Independence Day

5 Jul

Here’s just a quick snippet of a post, but I’m hoping that you had a great July 4th and are continuing to have an awesome weekend.  (Although, if you’re reading this after the holiday, well, then I guess you can’t continue to have fun on this particular weekend.  If that’s the case, I hope you had fun when this was posted.)

I’m a huge fan of Independence Day.  Not just for the entertaining explosives that burst frequently throughout, but because of the freedom of the holiday.  Sometimes I have to remind myself about freedom and how freaking good we have it.


The main reason I ever wanted to be a cartoonist is because of freedom (and a box of crayons as a child).  As a cartoonist, you have your say of where you work, when you work, how you work and just about everything.  Yes, there is WORK, but it’s so flexible in terms of how it’s all accomplished.  I think (maybe besides a painter or something of that nature) it’s a unique profession that there are few like.  And plus, what is better than coming up with something entertaining or funny daily?

I think having a 100% flexible schedule is probably one of the most valuable things a person could ask for.

I envision myself soon being able to have TOTAL control over my hours and my workload.  That’s the big picture, and honestly, the direction I’m going to get to this point is good.  I think I’m heading down the right path.  Whew!  It’s exciting to think about.

Show Off (1)

Currently, I still have a schedule of work that I’m trying to eventually rid myself of.  I’m after complete freedom – not just bits and pieces.  I kind of refer it as “half-assed” freedom with where I’m at with the hours and time my day is spent.

Freedom in general though, hey, I’m good.  There are a few countries out there that would probably ban my cartoons or not give me the freedom to put whatever I want on them.  Lame jokes can probably lead to an arrest in some areas.

So, not sure where you are with your work or profession, but I hope you are experiencing your time spent on things in a valuable way.  And maybe you’ll hit the mark with the freedom you’re after (hell, you might be there already).  Whether it be financial freedom, getting the kids out of the house and your own independent freedom or whatever.  Hope it happens.

Here’s to a happy July 4th!  Cheers.  And watch those limbs (don’t blow them off).


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