Cartoons 1-3 to 1-9

9 Jan

It’s that time again for another weekly look at the most recent cartoons that were published. As usual, there’s quite the variety pack this time around.

SO, without waiting any longer, let’s dive right into them.



Do fleas look for that purr-fect ride when selecting what pet to hop onto and suck their blood? Probably not. I’m guessing they’re not too selective. (Although, personally, if I were a flea I’d try to find Lassie and enjoy all the adventures.)

When creating this comic, it was weird to draw a flea and also what it might look like up-close in their habitat. Ever Google ‘flea’? They’re quite ugly and a bit awkward in terms of creating a cartoon character. At any rate, this is how it turned out and I ran with it. Some of you might find the illustration of the fleas adorable (I’m not too sure about the kitten).



Another challenging cartoon for me in the context of WHAT animal to feature. I was torn between earthworms, moles and other dirt-dwelling animals. But, after a nationwide poll, I decided to go with the good ol’ groundhog. I think it makes the comic a bit more realistic considering there are probably quite a few groundhogs with refrigerators in their burrows.



Does anyone actually use a physical dictionary anymore?

Every time I need to look-up a word, I rely on my trusty web browser. Seems to do the trick (and trust me – as a cartoonist, I look up TONS of words).

If I had an intern, I’d have the intern do all of this word looking-up for me. Unfortunately, I can’t get an intern to work for me for free.



I have a thing for drawing monsters. I’m not even a huge fan of monster movies, but I do have a good time with them in these cartoon panels. I think it’s because I can just go with my imagination a bit more than other things and draw them however I’d like. Yes, I make them similar to the Godzilla’s of the world, but still…. it’s a chance to cut loose. Plus, who doesn’t love a good burning down the city gag?



I’ve drawn some far-fetched stuff in my life, but this cartoon isn’t one of them. Despite texting, I’m guessing there are TONS of newborns using Facebook already.



I almost – ALMOST – didn’t have the son glue say anything. However, that little extra added element of having a ‘super dad’ I thought did this cartoon justice. That being said, well, it IS pretty obvious he’s super.



This cartoon is something I typically wouldn’t do. I drew it more for a gag for some of my other fellow cartoonist that I enjoy that are a bit, oh, on the heavier side of things.

First, of course, we have Garfield. Then Sarge from Beetle Bailey. And, the last guy, who could he be? Well, I’m sure you will recognize him as Stephan Pastis, creator of Pearls Before Swine.

I had fun with this one and we’ll see if they featured cartoonist have fun looking at it. Or they may hate me now for making fun of them (if that’s what you call this). We’ll see.

THAT’S IT for the week-in-review.

BUT, before I go….


On 1-15-15 I’m launching a BRAND new comic series called Technically Speaking.

What is it about? Well…

Technically Speaking is a modern day cartoon featuring – well – technology.

Technology can be complicated, frustrating, enjoyable and hey – a lot like us. Now is your chance to see their lives – through their eyes (er, circuits) – in a more human-like way. Some characters will evolve over time and new ones will appear as new technology does. They are constantly questioning their existence, purpose and meaning of life – and exactly how long their lives will be. As you read this comic, chances are you’re using one of the characters in the story already. So, enjoy it together.

SO, learn more about it HERE. And be ready for the launch on 1-15-15.

Coming 1-15-15

Until next week!


2 Responses to “Cartoons 1-3 to 1-9”

  1. bearmancartoons January 12, 2015 at 12:06 pm #

    Let me know if Pastis throws a rock at your head.

    • w101njf January 14, 2015 at 9:22 pm #

      So far my head hasn’t been hit.

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