Early and awful

30 Jun

Again while scavenging around for relics or possibly a pair of socks, I ran across some more of my work from my past.

You know, just when I thought I’ve seen the worst of my cringe-worthy material, a bunch of newspapers resurface.  As many of you know, I used to draw comics for my college newspaper at Wright State University, The Guardian.  I’ve written about it many times in this blog and had posted several examples of some of my old work.  I’d link you to them on this post, but just dig around a bit and you’ll find them.  It’s not like I really want to them to be seen to much anyway, you know.

But here I go again….I’ll show you some more of my ‘Best of the Worst’ material.  Eh, actually, this stuff is probably ‘The Baddest of the Bad’ to put it gently.

Looking back at my old cartoons and style, it’s incredible I’ve been able to pull-off a career as a working cartoonist!  Of course, I am still evolving into as good of a cartoonist as humanly possible, but still – I’ve come a long ways.  However, I don’t know…..WHAT was I thinking back in my college days?  Obviously, I had no clue what I was doing.  I think a kindergartner could of easily swiped my position from me as staff artist with a box of crayons and Play-Dough (if, of course, kindergarden was offered at Wright State).

I remember at the time of doing these that I thought I was the best cartoonist in the world.  Bold words?  Yes.  But hey, I guess it’s how I got the job as the staff (graphic) artist.  My brain must have misinformed me at the time that I had a ways to go.

At any rate, here are some more examples of my less-than-extrordanary work from that era in my career.


Above:  The giant pile of papers.


Above:  I mean, really?



Above:  Hard to read because of my poor photography skills, but the caption reads:  “Whoa!  Hey guys!  I think I just hit second base with this girl online!”


Above:  You know, this is one of the few ones that I actually liked.  Still not exactly stunning, but it worked okay.

Sorry for some of the out-of-focus, lackluster pictures.  I was using someone else’s camera and it didn’t work out too well.

As they always say, looking back makes you appreciate how far one has come.  However, looking back at these, I still am baffled to what I was really thinking on some of these.  Yes, I’m happy I learned from the awfulness and was able to move forward, but still…

I am probably one of the last persons on earth to have these old Guardians.  I noticed that even on their website, if you search for me, Break of Day or anything associated with these, there’s nothing.  I guess even the internet database thought these were worth ditching.  They were on there for quite a few years.  Probably a good thing they’re no longer accessable.

So, there’s a blast from the past for you.  No wonder I received so much hate mail in my college days.

Next time I go rummaging for things, maybe I’ll run across some old grade school work.  I think they probably turned out possibly better than these.


4 Responses to “Early and awful”

  1. bearmancartoons July 2, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    I think the 2nd one looks like you

    • w101njf July 3, 2013 at 6:12 am #

      It’s like looking in a mirror.

  2. David Hurley July 3, 2013 at 10:04 am #

    It’s neat to look at these and see how you have honed your craft.
    And about the second one looking like you, I had an art teacher say once, “we always draw ourselves”.

    • w101njf July 4, 2013 at 9:58 am #

      Thanks! And I think maybe subconsciously I might add a bit of elements of myself to my works. That might explain the long noses….

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