Gender and my comics

30 Apr

When writing a comic, there’s a lot of things to consider.  I have to decide if all that I’m trying to say is going to fit inside that tiny square of mine.  I have to think real hard if anyone – besides me – is going to laugh at it.  Also, I have to think about what gender inanimate objects are.

Weird when you think about it.  And what exactly do I mean?

Okay, well, let’s take this cartoon for example:

bod130311Now, here we have some papers having a discussion.  Plain ol’ papers.  Now, obviously, in real life, papers don’t have a gender. (Although I’ve never pulled their pants down to check.  Well, if they had pants.)  However, the one is saying, “I bet HE hangs out on a fridge.” implying that the one is a male.

Here’s another example:

bod130203Obviously the i is a boy.  More than just a vowel.

So, why is it all weird?

Well, because it is!

I really have to think twice before assigning a gender to something that wouldn’t have one if it weren’t for the comic world.  And I have to think long and hard about it or the joke will fall flat if it doesn’t work.  However, it seems to work with most of them.  That’s what’s weird:  how does it work?

I honestly don’t know – but usually it does.

Oh well.

Boy or girl, male or female – whatever.  If you see a rock that’s called a dude, a lunch box that calls herself princess or a phone charger that calls himself doctor, it might be one of my cartoons.  Not that I’m the first one to do it.  No, take a look around and I’m sure you’ll see other inanimate objects that are just clearly a certain gender (not to profile them or anything, but you know).  Any idea if those walking broomsticks in Disney’s Fantasia were chicks?  Yeah, I have no clue either.

But don’t you worry.  When you see these inanimate objects with male/female roles, chances are you’re not on an acid trip or experiencing dementia.  It might just be a Break of Day cartoon.


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