Bird brain

9 Jul

I know there will be chuckles.  Yes, not off my cartoons, but some of you will laugh at me.  I may be a wimp in someone of your eyes, but oh well.  I really don’t care.  Listen, the fact is, I’m very compassionate toward animals.  I can’t help it.  I’m shocked at myself for not even being a vegetarian yet (though I try).  Anyhow, on the same token, I think some of you will appreciate this as well and probably would have done the same thing.

What am I getting at?  What brings me to mention this is I woke up in a good mood.  Why?  I saved an animal yesterday.

It all started at my mom and stepdad’s house.  There was chirping in their chimney that had been going on for days.  My stepdad assumed they were bats (which was the case before).  And how does one get rid of bats?  Light a fire in the chimney.  So he did.

Bats typically would just fly out of the thing, however, the noise persisted even after that.  We literally thought it was the Bat From Hell due to it’s amazing ability to withstand all the smoke that the fire was producing.

After monitoring the fireplace for a bit, I heard a big KA-THUMP.  And as I turned and looked at the fire, there was flapping and a ruckus in there.  It was a bird.

The thing was inches from the flames and was obviously having a hard time.  I didn’t think twice though and immediately went after it.  I was able to pull it out of the inferno and get it to safety away from the smoke and fire.  No, I’m not trying to make myself sound like one of those brave fire fighters that runs into burning buildings, but you know.  That was pretty much the scene here.

I grabbed the thing, and I ran the bird outside for some fresh air, and it was in bad shaped.  Not burnt or anything (luckily), but you could tell it had inhaled a ton of smoke and was feeling rough.  It was wheezing, closing its eyes and holding its beak open as much as possible; I’m assuming for air.

Ugh.  I hate situations like that.  What does one do?  You can’t really take it to the vet or anything.  It was just a small bird, probably a barn swallow or something of that nature.  Kinda felt a bit hopeless.

The best I could think of was keeping it in their courtyard where it was basically safe from predators and other animals.  So, I did.

The bird couldn’t fly, kept its eyes shut and basically propped itself up with the little energy it had on the window to the sliding glass door.  It gave me the look of, “Um….Can you do something else, please!”

This all took place in the morning yesterday.  The best I could do was keep it there and watch it.

Well, that evening, I had some minced food I thought I would try to give it.  You know, one last chance at doing SOMETHING that the bird might appreciate.  I thought too that if it ate, it might be a good sign.

Lo and behold, when I went out there, the bird that didn’t move all day and was on the verge of death – started to fly.  It took off only about five feet and landed, but it flew nonetheless.  Totally ignoring my food.

I went up to it again and it flew again.  This time about ten feet.

So, I left it where it landed, which was under an overhang.  Again, a safe area.

It looked healthier and ten times better than that morning.  Eyes were wide open and you could tell it was improved.  A 100% improved?  I wasn’t too sure.  Seems like it would’ve taken off and flew far away if that were the case.  Hell, if I were that bird I would want to avoid this area as much as possible.  God knows where the next fireplace may linger.

I was thinking in my head, “You bird brain.  All you had to do was fly out of the fireplace and you wouldn’t be in this predicament.”  But, I didn’t become vocal about it because that would’ve been weird.

I left it for the night.

When I woke up this morning, it was gone.

All I can say is I wish the bird the best of luck.  I truly think it ‘made it’.  I can’t believe it either since it was basically a lost cause as it seemed.

So, yes, me being the compassionate animal person, I had to write about that this morning.  It made my day to see the bird wasn’t here.  I’ve had numerous occasions of getting turtles off the highway and relocating them, rescuing a cat or dog from a predicament and I avoid hitting squirrels in my vehicle at all cost (as unavoidable as that is at time).  But you know, it’s one of those small things that feels good.  I consider them my personal achievements.

It’s a new day.

Again, I hope the bird is well.  Just stay out of those damn chimneys, bird.  They’re trouble…..


3 Responses to “Bird brain”

  1. w101njf July 9, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    UPDATE: The bird is called a Chimney Swift. They’re actually endangered, so I hope the little guy I saved starts populating the planet again.

  2. David Hurley July 10, 2013 at 9:30 am #

    A good deed indeed! I’m all about protecting wildlife.

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