Drawing All Around

25 Oct

There’s been some drawing happening here.  Quite a bit of it.

Okay, that’s a pretty obvious statement considering I’m a cartoonist.  However, there’s been a lot on the drawing board recently.  Everything from a new car wrap for a client to wine labels.  Oh, and my normal syndicated material and stuff.  On top of that, I have new ventures I’m working on such as a graphic novel and short graphic stories (I think that’s the right term for them).  I’m anxious to get all of this out there in the big, bad world.  Honestly, I could draw 24/7 and STILL not have all the work that I want to accomplish done.  Yes, as much as I love getting out and doing things, I always feel guilty for not getting projects done at the same time.  That’s why I limit myself to the week for work and then weekends play.  However, I sneak a few sketches or coloring in each weekend from time to time.  Plus, things like these occasional blog post.  Oh, and one more thing….

A fun and exciting project that DOES take place on the weekend and is technically work is the new site, Drawing Around Dayton.

Drawing Around Dayton Hi-res

I have a new partner with this project, Brandon Snell, who has been writing a lot of the articles.  Also, he’s an interviewer and much more.  Basically, he finds a lot of the places that I draw.

What am I talking about?

Well, when I launched Drawing Around Dayton in September, I made it mostly about – well – me.

I was going to feature all the art I do in the area and comics.  And I did.

That premise is fine and dandy, but not as exciting for myself as I thought it could be.

Brandon came along and helped change that.  We thought of a cool concept of visiting local establishments, interviewing people (on camera) and then writing about it.  My job at the end of the day then was to draw the place we visited.

So far, we’ve gone out to two different places – a bar and a brewery.

That is rapidly expanding though.  We have people and other places we want to feature in the area.  At the time though, so far it’s been rather fun going to these establishments and meeting people (and having a couple of drinks while we’re at it).

Drawing Around Dayton is growing pretty quick.  The last place we visited proved to have peeked an interest.  We had quite a few hits to the site.

We’re working on developing other features for it as well.  Heck, I might even throw in a cartoon or two here and there.  Anyway, it’s fun to grow it and learn along the way.

And there you go.  Yes, I take the weekends off, but technically, now I have a good excuse to work on them as well.  It’s fun.  If I had a few more limbs, I could probably post about it all day (those limbs would have to be a few pairs of hands and fingers so I could type).

Here’s my own plug for it, but go visit Drawing Around Dayton.

And are you from around here?  Are you an artist, writer, restaurant or bar?  Let me know!  I might come over.

Back to the drawing board.


2 Responses to “Drawing All Around”

  1. bearmancartoons November 4, 2014 at 6:35 pm #

    Gone to a bar and brewery. So you are interested in places that will give you free beer or a free lunch.

    • w101njf November 6, 2014 at 2:13 pm #

      I wish! We actually have yet to receive any discounts. But, maybe in due time……

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