A vent season

3 May

I feel like a lot of my recent post have been just venting and rantings.  When you hear from advice columns about blogging, they always mention to write something engaging so you grow an audience.  I think mine are more disengaging than anything.  I guess I didn’t follow the advice.  No wonder I have about three readers a day (well, sometimes it goes up…..a little).

Anyhow, I pretty much opened up a blog in the first place many years ago TO vent and let out frustrations.  In fact, along with that, I used to have a series called The Frustrated Cartoonist that some of you are aware of.  So, it’s somewhat standard of me.  That being said though, I don’t like to go on benders where every post is venting, venting, venting.

SO, I thought I would stay calm and relaxed today.

This is just a random post about what’s been going on and such.  Engaging?  Doubtful.  But, here we go.

I recently (well, yesterday in fact) celebrated Break of Day’s TWO year anniversary of being in newspapers.  I remember that day well.  As other major news was also a headline, it’s pretty obvious by the front page of the newspapers that the new comics were the major news.

tbtAbove:  May 2nd, 2011.  The biggest story of the day is ‘New today in comics’

Though newspapers continue to struggle, I must admit it’s very cool being in print everyday.  I love going out and getting a newspaper and reading my work in it.  So being sentimental here, two years ago WAS a special day.  I had so much anxiety before hand like “Are they going to screw up the way my comic looks?  What if people hate it?  What if I get replaced by Peanuts?”.  At the end of the day, it all worked out well.  Break of Day is still alive and kicking and I actually hear from people that say they clip out some of the comics and hang them on the wall.  To hear that people STILL do that makes it all worthwhile.  I’m just glad they don’t use them to line their bird cage.

What was the debut comic, you’re probably wondering (okay, you’re probably not)?  Here it is:

Violent Thoughts copyAbove:  The first Break of Day in a major newspaper

As some of you know as well, Break of Day started out in my college paper, The Guardian, in print back in 2003.  Back then it was – er, well….let’s just say a bit lackluster.  Only a bit.

Here’s an example:

First Break of DayAbove:  An EARLY Break of Day.  (Yikes!)

I feel like I’ve come away.  Okay, looking above at that comic, I KNOW I’ve come a long way.  Yes, I have my frustrations.  Am I living in luxury?  Heck no. Each day is a struggle to find clients, create content and work my tail off (although I don’t have a tail).  BUT, there’s nothing else worth working this hard for in terms of making a living.  I’ve said it before, but I think becoming a full-time cartoonist is tougher than become an actor, sports hero or musician.  There’s a bigger market in those fields.  Cartooning is slim, narrow and tougher than rocks to get into.  But, I chose it and trying – TRYING – to live it.  Tough and wonderful – all at the same time!

Well, I think that’s it.

And hey – on the bright side – I think I’ve made it through an entire post without ranting and raving!  How about that.  Now next time, well…….



2 Responses to “A vent season”

  1. monster1612 May 3, 2013 at 10:20 am #

    I’m glad _Break of Day_ was a good success 🙂

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