Trading in the flip-flops for shoes

31 May

It’s been decades since I’ve posted a blog, so sorry about that.  Or maybe it just seems like decades?  I dunno.  At any rate, my pathetic excuse – like every other blogger out there – is time.  It simply slipped away from me.  And since I don’t have guardrails up, time slipped right off into a big ditch.  Something like that….

Anyhow – I’ll get you all caught up.  But, let me start with this:  Yes, the rumors are true.

I have packed my bags, folded up my drawing table, put my cat in a carrier and we shuttled our way via the Mazda to relocate in stunning Dayton, Ohio.  I left downtown St. Petersburg – my home of over five years – in a bittersweet goodbye.  My poor wife will be in Florida for the next few months without me while I rock n’ roll at my drawing board up here and get us settled in with stuff.

First off, this has been planned for months.  Like, probably seven months or so.  Most everyone that we hang out with knew this was coming.  Many of you, however, did not.

So, Dayton, Ohio?  Why?  You’re crazy, Nate, for giving up such a beautiful home in sunny downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.  Crazy!

Oh, there’s a lot of reasons.  I won’t bore you with most of them.  Let me just start off by saying that I’m very familiar with Dayton.  Well – because, I lived here before!  That’s right – this isn’t new territory.  I lived in Dayton for four years prior to moving to Florida.  Heck, I even went to college at Wright State that’s located in this city.  So, when you add in familiarity, and the fact that a majority of family and friends are here, we (my wife and I) thought it was time to bid farewell to St. Petersburg.

As a cartoonist, I can work from anywhere and I’m excited about setting up shop here.  I’m a big fan of the art community that surrounds this area and there’s a lot of work beyond what I’m already doing that I can showcase here.  Plus, Dayton doesn’t get Snow Birds stalling-up traffic during the winter.  Here, there are snowstorms for that.

I’ve got a TON of cartooning projects in the works right now.  Some of them extremely exciting and I can’t wait to talk more about it when I know it’s happening.  A fitting area like Dayton will be beneficial for me in just finding the time now to see family and friends more regularly and any support that might be needed is more readily available.  It feels more like “home”.

I’m also anxious to get my name out there in the area as Dayton’s cartoonist.  Like, a title like that would work, right?  Or something.  So, first off – I need to try to get in the funny pages around here.  Not a simple task, but I’ll persist until they do.  Or they slap me with a restraining order.

And as for St. Pete, well……

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely love(d) St. Petersburg.  I’ve recently done several interviews where I’m raving about it.  I’ve gloated about it many times here on Nate’s Ramblings.  And I truly mean it.  It’s the best downtown I’ve ever experienced living in. (Downtown Dayton is no treat – and not great living.  But, I’m on the outskirts of downtown in a great area.)  And don’t be surprised if someday – if afforded -I’ll get best of both worlds with a getaway condo there or something.  At any rate, I know tons of people there now and will frequently be back.  And my cartoons continue to run in the newspaper while I’m gone, so I’m still there – just in comic form and in print.

And my friends and family in St. Petersburg, oh – you know I’ll miss you all.  Some truly good times that can’t be replaced.  But, I’ll be back for more soon.

I’m excited to be here now (Dayton) and I’m more excited than I’ve ever been about my career.  It’s a constant uphill battle in this industry, but what can I say?  I love it.  The headaches, frustrations and everything are all worth while.  I think…..

So, here I sit – in Dayton, Ohio.

Now that I’m getting more settled and getting things moving, I hope to post more updates.  In the meantime though, I’ll settle for this post.  And wow…I’m so out-of-the-loop with blogging I can’t even think of a clever ending to this blog (like I ever have one).  I guess I’ll leave with this:  more to come soon.

Please send donuts to me for a housewarming party – if we have one.


4 Responses to “Trading in the flip-flops for shoes”

  1. bearmancartoons May 31, 2013 at 3:47 pm #

    Cool that means when I am in town you can come to Cincinnati on Wednesdays for the Illustrator lunches…definitely need to get together in the flesh

    • w101njf June 1, 2013 at 3:32 pm #

      I will do that! It’s just a trip down 75 and I’m there.

  2. virginiagc June 7, 2013 at 6:48 am #

    So this is what I get for not reading EVERY entry you post. We drove through Dayton, even stopping at the Skyline Chili off I-70, on our way to Kansas for Memorial Day! We could have bought you lunch! Boy, not gonna miss that opportunity again. Good luck with the move, and I promised not to skip messages again.

    • w101njf June 7, 2013 at 6:58 am #

      Hey, Virginia, it’s all good. I was actually still in Florida for Memorial Day, so you would’ve missed me anyhow. But yes – next time you’re driving through here, let me know! I love Skyline…

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