Cartoons 1-31 to 2-6

6 Feb

I’ve had a wild time over the past few months juggling my new series, Technically Speaking, and my regular workflow of gag cartoons. But, surprisingly, they’re all going well (at least in my opinion).

Here is a look at this past week’s cartoons!



I read somewhere that a cat typically gets about 18 hours of sleep a day. Somehow I don’t think my cat, Tiger, gets that much. For one, she’s always up first thing in the morning. And since I work from home, I’m constantly working around her. So, it’s hard for any cat to sleep with me listening to the radio at the drawing board and opening and shutting the fridge for stuff throughout the day.

At any rate, I’m sure her food consumption makes up for any lack of sleep. She has plenty of food….and eats it……all day. She’s gotta be a happy cat. I just hope she’s not sleep walking more than I think.



I can’t stand calling tech support.

I haven’t had to in awhile, but sometimes – just sometimes – a computer issue will come along that I can’t figure out (even after watching YouTube videos on it) and I might have to call. Every time I do, I get off the phone feeling belittled, confused and like a moron.

I actually used to work tech support for awhile (long storry…I won’t get into it here) and I kind of get it. My only entertainment throughout the day was to try to act smart on the phone. I guess it made me feel better for working a lousy job. Plus, when we hung up, we’d all talk amongst ourselves and say things like, “Man, you should’ve heard this idiot I was talking to! Whew!”

So, I have a little bit of sympathy for the tech people on the phone, but still, as a consumer now and NOT the guy handling the calls, I guess I’d like to feel smarter when I call. Hopefully they change the procedure on their end soon so that they’re helpful and not like I was.



If I run across a chef like this at a diner, I’m probably not going to complain – let alone send my food back. Luckily, a scene like this usually only occurs in gag cartoons – like mine.

This one took some Googling to learn how to draw a camel. Why? Well, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever featured a camel in a comic up until this point. So, instead of going off my memory (which is usually wrong), I pulled up ‘camel’ on the search engine and found some pics.

We’ll see how long it will be before drawing another camel comic. I’m guessing by then, Google will be replaced with something else.



Boy, when I used to use a PC, these buttons and myself were working together daily. Thank god I have a MacBook now. If I run into issues, I just take the battery out. Much more fun than hitting three buttons for a reset (and/or calling tech support).



You don’t see many mimes anywhere anymore, do you? Actually, come to think of it, I can’t recall the last time I saw one in public. Oh well. They make a lot of appearances in cartoons so I guess they remain relevant. Too bad I usually make fun of them. But hey, they don’t speak up about it, so I continue on.



I just about drew an actual river bank in this one; with an ATM and the whole shebang. But, I decided down the line that it didn’t work too well (since I don’t believe there is such a thing). This is what I call ‘going with my gut’ (which often is full of a donut or two).



One thing that irritates me about Ryan Seacrest is that he seems to have perfect tone and pitch on EVERYTHING regarding speech. I have days where I can’t blurt out a sentence properly at all. So, maybe I’m bitter (no, I don’t want to be Ryan Seacrest) but how long does he practice talking?

Well, can’t blame a guy. He gets paid a lot more than a cartoonist, I’m sure.

Well, that’s it for the week in cartoons! I’m sure I’ll be posting again next week….and the week after that….and after that. Okay, you get the point. Until next time!


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