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6 Jun

Recently I was reading Tom Richmond’s MAD blog and he had a post about various signatures in the cartooning world.  I thought about it for a bit, and I remembered that I was going to do a post about my particular name at some point.  Why?  Well, because it changed last January.  No, don’t worry – I didn’t change my name or anything.  With a name like ‘Fakes’, I think that’s a keeper.  However, I altered the way I sign things.

I used to sign practically all my work as N. Fakes.  It was simple, easy to write and I thought it was pretty clear that I did the work.  In this day and age of internet, people cropping my work and Google – N. Fakes didn’t cut it.

Ball of String Brother copyAbove:  An example of my famous ‘N. Fakes’ signature.  (Okay, it might not be particularly famous.)

My work was getting passed around the internet like a bag of popcorn.  And with that comes those pesky $#%* that take my name out of it.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve seen my work cropped to death, with my signature out of the comic or altered completely with different captions, etc.

To prevent this (help prevent this), I’ve taken several measures.  For one, most of my work I post on Facebook, website, etc. I make as GIF files.  In other words, they’re made for online, and really can’t be altered (there are ways around it, but I won’t say it here in case someone wants to rob me).  Also, as you’ll notice in the above comic strips, I’ve added “extras”.  Like the link address to Facebook and my name at the top.  I typically add those elements whenever posting on social media.  Because, that’s where the vultures hang out that destroy my work when given prime opportunity.  Makes it a little more challenging.

But also, I love it when my work is shared!  Shared THE RIGHT WAY.  I’ve had several clients from social media sharing.  On top of that, it’s fun.  And it gets my work and my name out there.


Another good way is to clearly label my work and who did it.  So, I’ve changed my signature to my full name as of last January.  Instead of N. Fakes, which if you Google, doesn’t come up as hardly anything – especially me – I’ve changed to Nate Fakes.  Better, right?  Definitely more clear.  And heck, it’s my name!

Digital Bug

Above:  Hey, look – my full name!

Back in the day before internet, I think it was very cool to have an illegible signature.  I definitely had one back in high school and a bit after that (unfortunately, I have no examples that I can find at the moment).  And it still would be kinda cool, but nowadays I like having my full name out there.

Using my full name will hopefully prevent some thefts.  Also, I’m hoping I can really make my work familiar to anyone that sees it.  They’ll know it’s a Nate Fakes instead of N. Fakes – whom nobody knows.  Could pass as my evil twin brother, maybe?  It would be nice if my style and work became as recognizable as a Van Gogh or Picasso, but that’s wishful thinking.

At any rate, I’m glad I made the change.  I wish it was a bit more badass, but I couldn’t think of anything more clearer or better to go with.  Besides, this is pretty much my natural writing.  My penmanship is horrible, so I’m glad I have something simple.

So if you see any N. Fakes work floating around out there, know it’s mine.  Or again, I suppose it could be my evil twin.  Or a doppelgänger?  Who knows.  Let’s just say it’s mine.

And any new material from 2013 on should have my full signature.  Now you know.  And knowing is half the battle.*

*I believe I have G.I. Joe to think for that quote.


2 Responses to “Sign this”

  1. Jo Murphy June 7, 2013 at 10:40 pm #

    Congratulations! I like the name and it looks good. I have thought about all of this I do insert my link but now will start saving in gif, Thanks for the thumbs up, Jo

    • w101njf June 9, 2013 at 5:53 am #

      Thank you! And good luck. GIF is much better to stop people from taking advantage of your work.

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