Random Happenings

21 Jul

My oh my this summer is flying by (hey, that rhymes!).  I knew at the beginning of 2013 that this was going to be an interesting year in terms of my cartooning career.  And with it’s midway point here, you know what – I was right.  This is turning out to be a real interesting time in my life.

I’ve recently written about the sad state of syndication and I often post about how I feel like the market is for a guy like me.  This career of mine makes me re-think things almost daily.  I swear, consistency of a solid state of mind to the direction of my craft isn’t the norm for cartooning with the current trends.  There is a constant cosmic shift and evolution of my work.  After lots of head scratching and figuring out of what direction to take things, I’ve taken some drastic measures.  Many of them recently.  And I think it’s all a pretty solid direction and don’t plan on changing my path anytime soon.

One decision and direction I’m taking is this:  I’m going for the BIG stuff.

I’ll be continuing on with my current clients, but not sure I’ll be taking on any more any time soon.  I’m going for the bigger projects that I REALLY want to do in my lifetime.  Life is short, so you gotta pick your battles.  So, instead of work that makes a lot of money instantaneously (like, on a regular basis), I’m more focussed on things that have long-term potential and don’t exactly pay off-the-bat.  Money isn’t everything anyhow, but a guys gotta eat.  So, in the meantime, with my current client work, syndication (as sad as it is), magazine work (I’ll keep pushing out more magazine stuff) and other projects, I should be alright.  I plan on working a bit on other things as well to keep bread on the table.  A lot hard work hasn’t killed me yet, so I’m expecting some 80 hour work weeks ahead.

In the near future, here are some things to look out for from yours truly:

This upcoming week:  A book of mine is coming out.  Published and all by a real publisher.  Details when and how you can purchase it will emerge on this blog.  I’ll have artist editions available where I’ll sketch something in it for you.  Be on the lookout…..later this week.

Within the next year or so:  Don Giovanni, a graphic novel of mine, is still being sorted out and worked on.  After a failed Kickstarter for it, it has been delayed.  However, Don and pals will be all together in my first graphic novel.  Hopefully within a year or maybe a bit more it shall be released.

In my lifetime (or sooner):  Animated series?  Well, don’t be surprised.  Let’s just say there is some work in progress.

And also, be on the lookout for cartoons of mine in upcoming MAD Magazine, Parade Magazine and more.  And I still have greeting cards out on the shelves of awesome businesses near you.

Again, I’m going for the bigger picture.  I will continue my syndicated work with Break of Day, but I don’t see the market for it growing anytime soon, so I’m mostly focussed on big projects.

I have in my head tons of short stories, graphic novels and material that is just anxious and itching to get out.  If I had all the free time in the world and not have to worry about the electric bill, you would see A LOT more from me.  And I hope a lot of these ideas in my noggin appear on paper soon.  I know think they will – but in bits and pieces at a time.

Anyway, that’s your little update from me.  I’ll be extremely busy in the near future and not too sure how often I can write here on my beloved Nate’s Ramblings.  BUT, again, stay tuned this week for the book announcement.  And, of course, I’ll be writing as much as possible (considering I still have use of all my fingers).



2 Responses to “Random Happenings”

  1. David Hurley July 22, 2013 at 3:48 pm #

    Sweet, sounds good (and busy) I want a book!

    • w101njf July 31, 2013 at 4:51 pm #

      Thanks, David! It is busy – and good. The book is out!

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