The Great Wings and Beer Robbery: Part 1

9 Dec

If you’re reading this blog – congrats! – you get a special sneak-peak of one of many new graphic stories I’m coming out with.

I’m actually working on developing a new website compiled of random stories in the graphic form that will just contain them.  I cover everything from just a typical day, old jobs I used to have, people I’ve met and so-forth.  And I seem to be creating new stories practically daily of random things that I find fun to write and draw.

I’ve had the idea to work on these stories FOR YEARS.  Now, I’ve decided to do them.  They also are helping me develop several graphic novels by practicing drawing on “the bigger scale”.  Yes, there are graphic novels on the way soon (one has been in development for years as well).

So, for the next five days in a row, you’ll be able to read this story bit-by-bit.  I’ll be releasing a page a day and it’s five pages long.

Here’s a random one I chose first.  Hope you enjoy The Great Beer and Wings Robbery.  Be sure to check back for part two – or just subscribe to this blog to get them automatically.

Page 1Click to Enlarge


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