19 Apr

All the chit-chat we’ve had this week about sharing comics and more, I’ve decided to really embrace my audience.  Not that I haven’t always, but I really want to give people what they want, and help myself as a cartoonist as well.

Just yesterday, ANOTHER site (Facebook) with hundreds of thousands of “likes” shared a cartoon of mine (without a link, of course).  I actually did contact them and they eventually gave me a shout-out with a link.  Anyhow, that’s kind of beside the point.

What made me really think was, “Geesh…all of these Facebook pages out there with thousands – if not millions – of fans.  They GET those fans from cartoons and post like mine.  So, why the hell does my Facebook page have less than 1,000 “likes”?  And it’s the original source for a lot of the material….”  Not that I’m the only reason for their success, but you know what I mean.  They use my comics.

That’s been one of my constant frustrations:  I know I have a lot of fans and people enjoy my work – but nobody know it’s me!  

Again, it’s why I’ve tried to change the sharing habits as we discussed several days ago HERE.

So, along with really trying to get on peoples case about contributing links every time a comic is shared, I’ve been paying attention to these MEGA Facebook pages (you know, the ones with gobs of followers).  I mean, I WANT THAT.  What am I doing wrong with my page?

After all, having a page with a lot of followers is extremely beneficial.  If I put out a book – there’s a place to sell it.  If I have a new comic – there’s a place to read it.  And so forth.  I really learned that followers would have helped from my recently failed Kickstarter.  I believe that my lack of followers contributed to it’s demise.  Of course I have quite a few (followers), but with the amount of exposure that my cartoons get, I think my actual page deserves more.  And as I’ve said in other post, I want potential editors and clients that pay me to know where the work comes from.  I may sound outspoken about it, but hey, these little panel cartoons are my children.  And they’re out playing around in unfamiliar neighborhoods without people knowing where their home is.

I’ve figured something out (I think).

Beyond buying Facebook ads (which I don’t do), I think I know a big flaw of mine and my page.

I was posting JUST the daily cartoon at my Break of Day Facebook page.  I was doing that, and on occasion, I’d put the link up to the comic as well.

What I’ve learned (at least what I think I’ve learned) is that’s not nearly enough.  No wonder I don’t have many followers on there (duh).  There’s really nothing to follow!  One comic?  Fooey!  I can go to George Takei’s page and get that.

Of course I’d put links to this blog and sometimes other random things, but no, it’s not enough.

These successful pages post regularly about every 2-4 hours.  They put up entertaining content. And I haven’t really been doing that.  (Well, I consider the daily cartoon entertaining content, but I need more.)

I’ve decided to try this (as long as time allows).  In between me being at the drawing board, writing and eating donuts, I’ve decided to post up numerous cartoons throughout the day.  A lot of the cartoons are old ones from years ago, but they are probably fresh to a lot of people that haven’t seen them.

I think I can grow an audience for my Facebook page.

Yesterday, I was able to get 100 people (actually, a bit more) on board.  Yes, the BIG Facebook page with those thousands of followers helped after I mentioned to them the source (me!) of the cartoon they shared.  But, it really got my mind a’ cranking’ about  really getting MY page more exposure.  You know, THE SOURCE!

Anyway, along with everything else, this is my personal mission:  To grow my damn Facebook page into a monster.  I have books coming up and a lot of other things I would like people to know about.  Beyond that, and more importantly, the real goal is that people know where the comics they see appearing across social media everywhere came from.  I want to get recognized – just like any artist would.

I’ll start by shamelessly plugging my page here.  (Click HERE to “like” the Break of Day Facebook page!)  And I realize it’s not an overnight thing, but c’mon….I’ve had less than a thousand fans now for over three years (or whatever it’s been).  There’s obviously an issue since people enjoy my cartoons (well, at least I like to think people enjoy them) and yet there’s been nobody “liking” Break of Day.

Will  my endeavors pay off?  I don’t know.  But as long as these other pages full of millions of followers keep using my material, I’ll certainly try.

If it doesn’t work, I guess I’ll start sharing their page for free and not sourcing it.  (Wait…would that work?)

And again, I want to give my audience what they want.  I respect each and every person that enjoys my work, and that’s why I want them to know where it came from.  The little copyright and my signature obviously isn’t enough.  Along with that, they want to share my cartoons on Facebook?  Great!  Now I have a home to come grab them from.

Just return them before dark and fully intact.




3 Responses to “Facebook.com/breakofdaycomic”

  1. bearmancartoons April 19, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

    Sorry I’ll never figure out facebook

    • w101njf April 22, 2013 at 9:59 am #

      It is a difficult beast.


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