Break of Day Subscription? Yes!

23 Jan

Break of Day

Hello everyone,

I know I haven’t posted on here for ages (actually, maybe longer than that), but I have my excuses.  As bad as they are, I won’t share them with you here.

To put it in a nutshell though, I’ve got some exciting things I’m working on for 2014.  Yes, TONS of good stuff (at least I’d like to think).  I mention that just about every year.  But really, I have some good stuff!

For one thing, my blogs will be going more daily and on a different platform.  I’ll still be posting here, but also, I’ll be posting quite frequently to a new platform…..


Yes, I have started a subscription service.  A FREE subscription service (no, that’s not a sales pitch).  I know you can subscribe to these blogs.  And if you have, stay on board!  The blogs via email are short and sweet.  A bit different.  They accompany Break of Day, my syndicated cartoon.

I’ve decided to start subscriptions to my comics that will be delivered to your inbox daily.  Why?  Well, for one thing, like I mentioned I have a lot of new things I’m working on and it will keep MYSELF in the loop more with a daily reminder from – well – myself.  Plus, there are many people who don’t enjoy subscribing via GoComics (my syndicates subscription website).  So, I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns myself and have subscriptions available on my own.

CLICK HERE for a free subscription! 

These emails are exciting because I’ll be adding videos, learning material for cartooning, blogs (like I mentioned) and other bonuses.  Things you can’t find anywhere else.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback.  I just ‘slowly’ promoted it a bit last night.  I’ll be mentioning it much more next week.  But since you read these posts, you’re some of the first people to know about this service.

CLICK HERE for a free subscription! 

And bear with me and I develop this service.  The look and feel of it may change, content might get rearranged, etc.  It’s all part of launching something new.

We’ll see you in your inbox!  Please don’t mark me a SPAM.



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