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7 Jun

In the wake of my leaving of St. Petersburg, Florida to relocate here in Dayton, Ohio, I leave behind a lot of great things.  I think every time someone (like myself) moves away, they leave something that’s great, right?  Okay, obvious statement there.  Well, there’s one place that I’m leaving behind that I’ll be unable to go back to.  Why?  Well, it will be gone.  It closed its doors basically the same day I left.  I’ll take its closing and me moving as a symbolic thing, even though it’s probably not.  Anyhow, what is it?  It’s the iconic St. Petersburg Pier.

It’s a weird, upside down pyramid looking thing that tourist and locals would flock to.  As a resident, friends, family and I all would go there.  I liked it.  A lot of people hated the way it looked, but I found it to be unique.  I thought the layout was spectacular as well.  It featured restaurants, bars, shops, ice cream – everything imaginable.  A tourist trap?  Not really.  It was all affordable and nothing price-wise was hiked to the extreme.  And the view from it was grandiose.

I actually did a cartoon about it MANY years ago.

iltb comic 3 copy

Above:  Yes, it looks somewhat like this.

But….as I mentioned, it just now shut down after over 30 years of operation,

There are plenty of articles about the why’s and so-forth of its reason for shutting down.  The Tampa Bay Times is probably the best place to read up instead of here at Nate Rambling’s, but at any rate, it boils down to the pilings underneath the thing were rotting.  It was decided to just tear it down and build a new “pier” instead of fixing them.  The new pier is called the Lens, and it’s hardly a pier.  Looks kinda boring, if you ask me.  You can see it HERE.

Anyhow, before I left town, I bid a fond farewell to the Pier.  The Pier was visible from my studio window for over 3 years, so it was the first thing I would see every morning when looking outside.  And again, it was full of many memories.

The farewell for it was captured in several pictures, so here they are.


Above:  The Pier in the background.  And the guy in front photo-bombing this picture?  Oh, that’s me.


Above:  Inside the Pier.  This is the aquarium thingy they have smack-dab in the middle of the interior.  And you gotta love the fish.


Above:  Me.  Top of Pier.  Downtown St. Pete.  Hoping the railing holds me up.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAAbove:  “Bye, Pier!”

The doomed pier probably won’t be there next time I’m in the area.  There are several groups out there trying to save it (I even signed a petition to save the thing) but it’s not looking good.  In fact, I believe it’s pretty much finalized that it’s being torn down.

So, if you never had a chance to go to the Pier, you probably – unless by some small miracle – won’t get to.  It’s doomed for the wrecking ball.

I just hope the next project like The Lens that appears in its place is something worthwhile like this pier was.  But I dunno.  It’s hard to beat an upside down alien spaceship.



2 Responses to “About to disaPier”

  1. bearmancartoons June 7, 2013 at 10:20 am #

    The lens is cool

    • w101njf June 7, 2013 at 10:50 am #

      If you like giant sidewalks – sure.

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