Cartoons 12-20 to 12-26

26 Dec

I hope as you are reading this you are having or had a great holiday! Or, you might be reading the archives and it could be summer as you’re looking at this. Regardless, nothing but the best!

Here’s a week-in-review of cartoons from the past seven days. Normally, I feature more holiday cartoons in my regular syndicated comics this month. However, this year, I was inundated with so much holiday work (cards, personal stuff, etc.) that the inspiration to create new holiday work for the dailies didn’t quite pan out. Oh well.

So, let’s get started!



I don’t have kids myself (yet), but I do have many nieces and nephews. It seems to me that ‘going outside to play‘ isn’t really common anymore. The enjoyment kids have off their iPads, smartphones and computers seems to trump any time outdoors.

I guess as long as there are apps that have the outdoors pictured in them, maybe that will be a decent substitute. Plus, less bug bites and sunburns.



This was one of those cartoons where there’s really no rhyme-or-reason to it, however, I thought the visual would be quite amusing. Well, in my humble opinion as the cartoonist, I believe it is. Probably because this would be something I’d love to see in real life. Will this ever be something that would ever happen or I’d be able to view in my lifetime? Doubtful. I’d say mostly because I don’t live in Antarctica and – for some reason – I doubt there are many yellow birds or telephone wires down there. (I won’t get into how penguins could get up there in the first place.)



I think a lot of babies feel the same way.

I’m sure there is some deep philosophical thoughts behind the creation of this cartoon, but I’m not too sure exactly what. Please, feel free to discuss in the comments area.



This was one of those cartoons that I almost didn’t create. For one, I’m not exactly a Taylor Swift fan. However, I hear that song of hers on the radio constantly (which coincidentally is the premise of this cartoon). Also, after pitching this idea to my editor (my wife) she mentioned that Taylor doesn’t have a dog – she has cats. Therefore, I would probably be hearing from rabid fans that I’ve made a mistake by featuring a dog.

Well, I ran with it. And fortunately – at least up to this date – I haven’t be barraged with emails from Swift fans trying to correct me. It’s still pretty early though.



As an avid pen enthusiast (due to the fact they’re a key function in how I create cartoons) I really enjoyed this one. I can relate to it maybe more than everyone else that’s all digital. But hey, pen lovers everywhere might consider this their favorite of the week. Despite the lackluster humor from the pen itself.



So, here it is – my Christmas cartoon of 2014!

Remember at the beginning of this post I mentioned that I was a little bogged down with other holiday work? Well, along with the cartoon, I’ll share some of the other “work” I’m talking about.

2014 Client Christmas Card

The above is the front of this year’s holiday card that I send out to my clients. Yes, clients get an actual card (I love my clients). Every year I try to come up with something new and – well – here is the newest.

2014 Fakes Christmas Card

And THIS above card goes out to family, friends and the people on my Christmas list. I live in Ohio, so I based the premise off of that.

Anyway, moving on…

As you can see though, I had to draw Santa several times. After awhile, I had to switch it up to something like, well….




I draw a TON of tech comics. I enjoy creating them and they seem to pan out well. The funny thing is, I’m not exactly a techie guy. I enjoy technology, but more often you’ll catch me with a book rather than reading on the iPad.

As for all my technical cartoons, be on the lookout for more of these this year. (By the way, that’s a hint to you that something new is coming out. Very, very soon.)

Well, that wraps up the weekly week-in-review of cartoons!

Don’t party too hard this New Year (at least not as much as me) and hope you have a great week ahead. I’ll be back next week for another version of this. Hopefully, it will help cure that champagne headache of yours, if that is the case then.


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