I’ve been writing. Just not here.

20 Sep

This blog has always been a fun arena for me on random things.  And it still is!  That being said, I’ve actually been blogging quite a bit recently.  More than ever, some might say.


Not here.

I’ve been focused on actively getting involved in my community in the Miami Valley in Ohio.  So, I started up a new blog:

Drawing Around Dayton Hi-res

It’s a blog dedicated to my work in the area.  I’ve been having fun with it and hope to really attract new local businesses, people and more.  I think anyone from around here – or not – might enjoy reading about some of my art/cartooning that takes place in my home town.

Will I be blogging here?  Oh, you know me – of course!  Not too sure on a set schedule of post, but anytime I have a random thought or idea I want to express, well, you’ll be sure to see it around Nate Ramblings.

If you want to check out Drawing Around Dayton (which is updated about every 3-4 days), you can go read it HERE.


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