorro as a reference in a cartoon. Does anyone these days know who Zorro is (if you’re not over 30)? Okay, well, I know who he is and I thought he’d make a great addition to the counselor’s couch. Wearing a black mask all day is bound to lead to some psychological issues down the road.



At one point I was reading something that mentioned ‘slapstick comedy’ and this idea just popped in my head. That’s how most of these cartoons happen….

Anyway, hope the stick is okay. I suppose that type of comedy goes way back to its roots.



What made me write this was I learned that when a cat is declawed, it’s the equivalent to your hand losing all of its fingers (yikes!). As far as I’m concerned, cat’s shouldn’t be declawed. Seems a bit cruel. My cat Tiger doesn’t have her claws (we rescued her when she was four and was already missing them). I think she’s a bit bitter about it to this day. I’m sure there are many times she’d love to take a swipe at my hand for not feeding her directly on time.



This was probably my favorite one of the week but I’m not sure how well it came across to everyone else. I just envisioned this happening in real life. I feel like it kind of has. You ever have a sales rep or someone tell you to be sure and rate them five-stars while you’re face-to-face? I have. It’s not very comfortable. I’ll usually give them five-stars though for the effort.



Back to cats…..

Yes, this would be a museum full of temptation for any feline. I know for me personally, when a sign says ‘Do Not Touch’ it makes me want to touch it more. Those signs are like a shiny red button that make them irresistible.

Sorry, Rembrandt, but that one painting of yours might have my finger print on it. (Okay, I didn’t REALLY touch a Rembrandt. Or did I? Hmm….)



Speaking of temptation (no pun intended). It’s hard not to bark at stuff if your a dog.



Those lousy free toothbrushes at the dentist office are worth the price, right? I mean, it seems like if ANYTHING they might throw in one of those automatic ones or one of the new handy-dandy top-o’-the-line brushers – but nope – you get just a regular, cheap toothbrush. At least at my dentist (and all the ones I’ve ever been to). Oh well. If I were really picky I’d ask for floss, too. But, I think that would set them back too much.

That’s about it for the week-in-review! Please leave any feedback or leftover pizza below.


2 Responses to “Cartoons 2-7 to 2-13”

  1. David Hurley February 13, 2015 at 10:14 am #

    I’ve been reading Nate and your doing a great job as always. And your hair looks great BTW. 😉

    • w101njf February 15, 2015 at 3:39 pm #

      Thanks, David! Glad to hear about the hair.

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