And we’re off!

15 Jan

As I’ve mentioned before in various outlets (including here), today I launched my brand-new series, Technically Speaking.

That being said, I’m anxious to get more actively involved with the webcomic community in general.  I’ve really fallen off the map with socializing and viewing OTHERS cartoons online in the past four-five years.  I remember when I first started posting material on the internet (around 2007), there were quite a few people I associated with on here.  There are still a few – but I recently browsed around and noticed a lot of casualties, too.  Many sites were gone that I once frequented.  Yes, having a webcomic is hard to keep updated – let alone alive.

So, I’m curious if you as a reader has any good recommendations?  Or maybe you’re a creator yourself?  Either way, I’d like to find some awesome cartoons to get involved with.  Especially since I’m ‘back-in-the-game’ (so to speak) with my own feature.

I’ll probably eventually have a ‘Links’ section on Technically Speaking’s website that feature places I frequent.

Anyway, I’m going to start browning around on my own as well.  I know of a few new features I really like and I’m sure there are 1,000’s of undiscovered stuff as well.


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