Cartoons 1-17 to 1-23

23 Jan

There’s a new week-in-review of the cartoons from 1-17 to 1-23. Where? Well, it’s here! Yes, you’re in the right spot. It’s the place where I explain a few of these little panels and give a little insight. On occasion, I’ll try to make a witty comment about them as well, which often times doesn’t work out.



Fishing cartoons proves pretty popular, and I figured this was a good look at fishing through a worms perspective (possibly).

I do NOT like seafood and I think a lot of it comes from fishing as a kid and knowing the worm was eaten by the fish. I still feel that, obviously, if you eat the fish you’re eating the worm. And ever since, I don’t eat fish (or lobster, crabs, clams, etc.). All because of worms. So, the seafood industry is making zero off me these days.



When I create a cartoon, I never know what is going to “hit” and become popular and what ones aren’t going to be. This particular comic went some-what viral. I saw it floating around Facebook and it received a lot of “likes”. When I made it, I actually thought it was one of my more lackluster efforts, but hey – what do I know?



I don’t want to bog you down with stories of my childhood, but again, when I was a kid, I LOVED the Ninja Turtles. I had every action figure, poster, bed sheet, etc. – EVERYTHING in my room and life was coated with Ninja Turtles.

As I grew a bit older (like, 7th grade or so), a friend of mine and I thought it would be fun to blow-up all my T.M.N.T. stuff. After all, it was around the 4th of July and we had access to powerful M-80’s, bottle rockets, dynamite (practically) and more. So, yes, we blew up pretty much everything.

Though it was fun at the time, I look back and sigh. Some of the toys are with gobs now.




Well, it beats pop music, right? (Rim-shot)



Okay, I SWEAR this will be the last story from my childhood. Oh, wait…actually, I was in my 20’s with this story. Whew!

So, when I was in my early 20’s, I had a snake named Sammy. He was actually caught inside the Pizza Hut where I was working at the time. After he was caught, I bought him a cage and took him home as a pet.

Sammy ate goldfish and was quite interesting to watch. (Yes, Sammy was an avid seafood lover – unlike me.)

One morning, I went down to say “hi” to Sammy and he was gone. Yes, escaped.

To this day I think he’s probably lurching around that old house and has probably made an appearance to the new tenants a time or two.

Anyway, I like snakes. Would I get another one as a pet? Probably not (they belong in the wild). But I like them.

The lesson from this story is that if you find a snake at a Pizza Hut and take it home as a pet, chances are, it will escape.



This has to be better than a ‘heal’, ‘stay’ or a ‘rollover’ role.



The gifted program pisses me off.

I wrote about it awhile back in April of 2013 HERE. Instead of rambling on about it, go read the post. I explain it into detail.

Well, that’s a wrap (just like the last cartoon)!

Be sure to tune in next week. And read my new series, Technically Speaking HERE.


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