A Post-It note from the past and a paint box revival

9 Jun

Being back in Dayton, Ohio allows me to rummage through many of my old personal items that have been stored at my parents house for years.  One of the items I decided to dig out was my old art/paint box from my days at Wright State University.  Boy, did this thing trail me everywhere for several years.  It smells and looks the same.


Above:  My old paint storage box.  Beaten to hell – but for a good purpose.

I was happy to discover that several of the brushes in here were actually in good shape.  Many of them though suffered a demise from over use and from lack of thorough cleaning (the poor souls).

I dug this thing out because one of my ambitions and goals is to start oil painting again.  I love it.  Again, like this here blog, my biggest excuse is time.  However, there’s no excuse.  I can surely get out on some weekends and so-forth.  Also, now that I’m out of a cramped studio, I can allow those toxic paint thinner fumes loom with more freedom as well (there’s a storage shed I have available for use).  So, perfect opportunity to pick up these brushes again, get some oil paints and several new brushes and paint things.  I’m anxious to tackle the skyline of Dayton and some of its more unsavory aspects.  I believe they’d make interesting paintings, and would be fun to hang up in my new pad.  No, I will not be growing an afro like Bob Ross.  (And I don’t believe Dayton contains any ‘Happy Little Clouds’ – just gray ones.)

One of the discoveries I made in this kit kinda astonished me.

I found a ripped-up Post-It note.

I almost just snagged the tiny shredded pieces and pitched them in the trash.  But I thought to myself, “Hmmm….I shredded it for a reason.  I wonder if there’s some juicy details on it from my past?”

So, like putting together a puzzle (a simple, very easy puzzle) I put the pieces together.

Lo and behold, it revealed something interesting.  No, not anything juicy (dang).  It revealed the dawn of the name Break of Day – the name of my syndicated series that started in the Guardian student newspaper at Wright State back in 2003.

I’m guessing it was a note to my editors at the time.  The names don’t ring a bell anymore (I guess I never became good friends with them) but I worked with quite a few people in the newsroom.


Above:  The shredded note.  Typos and handwriting of mine haven’t changed over the years, I see.

What I was referring to – as I recall – was that in The Guardian, I created two comic strips per week.  One was funny (Break of Day) and one was political.  I believe in the first issue, they mislabeled my political cartoon Break of Day.  I’m pretty sure.

So I’m guessing this was in my notebook for that weeks cartoons that I left for the editors.  Or something like that.  Not sure why I would’ve kept this or anything, and I have no idea how the hell it survived in my painting box for so long.  I mean, I was in-and-out of that box throughout college.  Most of my paints and supplies didn’t survive.  This little Post-It note is like the termite of my art school days.  It could survive anything, I guess.

At any rate, it was a fun discovery for me and I’ll definitely hold on to these little scraps.

As for the painting, I’ll be creating some soon.  And I hope to post about it as they come along as well.

So, we’ll see what else I can come across here.  Maybe more discoveries to come?  We’ll find out. For now, it’s just kind of nice to have the smell of oil paints and thinner flowing through my nostrils again.  Not quite as delicious aroma as cookies, but something about it is still scrumptious.


9 Responses to “A Post-It note from the past and a paint box revival”

  1. bearmancartoons June 9, 2013 at 6:50 am #

    Hopefully since those days you learned to spell “originally” as well.

    • w101njf June 9, 2013 at 7:07 am #

      I’m still lost on that word. Origionally I thought I spelled it right.

  2. Janis Malish June 9, 2013 at 7:07 am #

    Guess Mom needs to bake some cookies.

  3. dennis June 9, 2013 at 12:50 pm #

    I am going to pick up painting again myself–SOON.

  4. David Hurley June 14, 2013 at 6:04 pm #

    I love painting but haven’t been doing it for a while. Need to pick the brushes up!


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