Music to my ears

10 May

I’ve always been a big music lover.  I mean, who isn’t?  I think everyone has particular bands, groups or whatever that they listen to.  That being said, I’ve found myself listening to just familiar stuff that I’ve always enjoyed.  I typically put on a variety pack of The Doors, Mozart, Miles Davis, Megadeth and then wind it down with some Pink Floyd or Iggy Pop.  Anyhow, I listen to quite the array of sounds (obviously).  Again though, I find them all very familiar.  And I’m not saying that’s bad, but…..

C’mon.  Time to mix it up.

I’ve been thinking recently that I really haven’t heard any new material recently that I like.

I’ve listened to the ‘Top 40’ stations and more while in the car (which isn’t too often, but still I have a good idea of what’s out there).  Nothing is pleasing for me.  It’s not like the normal material I listen to.  I even like old school rap, but rap today seems so watered down and cheaply produced with no realistic passion involved.  And rock?  I just hear a lot of material that’s been used before being used again.  It seems like the music industry hasn’t put out anything decent in about a decade or so.  Is it just me?  I doubt that’s true.  It CAN’T be true, right?

SO -I want to change it up.  There has to be good bands out now with fresh material I’d enjoy.  I’m set out to find it.

I decided to get a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine.  I used to get it, and that’s where I got the scoop on what’s new, good and I was able to discover things.

I find that a lot of the music I like are songs that aren’t played on the radio or that nobody knows about.  RS magazine has GOT to have me covered.

Last night I read the entire issue.  Good as always – I can’t believe I STOPPED getting it. (I subscribe to quite a few print magazines and RS was always a favorite.  Not sure why I let the subscription lapse.)

And so, while working today, I’m testing some new waters.  The cover story is about Bruno Mars.  I’m giving that album a try today via Spotify.  He seems on top of the charts right now.  Gotta be good, right?  I’ll let you know.


I hope there’s some really good undiscovered groups and music out there.  I haven’t lost hope.  Nothing against my normal bands I love like I mentioned above, but geesh, I gotta switch it up more.  My work requires me to listen to something (well, it doesn’t require me to, but I kind of require myself to).  I listen to music when I write, draw and have people over (sometimes I listen to Howard Stern or podcast, but generally it’s music).

Any suggestions?  Because so far, over the last decade or so, the best I’ve heard are The Wiggles.  And that’s not saying too much.


2 Responses to “Music to my ears”

  1. David Hurley May 10, 2013 at 5:59 pm #

    I love discovering new music but I also have several bands that are my “go to” bands. I have a hard time with a lot of radio music (even though I do listen to the radio in my vehicle quiet a bit). Not sure if it’s just that I’m getting older or if popular music today is boring. Or maybe we’ve heard so much music it reminds us of other things…you know “it’s all been done before”. But there are a few new bands out there I’m digging. I’ve also heard this, “Not sure if it’s great, or reminds me of something great”.

    • w101njf May 14, 2013 at 4:57 am #

      So far, as I go through a lot of the Rolling Stones “Must” list – not too impressed. But yeah, I hate it because then I feel like an old man saying, “Kids these days with their music. Yuck!”. I’m sure something good will come along (I hope).

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