Cartoons 12-27 to 1-2

2 Jan

I hope you all had a great Christmas AND New Years. Whew – I did. And now, I’m ready to get back to the drawing board with a regular-ish schedule. The holidays are a bit exhausting.

Anyway, it’s a new year – and a new look at the past cartoons of the week!



I have a declawed cat, Tiger. Now, when I picked her up several years ago from the SPCA, she was already declawed. I, personally, wouldn’t do that to a cat. Could you imagine losing your fingernails? At any rate, I don’t think it’s very fair for the cat. Especially when trying to scratch the surface of their problems. And my cat in particular still seems bitter about the whole experience even though I had nothing to do with it. I’m guessing that’s why she still continues to wake me up around 5 in the morning.



And here’s exactly why you don’t want wood getting too wet. Then again, does wood have a mind? Well, in the cartoon world, sure. Anything goes here.

This was definitely one of my favorites from the past week. It meshes well with my warped mind.



I’m thinking about creating an uncensored version of all my comics that feature #!#%! in the place of the curse word that is supposed to be there. Because, as we all know, in the comics when there’s an f-bomb or something of that nature, $%#!# is the filler. I kind of see them as the extras on the set of the comic just like extras in a movie. Going with the original intended word might make for a fun collection of comics for kids.



Recently, I’ve been working with (and have been around) quite a bit of wine. I’ve worked on several wine labels for several clients and a friend of mine is in the business. So, if you’re a dog, this could be similar to the wine produced for us – in their eyes. Maybe that’s why I created this one? Who knows.



What better way to end 2014 than with a death cartoon, right?

I feature death in quite a few of my comics. I think he makes an interesting reoccurring character and we can all relate to the fellow. Plus, he never dies off. I don’t think that can happen. Therefore, whenever I can’t up with something good, I can always resort to ol’ reliable Death.



This comic really pertains to me personally because of the big OSU/ALA Sugar Bowl game that I’m anxious to watch (which one of those bowls is holding sugar, if you couldn’t tell).

I’ll be honest, when I write these ‘Week in Reviews’ I typically write them on Wednesday. Therefore, they’re all ready on Friday morning. Professional, right?

Anyhow, as I write this, I don’t know the outcome of the game, but I’m really hoping Ohio State wins this thing. You’ll know when you read this (if you pay attention to sports) and so will I. Probably I’ll have an update on this at some point.



The snake dating scene can be sssssssscary.

Well, that is a look at the past week’s worth of cartoons!

2015 is going to prove to be the best year for me yet – at least for cartooning. I have numerous projects in development and stuff on the way beyond just these gag comics that are published regularly (but don’t worry – they’re not going anywhere). Hope you hang with me here and I’ll keep you posted on any new developments as they come along.

Happy New Year!


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