Cartoons 1-24 to 1-30

30 Jan

So, it’s been an interesting week of work. Quite the variety pack, if I say so myself. And as usual, this week brought forward my regular published cartoons. And with that said, here’s a look at the week-in-review of comics from 1-24 to 1-30.



Any time I create ‘potty humor’ (as some might call it), it will sometimes get criticism for being immature. However, if featuring planets and potty humor, well, it gets a laugh (at least I hope)! This particular cartoon fared quite well with the audience. And I say that judging by shares on Facebook, comments on my syndicates site and general feedback.

I actually had to do a little research (which consisted of Googling) on what planets were gassy. Saturn was the winner. Being a neighboring planet must stink.



This was probably my favorite of the week. Why? Well, I – like many – enjoy music. I can actually read music (badly) and play piano as well. This one in particular though just made for a good car-tune. (Did you catch that clever play-on-words? Yeah…they don’t pay me for nothing.)



It’s funny because I started this cartoon off by drawing crescent rolls. After looking at the drawing though, it looked weird. Not that I can’t draw crescent rolls (I can – I swear!) but I could see how someone could mistake them for something else (like a dog toy or recalled boomerangs). They just didn’t seem clear.

So, in fear of nobody getting the joke, I made them cinnamon rolls. Easy visual, simple gag and gets the point across. And makes me hungry. Pretty sweet, huh?



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I HATE math. I’m definitely not a numbers guy. But, for some reason, fairly regularly I have a few number cartoons in me that I can create regarding numbers. This one fared pretty well in the science/math fans of mine.

If I had to do this one over though, I’d probably have them eating pie. Might of added that extra little oomph.



Don’t worry, Ketchup. Most special sauce is just Thousand Island dressing. I’d say you (ketchup) win in the popularity contest.



Zombie cartoons are another frequent topic (at least every couple months or so). I guess it’s from being an avid fan of the show The Walking Dead.

I try not to over-do it though creating zombie material. After all, a lot of the jokes can sometimes bite.



This cartoon was created with a difficult decision: Draw something in his dream or leave it blank (white)? Obviously, I opted for leaving it empty (I’m talking about the thought bubble, by the way). So, I guess that means he has empty dreams, too. Poor Jimmy is looking at a bleak future.

Well, that’s another week-in -review of my cartoons.

AS a bonus this week, I thought I’d also add three of the newest Technically Speaking comics as well from the week. No, I won’t leave commentary on those. It’s just a special “preview” if you haven’t been to the site yet. Right now, T.S. runs three times per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

So…here they are. Please don’t be offended by my filthy digital friends.

Spoke too Soon


Coffee Talk

Read more Technically Speaking HERE


2 Responses to “Cartoons 1-24 to 1-30”

  1. topofthebottompile February 5, 2015 at 10:21 am #

    Stumbled upon and quickly became one of my favorite niches on WP. Continued success, sir!

    • w101njf February 5, 2015 at 11:23 am #

      Thank you! Glad you enjoy and much more to come.

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